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2004 Concert Chronology

03/06/04 - Mike plays his well-received, Hendrix-style National Anthem at the opening of the Seattle Thunderbirds game at Key Arena in Seattle. A portion of certain ticket proceeds benefit the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA)
video on Ten Club site [this show was videotaped]

04/09/04 - Westin Hotel: Seattle, WA (2nd Annual IMPACT Awards)
set: Last Soldier, Down, 1/2 Full
notes: Pearl Jam is among four artists receiving IMPACT Awards from the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Recording Academy for extraordinary contributions to local music. The band is dressed to the nines and Jeff is sporting a deep tan (most likely from his birthday climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro). They perform a very brief, electric set. Stone gives the acceptance speech. 'Patriot' is included on the written setlist as an encore but is not played.

05/14/04 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA (Mike's benefit for the CCFA)
attendance: sold out
Ed's solo set: Parting Ways, Man Of The Hour, The Seeker, Porch, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Originally billed as a benefit featuring "Left Hand Smoke, Mike McCready and Friends," this show grew since Ed played after opener Vast Capital and Brad played a set. Before 'Porch,' Ed says, "It's interesting to think that if John Kerry was the second worst president in the history ... of all time, that he'd still be better than what we have now." Mike and Stone join Ed for 'YL," with Ed adding some interesting drumming. Brad plays a quick set with Left Hand Smoke following. Mike and friends play a UFO tribute set that includes two Aerosmith covers ('Sick As A Dog' and 'Nobody's Fault').
Brad setlist scan
UFO setlist scan

07/27/04 - Live At Benaroya Hall October 22nd 2003 live double CD from last year's Seattle benefit released to retail vendors (CD was pre-released to fan club members ordering via Ten Club site; LP [limited edition of 2,000 copies on wine-colored vinyl] also available to fan club members sold out first day offered)

09/24/04 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA
attendance: sold out
support act:
Ed's pre-set: Don't Be Shy
electric set: Last Exit, Save You, Hail Hail, 1/2 Full, Do The Evolution, The American In Me, Grievance, Love Boat Captain, Insignificance, Given to Fly, U, Go
enc 1 (acoustic): Elderly Woman, Footsteps, Man Of The Hour, Masters Of War, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Even Flow, The Seeker, Down, The New World
notes: PJ's contribution to the No Vote Left Behind music and art festival (with the goal of motivating the youth vote in November to vote out Bush) is this club show at The Showbox. Ed opens with a preset song, 'Don't Be Shy' [a Cat Stevens' song and a nod to the Muslim's (now known as Yusuf Islam) recent skirmish with U.S. officials as a result of his name being on a no-fly list for suspected terrorists]. Ed introduces "two future voters of America," the preteen sister duo Smoosh (Asya and Chloe) who entertain the crowd with a brief set. Rep. Jim McDermott (Washington democrat) provides an introduction for Pearl Jam saying, "If voting becomes the 'in' thing, my generation will be freaked out." Pearl Jam take the stage for an electric set and Boom is there on keyboards. Stone is particularly animated and at one point, his glasses fly off and Ed accidentally steps on them, breaking them! Ed says something to the effect of "this may effect the rest of the gig tonight," and Stone then does a modified duck walk in circles, acting as if he can't see anything, making a funny, cross-eyed face and playing a
bunch of disturbingly out of tune riffs. Ed starts laughing (as everyone was) and teases him about how "maybe the show will actually sound better now" or, remarking to the noise from Stone's guitar, "that actually sounds
better." 'The American In Me' is a song by The Avengers, a California punk band. Returning for an acoustic set, Ed jokes, "We're going to do this next bit sitting down ... not because we're old, because you're old." Dylan's 'Masters Of War' is a slower version featuring the whole band. During Boom's 'Crazy Mary' solo, Mike is near his the back, playing rhythm with his eyes closed and his head back. Boom is going crazy, but the solo went on and on and Boom is looking like he's dying and Mike can jump in any time. Ed walks across the stage, hollers at Mike several times (finally from two feet away) and snaps him out of his trance, Mike looks at Boom and immediately transitions into his solo with Ed and Stone laughing. The encore is electric again, opening with 'Even Flow' and followed by 'The Seeker' (by The Who). Infrequently performed 'Down' is dedicated to Howard Zinn. Introduced as an American hero, John Doe (X) makes a surprise appearance, performing X's 'The New World' with PJ and explaining how it was written when Ronald Reagan was president and Doe references Reagan as "the devil himself." Very little chat at this show, political or otherwise.
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09/28/04 - Fleet Center: Boston, MA
attendance: 17,226
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: Don't Be Shy, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
electric set: Release, Last Exit, Hail Hail, Save You, Do The Evolution, Dissident, The American In Me, Insignificance, Untitled, MFC, Given to Fly, Even Flow, Down, Jeremy
enc 1 (acoustic): Low Light, Masters Of War, Elderly Woman, Last Kiss, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Love Boat Captain, Better Man, Bleed For Me (The Dead Kennedys), Blood
enc 3: Alive
notes: Fan club members got a pre-sale access code to purchase tickets for this show via Ticketmaster. Gob Roberts, Tim Robbins' band opens, followed by Death Cab for Cutie. At the start of his preset, Ed comments on how good it is to see who the faithful really are. There is some discussion among the band before starting 'Release.' Before 'DTE,' Ed comments about playing "Boston proper" again (vs. the Tweeter Center in Mansfield). Ed introduces 'Down' and Howard Zinn ("a true American patriot") comes on stage and says, "Stop the war." Lots of big sing alongs with Ed looking pleased. 'Low Light" is very pretty. 'Last Kiss' is played for the people in back of the stage, because "we're an equal opportunity band." Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is seated right side stage and during 'Crazy Mary, 'Ed offers one bottle of wine to the crowd and one to Theo's area. Ed congratulates the Red Sox on getting to the playoffs and dedicates 'Love Boat Captain' to Theo. Mike is off the wall with energy tonight and it's great to see him this healthy. A shirt reading "God Bless Johnny Ramone" is given to Ed by someone in the crowd, which he promptly displays center stage for the second encore. Ed looks visibly pleased and contemplative. Someone throws a Red Sox hat on to the stage that Stone proudly wears for the second encore onward. Before 'Alive,' Ed talks about the West Memphis Three (sales from the Boston shows will benefit their defense fund), and he has difficulty remembering the state where the WM3 is and the name of the WM3 documentaries. The band flubs 'Alive' towards the bridge, leaving Ed shaking his shoulders and Mike and Jeff laughing hysterically.
setlist scans

