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What's New for June 1999

Wednesday, June 30:
News about a forthcoming guest appearance by EV - ON RECORD (please, do not panic :-)). [Thanks to Joe Berkemeier and Todd Thornton]

Tuesday, June 29:
A wonderful review of last Friday night's Hollywood Palladium show is online, [courtesy of Darlene :) ]

Sunday, June 27:

6:20pm:: The Review from last night is now live. [Thanks to a fan who wishes to remain anonymous for sharing their experiences with us!]

1:45am: Okay, the rest of the setlist is now up. [Thanks to Florence and Renee!] We'll get the rest of the details up tomorrow at some point, once everyone's brains unfrazzle...

12:15am: What a night! Part of the second set, now up! 1999 Concert Chronology. The cell phone battery died mid-set; we'll get the rest after the show, stay tuned! [KB, you rule this universe]

Saturday, June 26:
9:30pm: Sometimes lighting does strike twice! The Masked Ed-ved-sters strike again in SoCal!!! Reports from "the lucky ones" in News! [Thanks to: Ben, "source of all happiness," KB, and Florence and crew]

Some corrections to last night's show. [Thanks to Darlene!]

Friday, June 25:
Ed's set and some notes, now in the 1999 Concert Chronology. If anyone has photos from this show, please write us! More info to come, keep checking the 1999 Concert Chronology. [SUPER Thanks to Mari!]

8:30pm: It's started! Ed performs "Against The 70's" with Mike Watt & The Black Gang Crew. More to come - watch this space!

Tentative lineup and times for tonight's show. In News. [Thanks to horizon-in-training Darlene Patten]

Thursday, June 24:
"Whale Song" hits the net ... in news!

Tuesday, June 22:
Yeah yeah yeah News. [Props go to Matt Hale, who unearthed the original leak, and not everyone else's repetition of the leak, go Matt]

Some miscellaneous things:

Monday, June 21:
It's a floor wax *and* a dessert topping...the long-awaited TFC '99 Review Extravaganza is also the June Song X. [Thanks to Bob and Mike for the recording and mp3, and to Neil Mulgrew for the Jon Stewart-EV interview transcription]
Sunday, June 20:
Apologies; the TFC review is *almost* done; we just have to scan the photos. It will absolutely be up by Tuesday morning when you log in, we promise (and if it's not, you have carte blance to send hate mail). Thanks for your interest & patience.

Reminder: The TFC special broadcast is available online until 4pm tomorrow (Monday) - see the TFC news page.

Saturday, June 19:
Info about a special TFC broadcast tomorrow and Monday, in TFC news!

Wednesday, June 16:
Yet more TFC tidbits! Ed's guitar, and news about a special interview.

Our ETA for the 5h review has slipped, look for it this weekend. (Sorry, it was a LONG weekend! =))

Monday, June 14:
Our TFC reporter "out there in the fields" has returned! =) And brings the following information: If you missed the excitement, the TFC '99 news page is still up.
Sunday, June 13:
Continuing updates (including Ed's setlist) to the TFC '99 news page.
Saturday, June 12:
Updates to the TFC '99 news page.
Friday, June 11:
Update in TFC '99 news page regarding possible TFC lineup for Sunday's show.

And a fascinating story from the Salon about the whole "Last Kiss" release, Kosovo, Sony, MP3 technology ... good reading :)
Thursday, June 10:
Since we recently received several nice photos from the wonderful Great Woods show, we have a new Photo of the Moment (with links to a few more of the photos from there).
Wednesday, June 9:
We've consolidated all the late-breaking TFC news on our new TFC '99 page.
Tuesday, June 8:"Last Kiss" released
It's here! You can read about the history of the song, or buy it if you need it. =) [Thanks to Ross Hobbie for the history link]
Monday, June 7:
OK, it is a few days late, but here it is ... the May Song X!
Wednesday, June 2:
Ummm, what's wrong with this picture? Gary Charone's open letter to Vedder? ... in News.
Tuesday, June 1:
Some interesting News about the TFC, courtesy Jeff Ament! [Mike and Trevor, love you both, see you in two weeks]

Many of you have written to us to point out that the review of place/date on says that the 1998 Christmas single is included if you buy the book from their web site (and that's in fact what it *does* say. However, we've verified this with, and you do NOT get a 7" if you buy the book from them. They are going to amend their description ASAP. So, don't waste your money.

Kayla Jade, welcome to earth's atmosphere. =)

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