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2003 Concert Chronology

Jan. 2003 - Brad does a short Australian tour supporting the Welcome to Discovery Park album.

02/08/03 - Entertainment Centre: Brisbane, Australia
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
soundcheck: Not For You, Last Exit, Habit x3, SOLAT (setlist probably incomplete)
set: Can't Keep, Go, Save You, Hail Hail, Cropduster, Corduroy, I Am Mine, Nothing As It Seems, Given to Fly, Green Disease, Even Flow, Daughter/(War), 1/2 Full, Wishlist, Better Man, Black, Blood
enc 1: The Kids Are Alright, Elderly Woman, Bushleaguer, improv, Whipping, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: Crazy Mary
notes: The 2003 tour kicks off for a revved-up Australian crowd -- the first Oz tour with Matt drumming. An anti-war theme runs through the show. Chairs provide seating on the floor section that is typically the open/pit area for shows at this venue. Seven Riot Act songs on the setlist but old favorites like 'Corduroy' get the loudest reception from the crowd. 'Can't Keep' opens with a modified guitar intro. Boom is playing keyboards for this tour, and is most noticeable on 'Save You,' 'I Am Mine', 'Black', 'Bushleaguer' and 'Crazy Mary.' The 'Daughter' tag hints at Fugazi's 'Give Me The Cure' ("I never thought too hard on dying before") before Ed's improv ("I'm an American so I always want war, but please believe me ... a lot of us that don't have nothing to do with the people on TV ... on the news") leading to the War tag a la the Seattle 2002 shows ("War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin."). There are some rough edges and flubs. 'Wishlist' is plagued with forgotten lyrics, Ed forgetting twice and saying "It's so nice that you came to our practice ... by the time we get to Sydney, it's gonna be polished, tight and boring." 'Wishlist' includes the lowering of the mirrorball and ends with, "I wish I was the president ... stop the war. Easy ... negotiate, communicate ... isn't that what leaders are for?" 'TKAA' is dedicated to Pete Townshend (a show of solidarity for him) and how he was working to expose the exact thing he was arrested for (access to child pornography). Ed again has the Bush mask for 'Bushleaguer,' combined with a shiny, silver jacket. 'Crazy Mary' is an amazing long version including Mike's 'Stairway to Heaven' outro. Ed is smoking and drinking red wine, sharing it with the crowd, as in prior shows, during 'Crazy Mary' ("Take a bottle, drink it down ... pass it around.") This is the first show where mp3s were made available for download via the Ten Club for members who ordered the CDs. The sound files were available the day following the show.
[Merchandise note: some new items include a program, "no war 2003" dog tag, skateboard deck and there is an Ames poster with a surfing theme (limit 1/person).]

02/09/03 - Entertainment Centre: Brisbane, Australia
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
set: Of the Girl, Breakerfall, Corduroy, Save You, Ghost, Nothing As It Seems, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Given To Fly, Lukin, Not For You, Thumbing My Way, You Are, Even Flow, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
enc 1: Free Jazz, Do the Evolution, Last Exit, Elderly Woman, Better Man, Once
enc 2: Soon Forget, Last Kiss, Rockin' in the Free World
notes: Tonight's show has more of an "old school" vibe with a better energy and enthusiasm all around and a solid setlist ... especially the opening songs. Mike is doing the Townshend scissor kicks and Jeff is doing his jump in the air with both his legs horizontal to one side. After a false start (dismissed as "It's beginning of the tour you know, hey!"), 'You Are' unfolds with layered guitar effects, Matt's fine drumming style and nice lighting. The first encore begins with "a little something we've worked on ... we'd like to debut it here ..." leading to something called 'Free Jazz' that seems to need a little more work. Ed relates a tale about how Jeff's brother was taking photos for the Vs. album artwork and he took a photo of a woman who "looked pretty good for 45." They didn't get her permission, the record came out and she was upset as being the "Elderly Woman." She sued and they settled. Ed extends 'Better Man' with a little addition: "Let's do that part together" and he tries to get some audience singing participation going. The mini-Telecaster ukulele accompanies Ed for 'Soon Forget' and he talks about how the Americans try to clap and they do it off tempo; he asks the crowd to get the tempo right or not clap. Half through the song he tells them he cannot hear the uke and to clap more quietly. Upon finishing, he apologizes: "I was the one with the tempo problem tonight!" Ed has two tambourines for 'Rockin' in the Free World' (which was requested "on the street"),banging them together and busting the skin of one.

