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1999 Concert Chronology

May 28 - July 30, 1999 - Three Fish U.S. tour supporting Quiet Table album. Featuring Jeff Ament, Robbie Robb, Richard Stuverud, and Scott Seiver; David Garza opened.

06/08/99 - "Last Kiss" single is released as a commercial single (after a vinyl release to fan club members Christmas '98) - it becomes PJ's top selling single. It is also included on the No Boundaries album release the following week with all proceeds going to charity.

06/12/99 - Wrigleyville Tap: Chicago, IL (Ed with C Average)
set: all the songs from the TFC set (see below), plus Naked Eye, Last Kiss (performed with C Average, not solo as it was at the TFC), and Corduroy (we don't have an exact order)
notes: This was an unannounced show as a warmup to the TFC performance.

06/13/99 - Alpine Valley Music Theatre: East Troy, WI (Ed with C Average at Tibetan Freedom Concert)
attendance: 31,000
set: Last Kiss (EV solo), Better Man (no tag), Watch Outside (Mono Men), Driven to Tears (Police), Running Out of Time (Dead Moon), Diamonds In The Rough (Dead Moon), Love -> Building on Fire (Talking Heads), I Am A Patriot
notes: Ed takes the stage solo (with noticeably longer blonde hair), commenting "... this place holds fond memories." He starts clapping, getting the audience to put-on, saying "Well, I don't know if this is going to work..." pointing to the empty drum and bass positions, and pretends to ask random people in the crowd to join him on stage, prompting his bandmates C Average to come up from the audience to join him. They then go into 'Better Man,' which the band had not ever rehearsed! After 'Driven to Tears,' he jokes about how they'd been rehearsing, that they'd been putting us on, and hoped it was okay. The two Dead Moon cover songs are performed from handwritten lyric sheets. (Ed received permission from Dead Moon to play these songs in advance.) 'Patriot' is totally different--a very cool punk version with Ed having a blast and doing a lot of windmills. On the setlist but not performed: Naked Eye, Ship Song (Nick Cave), World Where You Live (Crowded House), Corduroy. However, the setlist was not necessarily a firm document - Ed called out the songs one at a time as the spirit (or whatever) moved him. :-)
part of Ed's lyric sheet for 'Diamonds In The Rough' ('I'm Not Ready')
Caryn's review and photos
I am a Patriot (5h Song X for June 98 [Link to Video Guide]

06/25/99 - Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA (Ed with C Average)
attendance: 3,500
set: Last Kiss, Watch Outside, Driven To Tears, Running Out Of Time, Diamonds In The Rough, Love -> Building On Fire, I Am A Patriot
notes: This was supposed to be a surprise appearance at a benefit hosted by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (also on the bill: Mike Watt & the Black Gang Crew and Perry Farrell). Ed performs 'Against The 70's' with Mike Watt prior to his set. Ed is wearing an unusual Buddy Holly-style jacket with vertical blue and maroon stripes of different widths. Ed continues the TFC shtick by introducing Brad and Jon from C Average as these guys he pulled out of the crowd at the TFC, and that it worked so well they were going to do it again! Brad (C-Avg, drums) tries to say something, and Ed says, "Brad, you speak when I tell you." Ed introduces 'Running Out Of Time' by saying, "This is, these are, a couple of songs by a band you might not have heard of called Dead Moon ... after you hear these, you can say that you have." The band charges into 'Diamonds In The Rough' right after 'Running Out Of Time' with no break. Ed then reads a list of random words around "LA" much like the "MW" incantation at the start of Self-Pollution Radio (and also like he did with "BS" at the 2/8/95 show). There was also a bit of a (justified) anti-drug tirade (tying into the theme behind the evening) that got the crowd going a bit. The same thrash punk version of 'Patriot' as the TFC, accompanied by the same frantic Townshend windmilling, closes the set.

06/26/99 - La Paloma Theatre, Encinitas, CA (Ed with C Average)
attendance: 390 [each set]
soundcheck: Trouble, Against the 70's, The Ship Song, ["fast punky song none of us recognized"], Diamonds In The Rough, Soldier of Love, Throw Your Arms Around Me, I Can't Explain, I Am A Patriot, ["another fast punky song none of us recognized"] [the "fast punky songs" are probably "got the time" and the fast 'Corduroy']
notes: This was an unannounced show after the MAP Benefit in LA the night before and was billed as "Tonight! Eddie Vedder!" at this old movie revival house. At $10 a pop for tickets, there were two shows; setlists and notes follow below ...
8:00pm set: (EV solo) Throw Your Arms Around Me, Trouble, Last Kiss; (with C Average) Watch Outside, Driven To Tears, Got The Time (Joe Jackson), Running Out Of Time, Diamonds In The Rough, Love -> Building On Fire, Corduroy (FAST punky version!!), Naked Eye, I Am A Patriot, Soldier Of Love, I Can't Explain, That Feel (Tom Waits)
First set notes: Ed comes out for the first three songs by himself to an enthusiastic, but extremely respectful (you coulda dropped a pin during 'Trouble!') audience. 'Got The Time' is from Joe Jackson's album Look Sharp (and *totally* kicks ass). Ed seemed a little uneasy with how mellow the crowd is, so he briefly talks about how it is okay to step out of the "designated area" and to dance around a little bit. The crowd still hesitates a moment or two but then begins walking up and filling the aisles. Someone in the crowd raises their voice and says, "Play 'Footsteps' for Chris." Ed pauses and says, "Chris who?" The delayed response is "Cornell." Ed responds, "Why would Chris Cornell want to hear that?" pauses, looks out into the audience and says, "Is he here?" No one answers so Ed moves on. 'Corduroy' is fast and frantic, much like the Rome '96 club gig version. *Much* extended laughing, joking and talking with the crowd for the whole set. 'Naked Eye' is "by request" and is absolutely incredible. Ed should never sing "Patriot" any other way ever again. The C Average guys completely nail 'Soldier Of Love.' 'Can't Explain' is dead-on vintage early 60's Who, down to the harmonies, featuring bassist Jon on lead vocals! 'That Feel' is absolutely heartwrenching. Totally unbelievable - what a dream set!
11:00pm set: (EV solo) Long Road, Bobbie Jean (Bruce Springsteen), So Sad About Us (The Who); (with C Average) Love -> Building On Fire, Driven To Tears, Watch Outside, Running Out Of Time, Diamonds In The Rough, Naked Eye, Got The Time, Corduroy (fast version), The Good's Gone (The Who), Ship Song (Nick Cave), I Am A Patriot
encore: Tattoo (The Who), I Can't Explain, Against The 70's, Last Kiss
Second set notes: For the first three songs, Ed is wearing the same jacket that he wore at the LA show. He blows everyone away by opening with an ethereal, solo "Long Road"! Out of a clear blue sky, Ed pulls "Bobbie Jean" (from Born In The USA) out and causes cardiac arrest of 5h staff via cell phone, a trend continued with the next tune, which proves that Ed can pull just about any song in the Who's catalog out at a moment's notice (further reinforced by the rest of the set). 'Love -> Building On Fire' is just frantic. Ed is playing the guitar so hard in 'Driven to Tears' that he breaks a string; he then invites the dude from the guitar shop onstage to fix the string. When the guy seems overly excited, Ed tells him to calm down because he isn't giving him the guitar, he is only asking him to fix it! New crowd management techniques: Ed dumps the remainder of his cup of tea on one somewhat annoying fan near the stage during the second show. Ed doesn't need to talk about "designated areas" during the second show. The crowd is up in the aisles from the very beginning of the show -- in fact, one guy starts body surfing. Ed quickly shuts down that particular activity saying, basically, that it is not the night for that activity. In a humorous exchange, Jon gets on the mic and says that he knows he's not allowed to get on the microphone but he just wants to take the opportunity to thank Eddie for allowing them to play with him. Ed jokingly responds that it is okay for Jon to talk on the microphone in order to say that. ;) Ed does a lot of windmills and Pete Townshend-like jumps in the air. The lyrics of 'I Am A Patriot' are slightly modified -- instead of saying "I sure ain't no Republican," he says "I sure ain't no Ku Klux Klanner." Ed has 'Corduroy' listed on his setlist as 'Velour!'

07/14/99 - 510 Columbia Street, Olympia, WA (Ed with C Average)
attendance: maybe 75?
set: Heaven And Hell, I Can't Explain, Young Man Blues, Fortune Teller, Tattoo, A Quick One, I'm A Boy, My Generation, See Me, Feel Me, Jam/Sparks (all songs by The Who)
notes: This was a supplementary show to the Yoyoagogo music festival in Olympia and was held in a woodworking shop (NOT kidding). It was billed as C Average and three other bands, C Average announced as doing their Who tribute show ... with Mr. Eddie Vedder as Roger Daltrey (unannounced, and unknown, until he was seen wandering around the venue). Stupendous, amazing, and the show of a lifetime for a Who/PJ fan...
Caryn's review and photos

07/28/99 - Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY (Late Show appearance) [10m]
set: Heart to Hang Onto
notes: This greatly anticipated pairing of Eddie Vedder and Pete Townshend features Pete on electric guitar and the CBS orchestra backing. After three baubled starts (edited out for TV), Ed and Pete share verses in a lovely version of 'Heart to Hang Onto.' During the commercial break, they lead into a 'Magic Bus' jam, with Ed adding a few vocals toward the end. The home audience only hears the final note of this song (typical for Letterman's show). [Link to Video Guide]

07/28/99 - Supper Club, New York City (Ed with Pete Townshend)
attendance: approx. 700
set: Pete solo: Won't Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, Drowned, Cut My Hair, Slit Skirts, I Put a Spell on You, Let My Love Open the Door
With EV: Heart to Hang Onto, Let's See Action, Better Man (!!!), Till The River Runs Dry, Sheraton Gibson [EV solo vox], Magic Bus, I'm One [EV solo vox]
notes: This was a press conference/promotion showcase (featuring media, VIP and radio station contest winners) to promote the release of the forthcoming PT live album. Ed was in the audience for Pete's first portion of the set, bopping his head to the music. :-) Right after 'Let My Love Open the Door' Pete introduces Ed, saying 'Ed's gonna help with this show, he's helped with this show in the past, he's helping on the CD too (the evening began with a press-only premiere of the live album)' and talks about how Ed is from Chicago (explaining Ed's connection to the Chicago-based charity that Pete's benefit shows have been for.) Ed joins Pete on stage, cheat sheets under his arm. Ed sings along on 'Heart To Hang Onto,' exactly like Ed's appearance at the 1997 HOB show. Ed's eyes are closed while Pete is singing, gently swaying. Pete talks about how his work on Lifehouse has leaked out and explains the history of the project, and comments that he's been sending Eddie stuff he's been working on (HEY ED! Your list gets ours! :-)) Next, Ed plays acoustic on 'Let's See Action' (while Pete plays electric), trading verses and chorus; Pete needs to look at the sheet music, while Ed knows it by heart. After the song ends, Pete comments, "This is one of yours," and they go into 'Better Man,' Pete's on electric, Ed's on a black acoustic Gibson (no pick) - Pete singing the counterpart on the choruses (!!!!) (No 'Save It For Later', though!) It appeared as though Pete was looking to Ed to get the chord changes; Ed picks up a towel and puts it over Pete's hand as though he was playfully hiding his hands from Pete's view. Pete prefaces "Till The River All Runs Dry" with a brief discussion about MS and Ronnie Lane (with whom Pete originally wrote the song - see a previous Song X for an explanation of Ronnie Lane). They alternate verses on the song; Ed needs the words a little; Pete plays the guitar solo. Ed sings 'Sheraton Gibson' - Pete playing guitar and singing backing vocals, and Ed gets a standing ovation from a crowd full of die-hard Who fans at the end of it! 'Magic Bus' has Pete on electric, Ed on the black acoustic. Ed only sings a couple of lines and is mostly backing vocals. At the end of the song, Ed fakes smashing his guitar. =) Before "I'm One," Pete commented that Ed was nervous about this one, because Pete usually closes with it (at his solo acoustic shows) - "But it sounds nice when Ed sings it." (awwwwwwwww) Ed's on vocals, Pete's on acoustic guitar. Set ends; Pete and Ed hug; Pete thanks Ed on the mic, Ed goes to the mic and thanks Pete (the only thing he said all night). Pete said, "When we originally planned this, the album was supposed to be out now, but it's not, it's not coming out until September, and that's my fault." For the encore, Pete reprises 'I'm One,' much like Ed's version(s) - when he sings "I'm a loser, no chance to win," he sings instead "I'm a loser too, no chance to win". End of an amazing historical evening!!!

07/29/99 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL (Ed with Pete Townshend) [70m]
attendance: 700-800, not filled to capacity
set: Pete solo: Won't Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, Drowned, Cut My Hair, Slit Skirts (started but not finished due to technical problems with the piano), Let My Love Open the Door
With EV: Heart to Hang Onto, Let's See Action, Better Man, 'Til The Rivers All Run Dry, Sheraton Gibson, Magic Bus, I'm One
notes: Yet another press/promotion showcase to promote the live album. Far less security than New York, and anyone hanging around outside all day got in! However, to quote one fan: "Biggest bunch of assholes in an audience I've encountered. Many people talking during songs," which probably accounts for the shortened set and no encore. Pete is in a "Pete-type mood" initially and then loosened up when Eddie comes out. After 'Heart To Hang Onto,' Pete attends to something onstage and Ed talks about spending the past couple days with Pete and how "I've learned new things musically and new things as a human." He then admonishes the people in the crowd who are talking during the songs. "The people talking between songs is driving me fucking nuts." Pete then tells a long story about reading about himself in the paper and Lifehouse, which is followed by 'Let's See Action,' which is once again missing the last verse (as it was last night) and was excellent. 'Magic Bus' is memorable for trademark Townshend windmills; Pete really seems to get into this one.

10/30/99 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic) [31m]
soundcheck: Wishlist, Thin Air [new song], Daughter (partial), Nothing As It Seems [new song], Soldier of Love, In Hiding, Last Kiss, Elderly Woman
set: Soldier of Love, Wishlist, In Thin Air, Elderly Woman, Footsteps, Last Kiss, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: The band takes the stage to rabid applause, Ed walking along the back of the stage and greeting the Bridge School students sitting there. For those who care about these things, Ed is no longer blonde (more of a washed-out brown), Mike has the spikey blonde thing going again. 'Soldier of Love' is solid, followed by a nicely done 'Wishlist." Mike's eyes are closed and he sings along to himself. "Here's one - you know the last time you got a new pair of shoes..." and proceeds to tell us that they have a new song they're really excited about. 'Thin Air' (a confirmed title) is a great song that reminds a lot of people of 'Off He Goes.' Lyrically it is an obvious love song. "Here's another ditty that was written over there," Ed says, gesturing northward, as they launch into 'Elderly Woman,' with Matt playing bongos for a different feel. Ed's eyes are closed, Stone looks down, Jeff is in a fuzzy hat (actually, it is the "evil goat hat" from the Ten Club!). Ed then relates a very amusing story about being at Neil's barbeque the previous night and Neil taking him aside, out into the woods: "Ed, there's something I always wanted to tell you but I never thought the time was right -- Ed, I am your father" (for those of you keeping count of PJ/Star Wars references, add another one). mp3 soundbyte of Ed's story (1,220k)   Ed: "So I said, ah, can I move down and stay in your house, and he said no.. so this is for dad and all my new brothers and sisters," and launches into a hauntingly beautiful 'Footsteps,' beginning with a nice bluesy harmonica solo. Mike's solo is eerily echoey, sparse, spacy. 'Last Kiss' is bearable, bringing the crowd to it's feet with dancing and singing. The stand-up bass is brought out for 'Yellow Ledbetter,' with a great solo from Mike (as usual). All of the band returns at the end of the night for the final jam on Bob Dylan's 'I Shall Be Released,' Mike and Jeff playing with The Who's John Entwistle, Ed taking a few verses, and Matt on drums in the back. An AMAZING day!
Caryn's review and photos

10/31/99 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic) [38m]
set:Nothing As It Seems [new song], Daughter, Wishlist, Better Man, Off He Goes, Black, Last Kiss
notes: The band takes the stage with only Mike and Stone festively attired for Halloween (Mike in a silver Lone Ranger-type mask and Stone with a turkey hat.) Ed asks everyone to sit down: "We'll be here a while, here's a new song ...", and launches into the second brand-new song in two days, the incredible, bluesy 'Nothing As It Seems' (note: song titles courtesy of Matt Cameron). A slightly different 'Daughter' follows, very boppy; Ed uses his fist to create a megaphone effect at the end of the song but never gets to a tag. The band are much, much more comfortable and confident tonight, much eye contact with the audience, smiles from Ed, Jeff even looks up from the floor. During 'Wishlist,' instead of the "14 million hands upraised" line, Ed sings, "of 14 childrens' hands upraised" and turns towards the Bridge students at the back. Ed looks up at the sky, probably looking for the moon, during the "Camaro" line. Mike takes all the solos during 'Wishlist.' Ed's voice is just great. After 'Better Man,' Ed tells a story about "it's really touching and incredible to be around all the - John, Pete and Roger from the Who...sharing stories -- mostly listening to theirs... and they'd talk about Keith Moon, and it was almost like he was still around (Mike starts the 'Pinball Wizard' riff and Ed tosses a pick toward him) reminds us of how fragile life is," and dedicates an incredibly beautiful 'Off He Goes' to Keith Moon. Ed miffs the lyrics to 'Black' and laughs it off, making a joke about it singing, "I know I taught her the wrong words..." During the "kids at play" line, he turns again to the Bridge students. Fucks up the lyrics one more time and laughs it off with, "It's been a while!" Finally, Ed talks about how after four times performing at Bridge, some of the students have become friends, and dedicates 'Last Kiss' by special request for one student in particular, and sings the whole song to her with tears streaming down his face.
Caryn's review and photos

11/12/99 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL (Ed + C Average opening for The Who)
set: Soldier of Love, Watch Outside, Diamonds in the Rough, Running Out of Time, Driven to Tears, Wishlist, Love -> Building on Fire, Last Kiss, Leaving Here, I am a Patriot
encore (w/ The Who): Let's See Action
notes: A setlist much like previous outings. 'Leaving Here' is a nice surprise; the start is messed up and it is restarted. 'Patriot' is the fast, punky version. Ed is very chatty tonight. Later, Ed and the C Avg guys return for The Who's second encore, with Ed singing on 'Let's See Action,' Jon playing guitar and Brad on drums behind Zak Starkey.

11/13/99 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL (Ed + C Average opening for The Who)
set: Ed only on acoustic: Last Kiss, Improv ("new song"), Elderly Woman
With C Average: Watch Outside, Running Out of Time, Improv (from Live on Two Legs), Driven to Tears, Wishlist, Love -> Building on Fire, Leaving Here, I am a Patriot
encore (w/ The Who): Let's See Action
notes: Ed comes out smiling, very happy, with a new acoustic guitar. He performs 'Last Kiss' solo and talks a bit about Walter Payton's death, which leads him to a discussion about how it make him think about dying and what you do will all your stuff when you die. mp3 soundbyte of improv (2,560k)   He does a little improv (which he calls a "new song" he just wrote, that no one has ever heard "unless you were on my hotel balcony"). Telling the very (loud) talkative audience that they'll like this, "it has a punch line," he performs this little song about stuff, and people you love, and what happens to it all; the punchline in question is, "Oh, I hope I don't die, but if I do, I'm gonna leave it all to The Who." mp3 soundbyte of new song (2,827k)   He then asks the audience if he should switch to electric or if they want to hear "Small Town" (Ed's name for "Elderly Woman"). He's trying to get the guitar to sound good, and holds it up and tells everyone proudly that this is new, it used to belong to Pete, and that his wife bought it for him at an auction on Thursday night. He tells how the bidding was going very very high, and that she turned to him and said, "A banker is *not* going home with that guitar!" This leads to 'Elderly Woman' and then Ed brings out Jon and Brad. They are VERY on and even do the 'Untitled' song from Live on Two Legs, seemingly note for note. mp3 soundbyte of untitled (2,005k)   Ed has painted his black Schecter with "Walter Payton #34." Like the previous night, they do 'Wishlist' with Jon taking the guitar solo on bass. Leading to 'Patriot': "If you're from Chicago, I love ya; if you're a Who fan, I love ya." [By the way, The Who were fantastic, and once again Ed comes on with Jon and Brad for "Let's See Action"; Ed has some problems with Roger's teleprompter not scrolling fast enough, but it's still great fun for all.]
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