09/29/04 - Fleet Center: Boston, MA
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: I Am A Patriot
set: Go, Animal, Do The Evolution, Save You, The American In Me, Immortality, Wishlist, Grievance, Alone, Present Tense, Corduroy, I Believe In Miracles, Once
enc 1 (acoustic): Lukin, Off He Goes, Man Of The Hour, Parting Ways, Black
enc 2: The Seeker, Daughter/(War), Glorified G, Lion's Share (Germs), The New World
enc 3: I've Got A Feeling, Rockin' In The Free World
notes: The band mixes it up a bit more on this second show in Boston with five covers, including 'Lion's Share' by LA punk band, Germs. 'Alone' and 'I've Got A Feeling' are surprises, not played since shows ten years ago. Green lights bathe the stage before the band takes the stage, green means 'Go,' and the crowd is really up from the opening notes of 'Go' through the end of 'DTE.' During 'Wishlist' a guy in the front proposes to his girlfriend and Ed changes the lyrics to reflect this ("I wish I was a preacher man ...") and later announces it to the whole crowd. He jokes, "This is the song I would have proposed to," and at the end of the show, he gives the couple a wine bottle signed, "Congratulations ... Love, Eddie ... 9/29/04." 'Alone' catches a lot of fans by surprise, with others having no idea what it is and the band seems a bit unsure of where to take it, recovering to finish it in a decent way (considering it hadn't been played since 1994). 'Corduroy' is introduced as Johnny Ramone's favorite PJ song. After playing 'Corduroy,' Stone starts the intro to 'Once,' then quickly stops, the band talks, then they break into 'I Believe In Miracles,' perhaps as a kind of tribute to Johnny. 'Once' is a gigantic sing along, almost deafening. For the acoustic set and beyond, Boom breaks out his Pedro Martinez Red Sox jersey. Ed comments later that Boom's hair is what Pedro's is going to look like in three years ... "with three world series rings on his fingers!" and the crowd goes nuts. There are lots of smiles at the acoustic 'Lukin.' Very good crowd response to 'MOTH' and 'Black' is extended with Mike soloing and Ed seeming pretty moved. 'The Seeker' is great with the crowd eating it up. 'Daughter' into 'War' is gigantic (tremendous call and response of "shades go down" during 'Daughter'), and 'Glorified G' just continues the energy. Ed brings Tim Robbins out to help sing 'New World,' getting a somewhat tepid reaction from the crowd. (Gob Roberts received several boots throughout their set and was semi-booed off the stage, just finishing up their final song and getting off quickly.) Just as with 'Alone,' some people don't seem to know what 'I've Got A Feeling' is, but the diehards get it right away. Again, the band nearly muffs it up, then recovers for another nice ending and the lyrics are changed to express anti-war sentiment. Show ends with 'RITFW,' house lights on, and the band looking like they're having the time of their lives and Ed obviously drunk at this point. Ed trades a tambourine to someone in the front row for a bottle of wine. Ed then pretends to swing the bottle like a bat. (On the soundboard handwritten setlist, "I Am Mine/Light Years" were written after 'PT' but 'Corduroy' was obviously played instead.)

