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2002 Concert Chronology

01/26/02 - Spin Alley Bowling Center: Shoreline, WA (Ed and C-Average appear at a private party) [90m]
attendance: 150
set: [solo acoustic] Heaven (Talking Heads), Drifting, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, Last Kiss, Satellite (new), Elderly Woman, I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits), Better Man, Happy Birthday (to Rob Glaser)
[electric set] Watch Outside, Running Out of Time, Driven to Tears, Love -> Building on Fire, Corduroy, The Kids Are Alright, Soldier of Love, Against the 70s, I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits)
notes: On the occasion of Rob Glaser's (CEO of Real Networks) 40th birthday, Ed performs a solo acoustic set, including a new song, followed by a set with C-Average. Inside sources report the following: "Ed and Rob Glaser are good friends, going back to their mutual involvement in the West Memphis Three case. Ed sang the entire set alone first, with Jon and Brad of C-Average joining him later ... at which point he invited everyone to commence bowling as he said: 'You guys can keep bowling, but I'm just going to play a few more songs, if you don't mind.' Ed also sang 'happy birthday' to Rob and gave Rob the ukulele. He was wearing jeans, a tan shirt and a fedora, he said when Ed took the fedora off he had like a mohawk or something that resembled it. It was originally only supposed to be one set but it ended up being two."
setlist scan (Jon's)
setlist scan (Ed's)

02/26/02 - Wiltern Theatre: Los Angeles, CA (Concert for Artists' Rights)
attendance: 2400
also on bill: Mike Ness, Beck
set: If It's Monday Morning [Lee Hazelwood cover, with Beck and Mike Ness], Drifting, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Dead Man, Parting Ways, Can't Keep [new song - uke], You're True [new song - uke], I Am Mine [slightly different lyrics], Thumbing My Way [new song - guitar], Broken Hearted [new song - uke], Sleepless Nights [Everly Bros. cover w/Beck]
Ed and Mike McCready come on later with Mike Ness to perform 'Ball and Chain' (by Social D)
Ed with Beck: Little Hands [Skip Spence (Moby Grape) cover, EV on guitar and vox], Evil Things [vox only]
All artists come on to sing 'Sweet Virginia' (Rolling Stones cover) to close the show
notes: The show opened with Beck onstage, alone, singing 'If It's Monday Morning.' He gets to the second verse, and Ed walks out - "it was like Beatlemania." Third verse, Mike Ness walks out. Ed's set was next. He's got a fedora on, covering the mohawk. The overwhelming tone of the set was very dark and pretty heavy - this wasn't a "light" show. Early in the set, he is adjusting his harmonica, and he takes that hat off for the first time. The crowd goes nuts. Ed gets that evil grin on his face and says, "You like it?" And then makes the now famous comment that he's keeping his hair like that until we stop killing people overseas. Ed's ukulele playing is incredible. 'Dead Man' is stunning. The new songs are great. 'Thumbing' is about hitchhiking: "I'm thumbing my way back to heaven." Later in the set, Ed comments that Sunday night, when he was getting ready for the show, he had the TV on, and he saw Bon Jovi at the Olympic closing ceremonies. "I realized that a 40 year old butt rocker with an American flag around his neck was America's symbol to the world, and I felt better..." Lots of "EDDIE I LOVE YOU" screamers in the audience, which Ed smacked down nicely: "I thought with the $50 tickets, this would be a classy crowd," and "You should have been at soundcheck so we could have worked on your tone." Instruments: Red Vox, Martin acoustic, ukulele. The new song titles are from the setlist, so they are 100% correct (at least as of tonight, who knows if Ed will change his mind later!).
review w/ photos

03/15/02 - Royce Hall, UCLA: Los Angeles, CA (All Tomorrow's Parties LA2002)
set: Soon Forget, Happy Birthday, Can't Keep, new song, Broken Hearted, Satellite, Thumbing My Way, I Am Mine, You're True, Longing To Belong [new song], Parting Ways
encore from tribute set: No Fun
notes: Someone throws a joint onstage as Ed enters; he catches it, proffers it and says, "I'll get busted at the border going back to Seattle." After 'Soon Forget,' someone screams "It's my cousin's birthday!" and Ed says, "Point well taken," and asks for the birthday boy's name. The answer was unintelligible, but Ed then sings 'Happy Birthday' with the uke. Ed mentions that this is an experimental festival, and as such the next number is representative of a very small genre of music: "Speed thrash ukulele... a genre so small I think this is the only song," leading to 'Can't Keep.' After the song's end, Ed says something about promising to not say anything political tonight: "My political statement is to play love songs all night ... apparently Lydia Lunch spoke here last night and she apparently said it all." He also relates a conversation with Mike Watt where they both talked about how in order to grow something good, you need a lot of manure, and there would be a lot of good art coming out of the recent period. The next song, a new one, is another song of lost love - "I've got our love to remember... the sun is shining, there's no sun in my eyes, because I know that this is goodbye." 'Broken Hearted' begins with a mistake, Ed winces - "I'm like a band, and we're arguing right now." (The 'just just just' at the end of the Wiltern version of this song was a mistake as it's not present tonight.) Ed says,"There's a guy in Arkansas who's on death row ... a lot of people, including me, don't think justice was served," and then talks about how this individual (one of the WM3) had gotten into a relationship while in prison. "I was writing a song about something that was more - personal, and I ended up writing about their relationship." He introduces the song by name - the infamous 'Satellite' from the Bowling Alley show (and given the WM3 connection, now it's easy to understand why it was played that night). Moving to guitar for a stellar 'Thumbing My Way,' followed by 'I am Mine' and then 'You're True.' A story next: "I met a guy a few months back - 30 yards off the continent down here, in the waves. I heard he played a four stringed instrument too - his was the violin. I don't know how old he is, but we've been practicing "after school." This is James," and the young violinist comes on the stage. The next song is another love song ("I'm falling further than I've ever fallen before... I dream of circles perfect"). 'Parting Ways' is a raucous, totally punked out version, ending with dual jumps from James and Ed.
Ed later walks on during the encore of the awesome Mascis/Asheton/Asheton/Watt Stooges tribute, performing 'No Fun.' An amazing performance and a great moment, Ed does Iggy proud :)
stooges tribute - review, photos, mp3 [note: this is on another site as it has very little pearl jam content]
review w/ photos

07/09/02 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA (Ed popup at Neil Finn show)
attendance: sold out
enc 1: The Kids Are Alright, Watch Outside, History Never Repeats
notes: As anticipated by many, given their previous musical forays, Ed shows up at Neil Finn's packed Seattle appearance, joining him for the first of three encores. A splendid performance by Neil, including a cover of 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (Neil covers Neil!) and Ed blowing the roof off the place.

07/11/02 - Chop Suey: Seattle, WA (Ed at John Entwistle tribute)
set: Heaven and Hell, Can't Explain, Substitute, Tattoo, Young Man Blues, A Quick One, I'm A Boy, My Wife, My Generation
enc: Summertime Blues/See Me Feel Me
notes: This tribute show for John Entwistle (at the former Breakroom in Capitol Hill) featured "The How" (Kurt Bloch, Mike Musburger and Rusty Willoughby from The Fastbacks) followed by "The Low Numbers" (Jon and Brad from C-Average, with Tim Brown on bass, plus Ed). Ed brings cognac out to the band during The How's set, in honor of John, chasing it with a Korean beer, Hite ("I wonder if John would approve?"). Highlights include Kurt and friend doing 'The Kids Are Alright,' an absolutely smoking 'YMB' and all musicians doing the 15-minute long encore together with Ed smashing tambourines and tossing them to the crowd. Ed, in good spirits, but cannot complete a mic toss for anything. :)

Aug 15-19, 2002 - A handful of Brad warm-up shows and in-store appearances take place in Boulder, Denver, Seattle and Portland in anticipation of their tour supporting the Welcome to Discovery Park album.

Sep 6-7, 2002 - Promotional videos of the band performing a handful of songs from the upcoming Riot Act album are filmed at the Chop Suey in Seattle. The videos were directed by James Frost while promotional photos were taken by Danny Clinch. (The videotaped songs that were eventually released included 1/2 Full, Love Boat Captain, Save You, Thumbing My Way and You Are.)

09/18/02 - The Cane Show: K-ROCK: NYC [45m]
set: I Am Mine, Save You, You Are, Baba O'Riley
notes: Radio interview with the entire band (first time in 10-12 years) with cuts from Riot Act played. (No live, in studio performance.) They say the tour will start in the spring (nothing confirmed yet), with plans to play some benefits before the end of the year in Seattle, and opening for The Who in Chicago next week. They discussed the collaborative songwriting/recording process for the album and confirmed that no contract decisions had been made yet. Said the rarieties album would be released sometime next year, that it would be a double album and would include the fan club singles and a whole variety of things (they had been "cleaning house"). Response to the single's initial release via AOL's First Listen: Ed said, "What the F IS that?" and Stone clarified, "We knew about that; someone told us." Ed said they played last week and it was filmed to send to Europe since they wouldn't be playing there on this outing (sorry).
entire interview in RealAudio

09/23/02 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL (benefit for the Maryville Academy; opening for The Who) [47m]
soundcheck (previous day): Better Man, Insignificance, Grievance, You Are, Save You, I Am Mine, Not For You, Leaving Here, Yellow Ledbetter, Can't Keep, Green Disease, Love Boat Captain, one other new song (9/22/02 soundcheck not in correct order)
soundcheck: Last Kiss, Grievance (2X), Green Disease, Insignificance, Leaving Here
set: Last Kiss, Insignificance, Grievance, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Green Disease, Not For You, Better Man, Leaving Here, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Originally this benefit was to feature Ed plus C-Average opening for The Who, but PJ (minus Stone, who had a prior commitment with Conservation International) opened. In a funny twist, a near life-sized cardboard cutout of Stone wearing a gold glittery jacket and holding Pete's Gibson is brought out on the stage. (Ed quips about Stone being very "one dimensional" tonight.) Boom, a native Hawaiian friend of Ed's (who plays on some of the forthcoming Riot Act tracks), fills in on keyboards. Jeff, in an obvious nod to the late John Entwistle, wears a skeleton t-shirt. Ed notes at one point during the show that Boom flew in from the islands just for this show. 'Leaving Here' is nailed and a a hit with The Who fans. 'Yellow Ledbetter,' with modified lyrics (referencing Entwistle), closes the set with Ed noting it “takes a lot of balls” to play on the stage that The Who are about to come out on. A quick set with the band cheerful and a mix of songs to play to that particular crowd, de-emphasize Stone's absence and introduce a few new ones.

09/25/02 - United Center: Chicago, IL (Ed only at Bruce Springsteen show)
notes: During the encore of Bruce's Chicago show (after 'Dancing in the Dark'), Bruce introduces a "hometown boy." Much to the surprise of most of the crowd, Ed takes the stage, joining Bruce for 'My Hometown.' They trade verses and a visibly nervous Ed struggles with lyrics, but Bruce helps out.They exchange a hug and Ed takes off. Very cool :)

11/12/02 - Riot Act is released

Oct 12-Nov 11, 2002 - Brad does a short North American tour in support of the Welcome to Discovery Park album.

11/14/02 - Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY (Late Show appearance) [5m]
set: I Am Mine
notes: PJ makes their fouth band appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman playing 'I Am Mine,' the first single from recently released, Riot Act. Boom lends a hand on the keyboard. [Link to Video Guide]

11/15/02 - Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY (Late Show appearance) [5m]
set: Save You
notes: A PJ first, doing a two-night appearance on The Late Show. However, both performances were taped on 11/14, with 'Save You' airing on 11/15. Dave jokes about "Hope you slept well last night." 'Save You' is a more lively showing that the previous night's airing, with Ed substituting "cuff" for the "fuck" lyrics. [Link to Video Guide]