02/11/03 - Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia
attendance: 12,000
support act: Betchadupa, Johnny Marr and The Healers
soundcheck: Sometimes, Light Years, Love Boat Captain, Spin the Black Circle, Thin Air, State of Love and Trust, Indifference
pre-set: Dead Man, Thumbing My Way, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Ed solo, before Betchadupa)
set: Long Road, Grievance, Corduroy, Save You, Get Right, I Am Mine, Immortality, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Wishlist, Thumbing My Way, You Are, Breakerfall/Not For You, Untitled/MFC, Do The Evolution, Spin The Black Circle
enc 1: Love Boat Captain, Better Man, Down, Black, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: Indifference
notes: Ed provides the first preset of this tour, with 'Thumbing My Way' incomplete due to a guitar tuning problem. 'Grievance' is a highlight with Ed enjoying it ("... don't give blood and fuck me") and Mike jumping. 'Get Right' is played for the first time on this tour, but sounds a little rough. 'I Am Mine' is a crowd favorite. Ed greets the crowd and speaks to the issue of three shows in one venue. Then, "This is one we haven't played in a while and it's called Immortality,” with an early placement in the setlist and quite lovely but not full on. Great crowd reaction to 'Given To Fly' and 'Even Flow.' 'Wishlist' is a clapalong song with "65 billion hands upraised" and a jam in the middle (including a little 'Beast of Burden' and a hint of 'Waiting on a Friend'). "Actually I tried this one earlier for some of you so ..." leads to a full 'Thumbing My Way.' Stone's solo during 'DTE' is modified. Upon returning for the encore, Ed wisecracks: "All right we're just gonna play one more cause we have two more shows to do the next two nights so ..." (crowd boos). Oh, fuck those guys the next two nights!" (big cheers) Actually we did enjoy Brisbane ... deal with it. And in Brisbane we insulted New Zealand, too ... that always goes over well." He brings Mark Richards (surfer) up to the stage for a glass of wine, calling him a hero. Ed finishes his cigarette ("This is the only place in this building you can smoke without getting a $500 fine.") He notes that it is hard to quit smoking "when there's a Bush in office"; that he should have quit when Clinton was in office. He further comments that it seems like Australia's prime minister is giving George Bush a blowjob (crowd cheers) with your (the Australian's) lips. After 'Better Man,' Ed notes, "We'll give you a cold appetizer ... this is a B-side off our last record," leading to a lovely version of 'Down.' A beautiful 'Indifference' closes this pleasing setlist ending, "How much difference does it make? It makes a difference ... be strong."

02/13/03 - Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia
support act: Betchadupa, Johnny Marr and The Healers
preset: Dead Man, Thumbing My Way (Ed solo)
I See Red (Ed with Betchadupa)
set: Sometimes, Go, Last Exit, Insignificance, Nothing As It Seems, Cropduster, Even Flow, Corduroy, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Jeremy, Habit, Light Years, Off He Goes, 1/2 Full, Grievance, Do The Evolution, Save You
enc 1: Last Kiss, Daughter, Elderly Woman, Once, Blood
enc 2: Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Ed takes the stage before Betchadupa, playing 'Dead Man' and 'Thumbing My Way' "in appreciation of all the people who turned up early." He also joins Betchadupa for 'I See Red' with Liam introducing, "This is a song about an uncle and tonight we're gonna play it with another uncle." At the end, Liam says, "Thanks, Uncle Ed." ;)
A hybrid version of 'Jeremy' surfaces for the first time on this tour and the band tries to get a little enthusiasm from the crowd (with some success). Ed tells the crowd they can go to the bathroom as they are going to play a quiet one about a "friend who just won't stick around" leading to a sweet 'Off He Goes.' 'DTE' features some great dance moves ... Ed even pulls off the moon walk. He sings, "I am the first man to have PMS." His voice is strong and he's having a great time. At the top of the encore, Aussie surfer Mark Richards comes to the stage again to share some wine with Ed. Instead of a 'Daughter' tag, there's a mini-jam ('Get Off Of My Cloud') leading to a call/respond thing (similar to Milan 2000). Ed introduces Stone before 'Elderly Woman' and Ed seems to get a little lost during the song. Ed is smoking on stage and people are cheering because he is breaking the no smoking rules. Ed tells them that Mike deserves the cheers because he has quit smoking, which leads to more cheers and a "quit, quit, quit" chant directed at Ed. Ed dons the Bill Gates mask, then places it on Jeff's mic for 'Soon Forget.' He talks about Charles Darwin's birthday and creationists, saying that apes evolved from creationists. He struggles with 'Soon Forget' ("I've never been this close to Bill Gates before - it makes me nervous ... it's not coming to me at all"), but finds the chords and lyrics and finishes the song. 'Yellow Ledbetter' caps the show, the first playing of this song this tour.
main and encore setlist scans
working setlist scan

02/14/03 - Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia
support act: Betchadupa, Johnny Marr and The Healers
preset: Patriot, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Ed solo)
History Never Repeats (Ed with Betchadupa after he videotaped some of their performance)
set: Can't Keep, Save You, Hail Hail, Corduroy, Grievance, Ghost, Cropduster, Dissident, Given To Fly, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Wishlist, Thumbing My Way, Better Man, Lukin, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Daughter/(War), Black, Do The Evolution, Alive
enc 2: The Kids Are Alright (Ed solo), Yellow Ledbetter
notes: This show was relayed to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne radio (similar to the third Melbourne show in 1998). Although described by those who took in all three Sydney shows as more powerful, a few songs ('Thumbing My Way' and 'Ghost' for example) are still not really delighting all fans. A powerful start but the momentum lags with 'Cropduster' followed by 'Dissident.' After some guitar noodling and Ed's commenting that he can't hear his guitar, he introduces 'Thumbing My Way' as a song about hitchhiking your way through a broken heart. The whole band is on, even Stone really getting into his solos, and seemed a bit flat the first two nights. Humorous changes to 'DTE:' "Those ignorant Maoris got nothing on me" and "I am the first man to play my penis!" The silver jacket and Bush mask are back for 'Bushleaguer.' Introduced with, "Ah, we just got an idea here," 'Alive' finally makes the setlist, bringing everyone to their feet. Ed starts to bag on Adelaide at the top of the second encore, then speaks of that weekend's worldwide peace marches and how George Bush and the Republican administration doesn't represent the band. He shows the crowd the surfboard that Mark Richards gave him and says that if it is crowded surfing and someone gives him a wave, he'll give them backstage passes. Ed talks again about Pete Townshend, what an inspiration he's been, the child porn allegations and how they'll get sorted out, leading to 'TKAA.'

02/16/03 - Entertainment Centre: Adelaide, Australia
attendance: 10,097
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
soundcheck: Oceans (partial), In Hiding, Help Help, Gimme Some Truth (x2), Nothingman, Smile, Bushleaguer
set: Love Boat Captain, Corduroy, Save You, Hail Hail, Help Help, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Better Man, You Are, Green Disease/Not For You, Thumbing My Way, Given to Fly, Elderly Woman, Insignificance, Go
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Do the Evolution, Last Kiss, Black, Crazy Mary, State of Love and Trust
enc 2: singalong, Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter, Rockin' in the Free World
notes: Unusual 'LBC' opener debuts before a capacity Adelaide crowd leading to a stellar 'Corduroy' that gets the crowd going. After 'Hail Hail,' Ed expresses his emotions regarding the 100,000-people turnout at the anti-war protest just hours earlier in Adelaide's Victoria Square: "What a great day! I think this is one of the greatest weekends in my lifetime ... in our lifetimes. This weekend the biggest protest since the Vietnam war went down. You've got maybe 8 million people in over 600 countries coming out to protest the war. That's something to be toasted to and thankful for ... you should be very proud." 'Help Help' makes its debut, similar to the album version but no Stone backing vocals. Again, Ed lets the crowd sing part of the first verse of "Better Man.' 'Not For You' is amazing ("small my table, seats all of us; got so crowded but you we trust"). During the middle part, Mike rolls on the floor and stays there, jamming, joined by Ed soon after! 'GTF' lyrically references a female ("she" and "her") rather than a male persona. Ed sings the first verse of 'Elderly Woman' twice, commenting "Did I fuck it up?" 'Insignificance' is introduced as a song about a small town "near where we come from" with a plant where a lot of people work making planes (Boeing).The Bush mask is again worn by Ed during 'Bushleaguer' and a a blasting 'Do The Evolution' follow. The band turns around for 'Last Kiss,' playing for "... those less privileged people, those people in the back." Ed's wine bottle is passed around the front rows during 'Crazy Mary' and, after constant requests all night, 'State' appears for the first time this tour. Ed returns alone to attempt a crowd singalong of John Lennon's 'Give Peace a Chance.' Ed is wearing a sleeveless shirt with a photo of Bush and John Howard on it. Ed introduces "Luke the Uke" to Adelaide, then struggles with 'Soon Forget' again, but provides Townshend-style windmills and jumps. 'Yellow Ledbetter' sees the house lights on, and, to everyone's amazement, the band jumps straight into 'Rockin In The Free World' (thanks to Stone), the crowd going nuts, Ed jumping on speaker stacks, Mike running around the back and Matt tossing out drumsticks. Very up show with Ed dancing and Stone lively and laughing.
main and encore setlist scans

02/18/03 - Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, Australia
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
soundcheck: Get Right, Tremor Christ, Leatherman, ? (Clash cover?)
set: Better Man, Go, Save You, Tremor Christ, Given To Fly, Corduroy, Get Right, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Wishlist, Jeremy, You Are, Whipping, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
enc: Off He Goes, Elderly Woman, Last Kiss, Black, Leatherman, Do The Evolution, Baba O'Riley
notes: Unusual 'Better Man' opener; the crowd gets to sing the first verse. Animated Mike with solos behind his head for 'Go,' flicking out picks to the crowd, jumps and kicks throughout the show. Ed gets a great response to his "No War No Way" t-shirt early in the set when he shows it to the crowd. Ed makes a point of introducing Matt to the Melbourne crowd as being his first time here (with PJ), and later introduces Boom to the crowd. The mirrorball drops down for 'Wishlist,' with stars as a backdrop on the screen behind the band. Ed sings, "I wish I were the sound of so many protestor's hands upraised toward the sky," and there's a little extended guitar ending. 'Tremor Christ' is a surprise. Emotional version of 'Off He Goes'. Apparently members of Anthony Hurley's family were stage right throughout the show. After 'Elderly Woman,' Ed acknowledges those in the back with the "big fucking poster with writing on it." (The sign says, "drop the leash".) He continues, "We're only pointing them out because it's good to see there's still dreamers alive in the year 2003. Don't remember the chords ... don't remember the words ... remember the feeling." After an emotional 'Black,' Ed and Stone applaud Mike's solo. Ed introduces Mike, Stone and the "still victorious Jeff Ament." Then he mentions that Mike and Jeff are at the same level ... they are both victorious, leading to a song that sounds like it could be about a guy from Australia: 'Leatherman.' An audience member invades the stage during 'DTE.' Security tries to remove him but Ed encourages him to sing along, places the mask on him and Ed attempts to dance with him. He falls to his knees in mock embarrassment, Ed promptly jumps on his shoulders and he holds Ed up for quite a while as Ed sings. He "throws" Ed off and Ed responds with mock wrestling moves. Ed pushes him back on his knees and sings into his face. At the end of the song he leaves after hugging Ed, Jeff and Mike; Ed quips, "I hope they feed you in jail." (A number of others try to invade the stage but are stopped by security.) This seemed to bring up the energy for Baba to close with full house lights up.

02/19/03 - Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, Australia
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
soundcheck: Sleight Of Hand, Rival, Breath, misc riffs, Throw Your Arms Around Me
set: Elderly Woman, Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy, Save You, Given To Fly, Cropduster, Nothing As It Seems, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Lukin/Not For You, Light Years, You Are, Daughter/(Another Brick In The Wall), I Got Shit, 1/2 Full, Once, Blood
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Sleight Of Hand, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Do The Evolution, Spin The Black Circle
enc 2: Throw Your Arms Around Me, Alive, Fuckin' Up
notes: 'Lukin' is introduced as a song about "a guy from Seattle;" Ed says, "... in Seattle, there is no mayor of Seattle, just like you don't have a prime minister ... you have a prostitute" (crowd cheers). 'Not For You' has changed lyrics: "Small my table, hotel room. Got so crowded, room 302." 'Light Years' is introduced as a song they don't play that often. The ending is modified with additional lyrics: "Ah, we remember you ... every day we remember you ... remember ... we remember you." The long 'Daughter' tag starts out as an Ed call/crowd response chant leading to 'Another Brick In The Wall.' A nicely done 'I Got Shit' makes a welcome return. Ed speaks to getting out of the city and listening to the voices in nature, leading to '1/2 Full.' Mike really gets into the solo and Ed signals to Matt, Jeff and Stone to extend it out so Mike can continue while the others watch. After 'Bushleaguer,' Ed asks, "Think we're being too hard on him?" The crowd yells, "No" and Ed says, "I don't either." Ed requests his lyric book, leading to a lovely 'Sleight Of Hand.' 'Better Man' has a full 'Save It For Later' tag. Upon returning for the second encore, Ed says that his blue SG is named "Rebecca," and then says it isn't but he has a friend named Rebecca who is there and he wanted her to hear her name. Then he says it will be called "Rebecca" from then on. 'Throw Your Arms Around Me' is just Ed and Boom playing. Solid show with a good vibe between PJ and the crowd.

02/20/03 - Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, Australia
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
set: Can't Keep, Breakerfall, Save You, Ghost, Dissident, Elderly Woman, Corduroy, Even Flow, Love Boat Captain, I Am Mine, Thumbing My Way, Wishlist, Better Man, Rival, Whipping, Insignificance, Porch
enc 1: Do The Evolution, Know Your Rights, Breath, Footsteps, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: PJ's last night in Melbourne finds the band in good form. Super version of 'Ghost,' nice jam in 'Corduroy' and wonderful 'Even Flow' guitarwork with good interplay between Mike and Jeff. 'Wishlist' has some lyrical changes (including, "I wish I was the full moon shining off your electric car's hood") and is extended: "I wish I was the president, keep us out of war, that's what friends are for, that's what leaders are for, that's what love is for ..." The crowd really gets into singing 'Better Man,' prompting Ed to praise the audience. He says he got a call from John Howard (Australia's prime minister) and that he had a "deep desire to perform oral sex on myself ..." and that he apparently has a thing for American men lately, leading to 'Rival.' 'Whipping' is introduced as something our president needs. 'Porch' closes the main set, with a long jam and a call/respond thing with the crowd. Ed is wearing the silver jacket and Bush mask, removes it during 'DTE' and has a smooth wrestling mask beneath. 'Know Your Rights' ("This is a public service announcement ... with guitar!!!", a Clash song from Combat Rock) seems fitting and sounds like it must just tear up Ed's voice; very nice rendition musically. Followed by 'Breath,' 'Footsteps' (outstanding) and 'RVM,' this is one great encore. For the second encore, Ed returns with the uke, saying it is a ukulele disguised as a Fender stratocaster, leading to 'Soon Forget,' and the show closes with 'Yellow Ledbetter.'
setlist scan
encore setlist scan

02/23/03 - Burswood Dome: Perth, Australia
attendance: 19,000
support act: Johnny Marr and The Healers
soundcheck: Breakerfall, Habit, You Are, Get Right, All Or None, Down, Smile, Throw Your Arms Around Me (x2; Ed with Mark Seymour)
set: Long Road, Save You, Gods' Dice, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Get Right, Cropduster, Jeremy, Elderly Woman, I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, MFC, improv/Habit, You Are, Wishlist, 1/2 Full, Insignificance, Go
enc 1: Do The Evolution, Better Man, Daughter, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Throw Your Arms Around Me, Alive, Fortunate Son
notes: Ed addresses the crowd after 'Corduroy' and notes that Perth is the last stop on the Australian tour and "save the best for last." There are several lyrical changes, customized for the local crowd. Ed asks for a little help singing along for 'Jeremy.' 'Elderly Woman' is dedicated to anyone from Yallingup (a small southwest Australia town popular with surfers). A new intro/improv leads to a rocking 'Habit' with growling vocals. At the start of the first encore, Ed mentions a friend of his (Luc Longley, pro basketball player) working to save Ningaloo Reef from development and how to provide support and help. This leads straight into 'DTE' which includes a verse with the John Howard mask on and a crotch grab. Trying something not on the list: 'Crazy Mary,' a clean, long version with first Boom and then Mike soloing. Ed passes his wine bottle to Longley, and then along the front row. The second encore sees a first time meeting with Ed and Mark Seymour of Hunters and Collectors. Ed says he had been singing one of his songs around the campfire forever. With Mark on acoustic guitar, they perform a duet, 'Throw Your Arms Around Me,' a very different, slower version with nice harmonies. 'Alive' brings the house down; it is cut a bit short due to apparent time constraints. Johnny Marr joins takes the stage for 'Fortunate Son,' a classic Creedence Clearwater Revival song with fitting lyrics for the times, bringing the Australian tour to a close.
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02/28/03 - Izumity 21 (Sun Plaza): Sendai, Japan
set: Of The Girl, Immortality, Insignificance, 1/2 Full, Cropduster, Nothing As It Seems, Even Flow, Save You, You Are, Love Boat Captain, I Am Mine, Better Man, Lukin, Brain Of J, Grievance, Blood, Do The Evolution
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Thumbing My Way, Black, U, Last Kiss, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: Soon Forget, Corduroy, Crazy Mary, Porch
notes: Unique venue with seats slanted like a steep movie theater and a center walkway splitting the upper and lower areas. The upper level was completely empty and there is a very small crowd (between 800-1,000). Unusual setlist, i.e., 'Immortality' as a second song and 'Corduroy' in the second encore. A rare quiet opening few songs with very little chat but some different guitar arrangements toward the end of 'Of The Girl' and 'Immortality.' Ed thanks the crowd in Japanese ("arigato") at the end of 'Cropduster' and introduces Jeff and Mike. The crowd shouts out various things (probably requests) and Ed tries to hear them and says they don't understand that much Japanese. After 'Black,' Ed says, "This is probably the least amount of people we've played to in quite a long time; it's also the best it's felt in quite a long time." He adds, "Soundcheck didn't feel good at all but once you guys were here, it's been great." And, noting it is the first show in Japan, "We forgot how early you're supposed to start so we feel like we should play up until about 11:30 ... and I think some of the folks must have come from work 'cause I see more ties than usual. I think if you wear the same clothes tomorrow, you'll be all right. They won't even notice." The crowd provides absolute silence for the start of 'Soon Forget,' which is near-perfect. Boom takes a big solo in 'Crazy Mary.' 'Porch' is a big closer, with Ed chanting, "Hey, ho - let's go," near the end. Technically well-executed, performance before a crowd that may seem somewhat reserved in terms of making noise (and following the no smoking, no screaming, etc. rules), but make up for it with movement to the music.

03/01/03 - Pacifico Yokohama: Yokohama, Japan
attendance: approx. 5,000
set: Love Boat Captain, Even Flow, Save You, Cropduster, Corduroy, I Am Mine, Rival, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Jeremy, You Are, Untitled/MFC, Whipping, I Got Shit, State of Love and Trust, Grievance, Go
enc 1: Last Exit, Do The Evolution, Down, Elderly Woman, Daughter, Alive
enc 2: Indifference, Baba O'Riley
notes: After 'Corduroy,' Ed thanks the crowd for lining up in pouring rain for the show. (Seats were reserved; the doors opened late.) Ed's voice in excellent form. Tonight's 'Wishlist' car is "Toyota" and Ed does a really lovely playout to finish. 'Untitled' has a verse filled with different lyrics:
"I wanna see your passenger she smiles; that's going on have to be anywhere for a while; walk the mile with me I said; run the mile with me I said."
This venue is very high with two balconies. Ed makes a toast to the people in the second level and dedicates 'I Got Shit' to the people in the third level: "This song is called I Got Shit ... like you got shit seats." He comments on a higher level where the lighting trusses are ("I got a shit job.") and asks them to light the stage. "Give us some light or you're fired ... I'd like a spotlight on me for the beginning of this song." The lighting guy doesn't understand, but after a short time, the spotlight hits Ed and the song begins. 'DTE' is a bit troubled with Stone totally missing his solo and Ed sings, "I am the first man to fuck up twice." Stone quips after the song ends, "Can we sing in the choir now?" and there is much amusement among the band. This leads to the "b-side," 'Down,' and the band seems to be having a lot of fun with this one. 'Baba O'Riley' closes the show, with the crowd singing the chorus.

03/03/03 - Budokan: Tokyo, Japan [140m]
attendance: approx. 8,000
set: Release, Can't Keep, Even Flow, Save You, Hail Hail, Dissident, Love Boat Captain, Elderly Woman, Given To Fly, Lukin/Not For You, Daughter/(War)/(Androgynous Mind), You Are, I Am Mine, Better Man, Corduroy, Do The Evolution, Blood
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Know Your Rights, Go, Black, U, Breath, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: Don't Be Shy, Soon Forget, Last Kiss, Yellow Ledbetter, Alive
notes: Much anticipation over this appearance at the legendary Budokan and the show doesn't disappoint. A stunning 'Release' flows into the next few songs with a great energy, Ed's voice in good form and little chat until the end of a fast 'Hail Hail,' when Ed tries out some Japanese he's obviously worked on since the previous two shows. He also throws in a humorous, "Hablas Español?" The transition from a snappy 'Lukin' to 'Not For You' is beautifully seamless. 'Daughter' evolves into some chanting, the 'War' tag (including a repetitive call out and respond of "no war"); then the "Hey, hey, it's OK" part of Sonic Youth's 'Androgynous Mind' followed by, "please let it be OK." Ed's effort at getting crowd singalongs going (most notably at the start of 'Better Man') are unsuccessful. He introduces the band members and adds (laughing), "Soundgarden, Budokan - no. Matt Cameron, Pearl Jam, Budokan - yes." The first encore begins with everyone on stage except Ed, who arrives with the mask and silver jacket. He impales the mask on the mic stand, finishing the song by placing his cigarette in Bush's mask and dumping copious amounts of wine down the mouth. He grabs the mask, gives it a long kiss, turns the mic stand upside down (with the mask on it) and uses his foot to scrape the mask off. For 'Know Your Rights' (which no one in the crowd seemed to recognize), Ed unfurls a scroll and begins, "This is a public service announcement ..." reading as if a town crier. He refers to the scroll several times (obviously for lyrics) during the song, finishing with, "Joe Strummer said that." Ed starts off the second encore with a lovely solo performance of Cat Stevens' 'Don't Be Shy.' A 'Hungerstrike' riff is followed by 'YL,' which, is not the closing song ... 'Alive' surprises everyone with an extended jam. Charged show with great energy from the band and from an unusually orderly, polite crowd.