09/30/04 - Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY (The Late Show with David Letterman appearance) [3m]
set: Masters Of War
[Link to Video Guide]

10/01/04 - Sovereign Center: Reading, PA [140m] (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 9,000
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: Don't Be Shy, Growin' Up
set: Love Boat Captain, Animal, Brain Of J, Do The Evolution, Nothing As It Seems, Insignificance, The American In Me, Gimme Some Truth, Given to Fly, 1/2 Full, Sad, Go
enc 1 (acoustic): Soon Forget, Elderly Woman, Masters Of War, Nothingman, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Last Kiss, Daughter/(Blitzkrieg Bop), Bleed for Me, The New World (w/Tim Robbins), Alive
enc 3: Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter
After Ed finishes his preset, he says he's going to read a statement, opens up a piece of paper and talks about bringing a conservative senator for Pennsylvania on stage to give the conservatives fair time. An old man with his legs draped in a flag comes out in a wheelchair and he begins to play a song while the crowd boos. He takes hold of the microphone and seems to be electrocuted and he falls and the lights go down. But when the lights return, it was all an act by Tim Robbins and the Gob Roberts set begins. Poor acoustics at this venue and a stack blows to make it worse. A big highlight is 'Sad' (a Binaural outtake appearing on the Lost Dogs release), played at a live show for the first time tonight. The acoustic set begins with Ed saying, "Anybody who is undecided, if you think about it, being undecided is really dangerous, and I have a perfect example: people with mullets. That's indecision. "Do I want it short? Do I want it long? I just can't take a stand.'" Then he introduces 'Soon Forget': "This is for the rich guys, the really rich guys, who love it when you don't vote." Ed later teases that will play 'Bushleaguer,' but instead play a "love song" ('Nothingman'). Tim Robbins helps out with 'The New World' again. Mike totally misses his solo in 'Baba,' then realizes he needs to play (with Stone and Ed both looking his way) and botches it.
tour poster
show poster

10/02/04 - Sports Arena: Toledo, OH (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: 6,000
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: I Am A Patriot, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
set: Long Road, Corduroy, Hail Hail, Save You, The American In Me, Cropduster, I Am Mine, Wishlist, Better Man, I Believe In Miracles, Even Flow, Bleed For Me, Alive
enc 1 (acoustic): Thumbing My Way, Elderly Woman, Black, Harvest Moon (Ed and Neil)
enc 2: All Along the Watchtower, Act of Love, Cortez The Killer, Rockin' in the Free World
notes: Big, big show with Neil Young heard soundchecking with the band. Toward the start of the show, Ed quote some statistics: "Four percent of the whole US population is in Ohio. You account for 25% of the jobs that have been lost in the last four years. That's staggering. And this is a swing state?" At the end of the acoustic set, Ed says something about a friend "... who came a long way, I thought to see us, but really I think he came out to see you" and Neil and Pegi Young take the stage. 'Harvest Moon' ends the acoustic set and is just Ed and Pegi on vocals with Neil playing acoustic guitar. The encore songs include Neil (obviously) and the final three songs also include Neil's wife Pegi, plus Peter Frampton For 'Act of Love,' Ed and Pegi stand to one side providing vocals, with Neil fronting. Neil tells the crowd to get friends registered to vote and "... maybe we can turn this whole thing around."
Tour poster
show poster

