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What's New for September 1997

Tuesday, September 30, 1997
Added two News stories: a great article in yesterday's ATN interviewing Kelly Curtis and discussing the band's plans for 1998, and some basic ticket info for Oakland.

In case you haven't figured it out, no, there isn't going to be a Song of the Month for September. This Stones thing completely threw us for a loop; sorry. We do have the song picked out and even encoded, Caryn just has to sit down and write about the damn thing. It'll go up in early October.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997
We've updated the current Ten Club Hotline recording transcript. In addition to info about opening for the Stones in Oakland, there is new info about merchandise and when to expect the Christmas single and next newsletter. If you want the single, make sure your membership is current!
Tuesday, September 23, 1997
IT'S OFFICIAL: The Ten Club and the Rumor Pit confirm it: PJ will be opening for the Stones. More in News.

Ten Club Hotline: This has been updated as well. I can't record off my telephone (and Jean's asleep by now), but the gist of it all is: yes, it's confirmed. Yes, they might do some more shows with the Stones, but nothing has been confirmed. No, they cannot give fan club members preference for tickets since it is not a Pearl Jam production. Most importantly, there will be no Pearl Jam tour in 1997. They plan on touring after the release of the new album "some time this winter" (and Stone's said February, so who knows).

We'll transcribe it tomorrow as soon as we can. (That will probably mean after one of us gets home from work, so PLEASE do not send us email begging for it, okay??????)

Saturday, September 20, 1997
After a few modifications, the Brad tour dates seem to be firmed up for a very busy October.
Friday, September 19, 1997
Finally, some *Pearl Jam* news: great interview with Stone in today's Toronto Sun, where he doesn't confirm the Stones tour, and also tells us the album won't be out until February. In News.
Wednesday, September 17, 1997
PJ and the Stones: Please read the latest News story for our latest and final statement on this subject, until there's an official announcement. We are tired of feeling like the Rolling Stones web page, and would like to get back to Pearl Jam again. Thanks.
Tuesday, September 16, 1997
No, we *still* haven't seen ANY official word. We've heard lots of "sources close to Pearl Jam" but no one has named anyone, let alone anyone we can believe yet! The Ten Club Hotline is now down -- it rings with no answer (and Caryn is calling it EVERY HOUR). We imagine that any press releases will come out tomorrow or the next day or sometime this week if it's really going to happen. Until we see one of those (and trust us, we check EVERYWHERE), it's not official. Sorry. :( Bombarding us with copies of reports from whatever online music magazine you're reading doesn't help -- we see those too.

Meanwhile, why not read Jean's essay on Pearl Jam Fever, in case you think we somehow don't care about this!

Monday, September 15, 1997
Email to the Ten Club denies any official word on the possible Stones opener gigs. In News. We're watching this one closely.
Friday, September 12, 1997
More non-news News added today: items on the Washington murder trial trying to use the "Jeremy" vid and PJ and the Stones.
Wednesday, September 10, 1997
Many News stories added today: Tibet CD tracklisting, Brad tour dates, and a No-News story about the album and tour.

Just a reminder -- Song of the Month doesn't mean that there's a new song automatically at the first of the month! We've been really "late" with the last few songs, putting them up at the end of the month, so please don't expect a new SOTM right away. When there is a new SOTM, we will list it here.

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Monday, September 8, 1997
Several notes and minor adjustments to the Concert Chronology, including: We have received conflicting reports on whether PJ actually played a show on 10/31/91 in Salt Lake City. If someone has a tape of this show which is not simply another show that is mislabeled, please write us. We'd like to be accurate.
Tuesday, September 2, 1997
More updates and corrections to the Concert Chronology:
Monday, September 1, 1997
A new Featured Photo of the Moment is now available for your viewing pleasure.

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