poster [this show was videotaped]
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03/04/03 - Koseinenkin Kaikan: Osaka, Japan [150m]
attendance: 2,400
set: Oceans, Love Boat Captain, Do The Evolution, Ghost, Even Flow, Grievance, Off He Goes, Wishlist, 1/2 Full, Once, Nothingman, Leatherman, Better Man, Insignificance, Go, I Am Mine, Thumbing My Way, Faithfull, Porch, Save You
enc 1: Breakerfall, Corduroy, Thin Air, Elderly Woman, State of Love and Trust, All or None
enc 2: Last Kiss, Smile, Alive
notes: A heartwrenchingly beautiful 'Oceans' opens. The entire band converges and chats between songs, making up the setlist as they go and creating one that is unusual. 'Wishlist' has an outstanding extended ending with added lyrics. The "man" trilogy is introduced by Ed in Japanese. Porch is a highlight with the long jam in the middle and Ed throwing in a bit of an improv (call/response with audience then, "hey, ho, let's go) ... then really getting into the last verse (though missing the lyrics). While this would normally end the set, Ed runs around to the others as they're taking off their guitars imploring them to stay for one more. Feeding off the now frenzied crowd, they rip through a great version of 'Save You.' Fans near the back shout for 'Daughter' with Ed saying, "... like 'Daughter" leading to 'Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.' A rocking 'State of Love and Trust' follows, with 'All or None' next, killing the momentum. To open the second encore, Ed takes the stage and says the next song is for someone he met at the train station that day. This leads to a solo version of 'Last Kiss,' but Ed has trouble as the guitar is not plugged in fully. A tech runs out and pops the plug in much to Ed's chagrin, and he restarts the song. Ed introduces Jeff as "Stone Gossard" and Stone as "Jeff Ament" (they have changed positions with Jeff on lead and Stone on bass), leading to 'Smile.' Mike plays a few bars of 'Jumping Jack Flash,' providing time for Jeff and Stone to get back to their regular spots and guitars, leading to 'Alive.'

03/06/03 - Nagoyashi Kokaido: Nagoya, Japan
set: Given To Fly, Last Exit, Brain of J, Insignificance, Even Flow, Love Boat Captain, I Am Mine, Get Right, MFC, Improv, Immortality, You Are, Light Years, Green Disease, Daughter, Lukin, Spin The Black Circle, Save You
enc 1: Bushleaguer, Whipping, Better Man, Footsteps, Crazy Mary, Down, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter, Rockin' in the Free World
notes: The most intimate venue of this tour ... much more of a small venue feel than Sendai, on a college campus and not even sold out with many empty seats in the balcony circling the main floor. 'Given to Fly is a bit of a shock as the opener, but it works rather well. Given that opening, the band takes off running, hardly coming up for air the first six songs. After 'Even Flow,' a woman (Chino?) takes the stage to translate Ed's comments to the crowd in Japanese. A haunting instrumental improv, nearly 6 minutes in length, follows 'MFC.' There is some speculation that this was to give Ed a break as he seems to be having vocal problems. 'Immortality' is jammed out differently toward the end. 'Light Years' starts off in the wrong key but they gradually get it worked out. Ed's voice seems really rough during 'STBC' (and later during the intro to 'Better Man'). After 'Bushleaguer,' Chino translates again, much to the crowd's pleasure. A few notes of 'Hungerstrike' are played; then the band launches into 'Whipping.' Boom again has a big solo during 'Crazy Mary.' Chino speaks again at the start of the second encore. Ed calls out to her again after "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and she translates more, leading to a singing of 'Happy Birthday' to Jeff and Stone giving him a small cake. 'Alive' doesn't have as long a jam as the previous shows, the lights are up for 'YL' (with some different lyrics) and everyone is surprised when 'RITFW' follows.Good show with some surprises and outstanding slow songs (improv, 'Immortality,' 'You Are' series is great), but less energy than the other Japan shows ... yet a moody atmosphere.
That concludes the South Pacific shows. One final note: during many of the shows, one of the techs would hold up a sign with a "$" on it toward the band. Some speculate that this meant that song was a "good take" for the video that was obviously being made (there are numerous cameras). Perhaps another DVD ... a few live clips are appearing on the video section of the Ten Club site already.
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