10/03/04 - Delta Plex: Walker (Grand Rapids), MI (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 6,000
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: Dead Man, Throw Your Arms Around Me
set: Breakerfall, Last Exit, Save You, Do The Evolution, Even Flow, Light Years, Sad, Not For You, Whipping, 1/2 Full, Bleed for Me, Blood
enc 1 (acoustic): Millworker (Ed solo), Elderly Woman, Footsteps, Masters of War, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Given To Fly, Daughter/(Song X)/(War), Insignificance, The New World, Kick Out The Jams
enc 3: Alive, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Show begins with a great run of high energy songs. 'Light Years' is dedicated to Johnny Ramone and 'Sad' is dedicated to Linda. A new cover, 'Millworker' is by James Taylor, and starts the acoustic set with Ed playing solo. 'Masters Of War' includes the changed lyrics,"... for threatening my daughter, just born and just named." The 'Song X' tag is particularly appropriate given the times and the cause. Tim Robbins helps out with 'The New World' again. The second encore concludes on a high note with another new cover, 'Kick Out The Jams' by the radical, Michigan-based band, the MC5. Solid show and setlist.
encore setlist scan
tour poster

10/05/04 - Fox Theatre: St. Louis, MO [150m] (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 4,500
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: Last Kiss
set: Love Boat Captain, Last Exit, Animal, Save You, The American in Me, Corduroy, Immortality, Alone, Jeremy, In My Tree, Wishlist, Rearviewmirror
enc 1 (acoustic): I Am A Patriot (Ed solo), Man Of The Hour, Elderly Woman, Off He Goes, All Or None, Black
enc 2: The Seeker, Do The Evolution, State Of Love And Trust, Better Man/(Save It For Later), The New World (w/Tim Robbins), Fortunate Son
enc 3: Yellow Ledbetter
PJ makes a return to the Fabulous Fox Theatre, a beautiful, acoustically sound venue, after ten years. Ed is wearing a brown shirt with Bush's face on it that says "Expires Nov '04." After 'Corduroy,' Ed says, "It's about time this group played a classy joint!" (in comparison to the prior arenas). 'Alone' again catches many off guard and Ed's vocals are nearly spot on with the original recordings but the harmonies are missing, filled by guitarwork. 'Wishlist' has the "I wish I was the president ..." tag and includes some language about Dick Cheney and how you can't sacrifice the lives of American men and women for a war that appears to be profit driven ... "it will be Dick Cheney who is not forgiven." This leads to a well-received and strong 'RVM,' concluding the first set. Upon returning, there is a toast to St. Louis and one to the whole state with some discussion about how only 1/3 of those between 18 and 22 vote and a plea to register and vote and that they don't really care how people vote. Ed says actually they do care ("That's why we're here ...") and that leads to a lovely 'Patriot' with just Ed and his guitar. 'MOTH' is dedicated to Johnny Ramone, really lovely and a nice showcase for Ed's deep range. 'Elderly Woman' includes a bauble (Ed notes, "I fucked up") and he could tell since the crowd was singing along. 'Off He Goes' is beautiful and 'All Or None' again seems to be a bit lost on the crowd (and it would be nice to see Mike go a bit longer on the ending solo). Ed turns the end of 'Black' over to the crowd and it is a nice finish to the acoustic set. The next set begins with the normally quiet Stone talking quite a bit, thanking St. Louis and reminding people it is important to vote. Very solid set follows with so much excitement during 'DTE' that someone in the front of the balcony nearly falls. A brief, cheerful band huddle follows and they go with Mike's selection of 'SOLAT' to keep the momentum going. 'Wishlist' slows things down but has a solid 'Save It For Later' tag with some "please vote" lyrics intermingled. During 'The New World,' Tim Robbins and Ed square off and slam into each other (you can guess who won ... not Ed; Tim is tall!). The fun continues into a high spirited 'Fortunate Son.' Ed toys with the Bush mask a bit but there is no 'Bushleaguer.' 'YL' finishes, featuring a short 'Star Spangled Banner' tag by Mike.
Encore setlist scan

