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What's New for October-December 2002

5h is not covering PJ "news" ... only the Concert Chronology is being updated. Here's why.

Monday, December 23:
happy birthday eddie vedder!

2/25/92 - Nottingham, England - corrected setlist and notes [thanks to Alex]
3/4/92 - Tivoli, Utrecht - added ticket scans [thanks to Fedor]
9/27/92 Maui - corrected venue; added attendance [thanks to JJ Niles]
12/5/02 Showbox - corrected setlist [thanks to Stefan]
12/6/02 Showbox
- corrected soundcheck setlist [thanks to Brad]
12/8/02 Key Arena
- added scans of Ed's handwritten setlists [thanks to Jackie]

Tuesday, December 10:

Setlist, notes and poster scan added for Key Arena shows. [thanks to Rob C, SteveO and Vanessa!]

Saturday, December 7:

Setlist/notes added for Friday night's show.

Friday, December 6:

Setlist and brief notes added for last night's show at the Showbox.

Monday, November 25:

Concert Chronology additions:

Thursday, October 24:

Several Concert Chronology updates: