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What's New for February 2000

Tuesday, February 29:

Happy Leap Day! The Paris venue has changed from Le Zenith to Bercy due to structural problems closing Le Zenith. See Going Mobile 2000. [Thanks to: Stéphane Gentreau and Marc Williamson]

Monday, February 28:

In case anyone cares, Chris Cornell has confirmed that he is NOT opening any shows for PJ, despite whatever magazine is spreading rumors yet again (let's note this is the same magazine that started the same rumor in 1998 as well). [Thanks to Deb Baker of the amazing Chris Cornell Fanpage]

Second Wembley show on sale now. See Going Mobile 2000. Get 'em quick, as it's likely to sell out fast.[Thanks to Ian Howe!]

Sunday, February 27:

Big surprise, more updates to: Going Mobile 2000. [Thanks to: Olivier, Horvath Tamas, Eike Björn Korfhage, Anja Bernecker, Rodrigo Lourenco, Alex, Ursa Podrekar, Markus Mitterhofer]

Also, the Ten Club Tour page notes that a second Wembley show will be added. No, we don't know when, we will let you know when we do!

Finally, for those of you not at all interested in the European tour information, we will have a new Song of the Month this week (and some changes to the format as well).

Friday, February 25:

A few updates to Going Mobile 2000. We just learned that Paris tickets are now on sale. The Wembley tix are selling extremely quickly! LOTS on sale today ... good luck! [Thanks to: Marc Williamson and Alex Sariban]

Thursday, February 24:

Tonight's updates to Going Mobile 2000 are now in place. A *lot* of shows go on sale tomorrow and Saturday (or are already on sale); please check out the calendar to make sure you don't miss out. Good luck to the UK fans battling the box office tomorrow! [Thanks to: Andreas Ullmann, James Healy, Alex Müller, Soeren Wittenbecher]

More Going Mobile 2000 updates! [Thanks to: Jessica, Andy Wilson, Victor, Iñaki Eizaguirre, Michau, Ignasi Renom, Rob Dolan]

Wednesday, February 23:

Guess what? yet *more* additions to Going Mobile 2000. [[Thanks to: Andreas Ullmann, Karin, Deb Baker [of the amazing Chris Cornell Fanpage], Sara Levine, Ross Griffiths, Thomas Aandahl, Mike, Daan Bijdevaate].

Check out the NME tour ad! [Thanks to Simon Cripps!]

Tuesday, February 22:

...And yet *more* additions to Going Mobile 2000. Special mention goes out to the Polish fans who created an *amazing* web site especially for their show - check it out! [[Thanks to: Claire Hunter, Gonçalo Lopes, the inimitable Laurie Hester, Jesper Elming, David Lapage, and Michael, Taylor Dunlap, Shana Sethi, James Healy, Victor, Andreas Ullmann, Rodrigo Lourenco]

More additions to Going Mobile 2000. [Thanks to: James Mitchell, Mike Cotter, Marko Kuosmanen, Suzanne Naafs, Jarno Melenhorst, Alex Sariban, Stig Nilsen, Samuel Jakobsson, Alex Müller. Special thanks to Andy Bates at the Wembley boxoffice :)]

Monday, February 21:

More changes and additions to Going Mobile 2000, including some VERY helpful links at the bottom of the calendar page, check it out. We still need your help, so keep asking and looking! [Thanks to: Olivier, Peter Stranne, Iñaki Eizaguirre, Alex, Tomas Pesonen, Ignasi Renom, Steven Lowry, Fredrik Lundén, Basak, Jason Skinder, Jason Welle]

Also, U.S. fans should not be expecting to get Ten Club ticket forms in the mail for the European shows. Unless they've drastically changed their policy from the past, European fans are the only ones entitled to buy fan club tix for the European shows. We're sure we'll hear more later, but don't ask us as we don't know more than that.

Our friend, Mike Baker, phoned the SECC box office who is telling people that tickets don't go on sale until Feb. 25 ... so they should know, right? (This is a good reminder that... our information comes from *YOU*! Which means *you* also have the responsibility of verifying it yourself.)

And while we slept, those of you in Europe were reviewing the info in Going Mobile 2000 and emailing us with a LOT more detail. So we've updated again. [Thanks to Ian Howe, Rodrigo Lourenco, Ignasi Renom, Alex, Stig Nilsen and Mike!]

Again, everything we know about the tour dates, tickets, etc. is on the site.

Sunday, February 20:

Here we go: Going Mobile 2000 is in place and ready for your additions, corrections and other information!

We should note that the first on-sale date for the European tour is tomorrow - for the Glasgow show. Unfortunately, we don't have more information than that - sorry. (Now that Going Mobile is in place, we hope that we'll be able to give you better warning for the ticket sales.)

Saturday, February 19:

We're busy compiling all of the info about the upcoming European tour and will present it much like Going Mobile 1998. This should be ready to go after this weekend.

We also received a number of nice photos from the '98 shows ... so here's the next Featured Photo of the Moment.

Tuesday, February 15:

Well, no sooner do we finish our detective work than PJ comes through and gives us the 2000 European Tour Dates over at Synergy! We will add these to the site tonight, for now go to Synergy and see them yourself. [Thanx to Cameron Matthew's dad]

Monday, February 14:

The return of the new and improved PJ FAQ: in essential pj resources.

European tour 2000? Some initial information in On The Road.

Thursday, February 10:

Stop the madness: clearing up some confusion about the (nonexistent) album release date, in News.

We've corrected and updated our 5h Ultimate Seattle Guide!

Tuesday, February 8:

Here are numerous changes to the Concert Chronology. MANY modifications have yet to be completed for 96 and 98. It takes a while to confirm and update these since there were so many shows those two years. Small Video Guide addition - added screenshots to original Jeremy video listing

Tuesday, February 1:

Going back to 1997, a new Featured Photo of the Moment. (And, guess what? This one isn't Ed!)

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