10/06/04 - Civic Arena: Asheville, NC (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 7,500
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
set: Sometimes, Grievance, Corduroy, Hail Hail, Once, Dissident, Even Flow, Daughter/(Blitzkrieg Bop), MFC, U, Not For You, Blood
enc 1 (acoustic): Long Road, Elderly Woman, Sleight Of Hand, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Brain Of J, Do The Evolution, Smile, The New World (w/Tim Robbins), Baba O'Riley
notes: Ed is really sick throughout the show, which explains the lack of a preset solo (along with late arrival to the venue). He's constantly blowing his nose and sipping tea between songs. Very poor security at this venue (lots of drunk idiots down front that pushed their way to the front without having proper tickets) and crap being thrown on stage. 'Blitzkrieg Bop' is tagged on 'Daughter,' with a "hey, ho, let's vote" chant. A verse is omitted from 'MFC.' The uke was brought out for the acoustic set but not used. Boom doesn't make his appearance until the acoustic set, inviting a warm welcome from the crowd. Mike goes up by Boom for an extended jam on 'Crazy Mary.' During 'DTE,' Ed completely skips over the 'hallelujah' part leaving Jeff going up to the mic then looking surprised. After the song, Mike just shrugs his shoulders and laughs, while Jeff goes back to the mic to do his part that was skipped over. During 'Smile,' Stone puts on a plastic nose that somebody threw on stage, getting some good laughs from the guys. Tim Robbins comes out for 'The New World' and throws a bouquet of flowers to the crowd. 'Soon Forget,' 'Masters Of War,' 'Glorified G,' and 'Indifference' were on the setlist but not played.

10/08/04 - Silver Spurs Arena: Kissimmee, FL (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 8,000
support act:
Gob Roberts, Death Cab for Cutie
Ed's preset: Trouble, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
set: Last Exit, Animal, Save You, American In Me, Even Flow, 1/2 Full, Given To Fly, Wishlist, In My Tree, Timeless Melody, Rearviewmirror
enc 1 (acoustic): Lukin, I Am Mine, Nothingman, Last Kiss, Black,
enc 2: jazz improv/toaster improv, Corduroy, Do The Evolution, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Daughter/(Blitzkrieg Bop), I Believe In Miracles, The New World (w/Tim Robbins), Fortunate Son, Alive
enc 3: Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: High energy show, ripping through the first four songs and Ed joking several times about how they would play as long as Bruce. Vacant security. Ed changes the lyrics of the second verse of 'Even Flow' relative to Bush and then forgets the following lyrics and blames it on Bush. Praise to Mike for the 'EF' solo and then Ed has Mike kick off '1/2 Full.' The first verse of 'Wishlist' is messed up, starting "I wish I was the singer ..." and he laughs it away to start over, screw up again and admit it at the end of the verse. The improv ending includes language about Ed wanting to be president and Cheney to be VP so Ed can shout "get the fuck out." Ed introduces Ben Gibbard from Death Cab to play a "Las song" ('Timeless Melody'), leaving the crowd a bit clueless. The acoustic set begins with Ed talking about how they will play some songs not heard often, romantic love songs and then they rip into 'Lukin.' Ed is still sick, sipping tea (and wine) and blowing his nose. During 'Black,' he walks to the side and takes Susan Sarandon's hand to dance. The improvs are just the band noodling/goofing around. 'DTE' includes "I'm the first man to poop my pants," and he demonstratively pulls up his pants. The 'SIFL' tag includes asking the crowd numerous times if they are going to vote followed by "don't let me downnnn!" 'I Believe In Miracles' is dedicated to Johnny Ramone since it would have been his birthday. During 'Alive' the house lights come on, to be turned off and turned back on for the final encore. Both opening bands plus Tim Robbins' son participate in 'RITFW.'

10/11/04 - MCI Center: Washington, DC (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 20,000
other bands:
John Mellencamp, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Keb' Mo', Jurassic 5, R.E.M., the Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Ed with R.E.M. Begin The Begin
set: Grievance, Save You, The New World (w/Tim Robbins), Bushleaguer, Masters Of War
enc with all bands: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding, People Have the Power
notes: This show is the big finale featuring all of the acts on the Vote For Change tour on one stage. Each band gets a short set. Ed joins R.E.M. providing vocals for 'Begin The Begin.' PJ's brief set begins with the highly relevant 'Grievance,' which was oddly missing from most of the setlists on this tour. The band is very focused and moves rapidly between songs. Ed talks a bit about voting and says Nov. 3rd is the day everyone talks about things changing, but he urges the people in the crowds to hold up two fingers to remind the everyone which day to go to the polls. 'Bushleaguer' is finally performed but the mask is not employed (although the Bush mask can be seen kissing the devil mask during the encore with all the bands on stage!). Stone is unmistakable in the orange shirt and devil mask dancing during the final songs - hilarious.

10/13/04 - Continental Airlines Arena: East Rutherford, NJ (Ed popup at Bruce Springsteen show)
songs with Ed: No Surrender, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Better Man
enc with all: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding, People Have The Power
notes: A bonus Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show added onto the Voters for Change series features several members of the other bands that participated helping out on various songs (including Vedder, John Fogerty and Jackson Browne). About half an hour into his set, Bruce introduces Vedder and yells, "come on out, Eddie" and Ed comes walking out, telecaster in hand. They play 'No Surrender' and 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' both with Ed singing lead on the second verses. Ed's vocals with Bruce are excellent. After 'Darkness,' Ed approaches the mic and says, "Hello, New Jersey ... Bruce asked me to do this song, and since he&'s the boss and I'm the employee, here it is." This leads to 'Better Man' with piano intro, and Ed and Bruce exchanging verses, the crowd singing along, Clarence playing a sax solo and Bruce playing an extended guitar solo to finish. It is a HUGE moment and the crowd erupts into a huge "Eddie, Eddie" chant at the end of 'No Surrender.' Ed hugs band members and leaves the stage and Bruce says, "I think I felt some swing voters swinging on that last one." Ed returns later with the other guest artists to participate on 'Peace, Love And Understanding' and 'People Have The Power' to close the encore.

10/19/04 - Key Arena: Seattle, WA (Ed and Mike at Michael Moore's rally)
set: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Don't Be Shy, Masters Of War (w/Mike)
notes: Ed and Mike show up unexpectedly at Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising Tour" stop in Seattle. Ed performs "a couple of sing alongs," 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away' followed by 'Don't Be Shy,' with Ed saying he is playing it because Cat Stevens can't be there. Mike joins Ed on electric guitar for a sweet 'Masters Of War.' Ed chats about hearing Bush insisting that morning that there won't be a draft, then jokes about Bush saying, "We've got a vol-un-teeer AR-MEE." Then he asks the crowd "who the fuck is gonna wanna volunteer for Bush's disaster" (or something to that effect). He talks about Michael Moore and how when when PJ started as a band, Moore's CIA file was *this big* (3 inches), and now they have a whole wing devoted to Moore. He discusses the Patriot Act and the fear of Bush setting the Patriot Act II in motion (information about which, including damning information detailing the danger of the Bush administration's incompetence -- can be found on "the internets") if he gets the reelection. Ed then introduces Moore as "a Patriot who acts." Moore makes a comment about meeting Ed's baby and how her shirt says "I already know more than the president" and Moore says that she already can pronounce "nuclear" correctly (to much laughter and applause).

10/23/04 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Ed at Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic)
set: Soon Forget, Better Man, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, tag/Masters Of War
notes: Ed is a late addition to the 18th annual Bridge School Benefit (rumored to be the last Bridge concert). He joins Neil and Pegi for 'Harvest Moon' and performs a very short solo set. He sings a snippet of 'Here's To The State Of Mississippi' before 'Masters Of War.' Ed joins the group finale, 'Hey Jude.'

10/24/04 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Ed at Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic)
set: I Am Mine, Man Of The Hour, I Believe In Miracles, Baby Beluga, Here's To The State of Mississippi, Last Kiss
notes: 'Baby Beluga' is a children's song by Raffi about a whale and dedicated to Sam, one of the Bridge kids who drew a picture of Baby Beluga to go on Ed's dressing room door. 'Here's To The State Of Mississippi' is an old protest song written by Phil Ochs in the 60s and the original song slammed schools, cops, judges, etc. in Mississippi. Later Ochs modified the song to express disdain toward Nixon, with a mention of Billy Graham. Ed changes the lyrics (in the same way Tim Roberts does with the Gob Roberts band) to replace the original names with Rehnquist, Cheney, Ashcroft and Bush ("... here's to the country you've ripped out the heart of, George W find yourself another country to be a part of".) He sets it up by joking that he is still an undecided voter (because he wants the attention), then says, "This song might give you an idea which way I'm leaning." Later he says, "I can't wait until all these songs are irrelevant." Ed joins Ben Harper for 'Diamonds On The Inside' and helps out Neil and Pegi again on 'Harvest Moon.'


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