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What's New for December 2000

Saturday, December 23
Happy Birthday, Ed Vedder!

Starting today, 5h will be on break until the end of January. This has been a hectic year and we need a little time to breathe. Please do not expect any updates to the site during this time, nor will we be responding to email. Email with additions or corrections to the site will be saved and filed for when we return.

If you can't break your habit of visiting 5h several times a day, why not explore the site, read old articles, listen to shows you have and compare them to the Concert Chronology, start making your list of the next round of official bootlegs you want to order, or look at some of the older memorabilia? There are 471 pages of stuff on here that you can have fun with while we're away. =)

And if you like to trade videos, we've just updated the 2000 Video Guide with videos from this year's tour that we know are circulating. Full reviews are not up yet, but the screenshots should give you a feel for them.

Thanks for your support, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year.

Wednesday, December 20

With Ed's birthday just around the corner, we offer a really unique and special Photo of the Moment.

And we have a different encore setlist scan from the final Seattle show [thanks to Dan!].

Sunday, December 17:

We've set up a new subpage for tracking Concert Chronology "mysteries" ... the shows that we think may have occurred, but lack dates for ... those shows we are seeking more evidence about before placing them online. If you saw Pearl Jam in the early years, please check out Can't Seem To Place It and see if you can help us.

More Concert Chronology updates:

Friday, December 15:

The fan club single has hit the streets! Camp out by your mailboxes now! (Please don't write telling us what it is, we're deliberately not posting a s spoiler.)

Tuesday, December 12:

The moment you have all been waiting for: finally! PHOTOS FROM HALLOWEEN! Be sure to see both Shoreline reviews in the Concert Chronology. [Many many thanks to Chris Rogers and David DeBolt, our heroes!]

Sunday, December 10:

A new, wonderful sound file from Ed's appearance with the Who at the Royal Albert Hall is online: "Getting in Tune."

Concert Chronology updates continue ... next, 1994 and 1995.

And revisions to recent revisions ... the puzzle unravels!

And more mysteries to solve:

Friday, December 8:

Concert Chronology updates continue ... next, 1992 and 1993.

And with every set of revisions, come more revisions. Here are some more things to ponder for 1991.

Possible shows missing from 91/92 CC:

Wednesday, December 6:

A little info is available on the U.S. official bootlegs, in News.

Tuesday, December 4:

"It's been the craziest life you've ever lived": Finally, Caryn's review from the last Seattle show is now online, with photos as well. We hope you find it worth the wait.

Sunday, December 3:

We now have a review (and photos) from Ed's appearance with the Who at the Royal Albert Hall. [Thanks to Simon and Ian!]

Also, an interesting soundbyte from Ed's most infamous quote at the first Seattle show. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 2:

We are systematically working through the numerous changes pending to various sections of the Concert Chronology. The first updates are for 1991, as detailed below.

Friday, December 1:

TGIF! Online today: a new review by Caryn from the first Seattle show (including photos).

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