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What's New for April 1997

Wednesday, April 30, 1997
Added a short 1991 radio interview with Temple of the Dog to the articles archive. Chris Cornell had some interesting comments on Eddie's participation.
Sunday, April 27, 1997
Someone wrote and asked if the video guide top ten took the 1996 videos into account. Good question. Thanks for reminding me. ;) It has been revised, but as you can see I'm still biased towards 1992. I thought one '96 vid in particular deserved the attention though.
Friday, April 25 - Saturday, April 26
Five Horizons will experience some down time on Saturday, 4/26, while our service provider does some maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. We should be down some time between noon and 5pm.
Thursday, April 24, 1997
In honor of the demise of the almighty Soundgarden, we have added a clip of PJ & SG doing "Rockin' in the Free World," live in Houston in 1992 to our Multimedia section. [Thanks to Honorary Horizon, Seth Perlman]
(Since our Multimedia section is no longer available, you may find this clip on Seth's Soundgarden site in his Multimedia section under video clips, live performances.)
Wednesday, April 16, 1997
Updates & corrections to the 1996 concert chronology.
Wednesday, April 9, 1997: Soundgarden breaks up! ;-(
In an effort to prevent public hysteria, added our No Tour Info Yet! banner (see above) and page. The frowning Stickman means 'no info yet'!

We've also begun posting transcriptions of the Ten Club Hotline, for those of you who live outside the Seattle calling area. We'll be checking the hotline every few days to get the latest updates.

Tuesday, April 8, 1997
Updated the 1996 video guide. Added three new reviews and redid the entry for 9/29/96 New York to include a different version.
Sunday, April 6, 1997
Song of the Month: April's Song of the Month is now up. Enjoy!
Saturday, April 5, 1997: Happy Birthday, Michael McCready!

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Guess what happened today? That's right! -- yet another Pearl Jam-is-playing-your-backyard April Fool's joke, brought to you this time by Seattle alterna-station 107.7 The End. Never mind the joke itself, is it just me or was this damned irresponsible of them? Read the new Rant of the Month for the details and let us know what you think.

By the way, if you missed our own April Fool's Page, go take a look. ;-)

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