12/05/02 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA
attendance: sold out
support act: NEO
soundcheck: Blood x2, You Are, Save You, Can't Keep, I Am Mine, Down
set: Can't Keep, Save You, Get Right, Green Disease, Grievance, Cropduster, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain,1/2 Full, Nothing As It Seems, You Are, Given to Fly, Insignificance, Blood
enc 1: Last Kiss, Wishlist, Black, Down, Do The Evolution
enc 2: All or None
notes: The first of two warm-up/club shows. Setlist provides a run-through of the new album with 'Blood' as a big suprise (except to those who heard the soundcheck or saw the setlist). Ed completely blanks out during 'All or None,' apologizing for people having paid $36 to watch the band rehearse. Some of the revenues from tonight's show will go to help build a park for children in Hawaii. There is an Ames Bros poster for the four Seattle shows (artwork is the same but one is red; one is blue).

12/06/02 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA
support act: Steve Earle
soundcheck: Thumbing My Way, Daughter, Elderly Woman, Off He Goes, Ghost x2, Rearviewmirror, Last Exit, Bushleaguer, Don't Believe in Christmas
set: Elderly Woman, Off He Goes, Thumbing My Way, Thin Air, Breakerfall, Green Disease, Corduroy, Save You, Ghost, Cropduster, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Gods' Dice, 1/2 Full, Daughter/(War), You Are, Rearviewmirror
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Insignificance, Better Man, Do The Evolution, Yellow Ledbetter
enc 2: Soon Forget, Don't Believe in Christmas (The Sonics)
notes: True to form, the band is more relaxed and has a much better energy the second night. Unusual opening with 'Elderly Woman.' 'Daughter' is tagged with Edwin Star's 'War,'' which turns into a crowd chant ("War! What's it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again ...") Ed dons a Bush mask upon returning for the encore, leading to 'Bushleaguer.' A Bill Gates mask is evidenced during 'DTE.' A uke in a telecaster shape comes out for 'Soon Forget' and lyrics are a struggle (for many of the songs). 'Don't Believe in Christmas' is a cover, originally by the old Tacoma punk band, The Sonics.
setlist scan

12/08/02 - Key Arena: Seattle, WA
support act: Brad, Steve Earle
soundcheck: Black, Insignificance, Love Boat Captain, You Are, Even Flow, Light Years, I Got Shit, Blood, Save You x2
set: Elderly Woman, Black, Thumbing My Way, Nothing As It Seems, Given to Fly, Save You, Hail Hail, Ghost, Corduroy, Grievance, Green Disease, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, You Are, 1/2 Full, Even Flow, Wishlist, Blood
enc 1: Gimme Some Truth, Bushleaguer, Insignificance, Down, Better Man, Do The Evolution
enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter
notes: First of two shows at Key Arena benefitting a large list of charitable organizations PJ supports. The fan club offered a number of good tickets to members via a lottery. Ed takes the stage and tries to lead the crowd in singing 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away' as this is the 22nd anniversary of John Lennon's death. 'Black' pops up early on the setlist, slowed down a bit with Stone on acoustic guitar. Ed quips about a slow start on a Sunday night and asks if the crowd wants to know how "The Sopranos" ended (that Sunday night being the season closer). He's in a good mood, cracking jokes about the media and discussing politics. Mike smashes a white guitar after 'Blood.' Big, high energy night for Mike. The Bush mask is back for 'Bushleaguer.' Many lyrical flubs. Ed is sporting a Ramones shirt and modifies the 'DTE' lyrics: "Admire me, admire my clone, admire my son, admire the Ramones" ;)
setlist scans: main set & encore

12/09/02 - Key Arena: Seattle, WA
support act: Brad, Mudhoney
set: Release, Breakerfall, Save You, Gods' Dice, Cropduster, Green Disease, Lukin, Not For You, Black, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Daughter/(War), Even Flow, Thumbing My Way, Light Years, You Are, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
enc 1:
Last Exit, Brain of J, Bushleaguer, I Got Shit, Elderly Woman, Do The Evolution
enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter, Don't Believe in Christmas
notes: Good energy tonight with Ed smashing his blue SG guitar at the end of 'RVM.' Lots of political ranting, the Bush mask and plenty of red wine lead to 'Bushleaguer.' Much improved version of 'YL' compared to the previous night's version.
poster [this show was videotaped]