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What's New for September 2000

Saturday, September 30:
Several updates made to Going Mobile regarding travel to the Montreal, Chicago, Alpine Valley, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Fresno and San Diego shows. [Thanks to Tim Classen, Meghan Clark, Ryan Flis, Lizz Fisher, Jen Franklin, Elmo, Francis Bédros & Brian.]

Friday, September 29:

Getting ready to roadtrip? The next set of Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guides (covering the first seven shows) is online. We'll be adding more helpful travel suggestions (thanks to you!) to Going Mobile this weekend.

Tuesday, September 26:

A couple of new scans:

Monday, September 25:

We've added a mp3 of the new song or improv from 8/30/00 to the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to the Taping God]

We also nabbed one of the wire service photos of Ed at the Nader rally and added the event to News (if you haven't already seen any, we just added it for historical purposes).

To everyone who has sent in reviews, contributions, etc.: if we haven't gotten back to you, please do not be offended. We've both had a lot of work, as well as one of us dealing with a nasty case of the flu and we just haven't had a second to deal with all the wonderful things that have been sent in. Also, don't assume that we got your email; sometimes we just don't - send it again. We're doing our best. We're not looking for sympathy and we're not asking for it, we just don't deserve to be flamed if we don't answer you as fast as you'd like. Thanks.

Saturday, September 23:

The Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Dept.: Ed performs two songs at tonight's Ralph Nader support rally in Seattle. See the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Flo and Leigh]

Why is this in the concert chronology? Because it fits the 'rules'.

Reminder: tickets for the Fresno show go on sale today at 10am PDT (according to Ticketmaster's online listings). More show specifics in Going Mobile.

Thursday, September 21:

Two new setlist scans linked from: Cincinnati [thanks to John Trout] and Pittsburgh [thanks to Travis Seeley].

Tuesday, September 19:

Selland Arena (via phone) is saying the PJ show in Fresno is booked for Friday, October 27. Ticket info and more in Going Mobile.

We've finally added the "NeilJam" shows to the 1995 Concert Chronology listing. This includes the Mirrorball premier plus the 11-show stint overseas. [Special thanks to Sugar Mountain for providing the setlists!]

Monday, September 18:

Finally, the Fresno date: PJ will be appearing at Selland Arena in Fresno, CA, on Thursday, October 26 (or the 27th, according to Pollstar). Tickets go on sale this Saturday. This has been confirmed by calling the arena as well as from local radio. This is all we know now. More details later to be added to Going Mobile when we have them. [Thanks to Bryan K and Daniel Kunka]

Several new poster scans from the 2000 shows and a new one from Prague/Budapest '96. Go to Memorabilia and look for the new markers!

Small updates made to Going Mobile regarding travel to the Chicago, Sacramento and Dallas shows. [Thanks to Doris, Mark Provenzano, Matt Woodcheke and Eric Long.]

We hope everyone who has received the official European 2000 bootlegs is enjoying them. Both the sound quality and packaging are consistently being reported as "awesome." Thanks, Pearl Jam -- you've done it again! :)

Wednesday, September 13:

Review for all THREE Jones Beach shows are online now, linked from the Concert Chronology, PLUS a poster scan.

Monday, September 11:

In a sort of late celebration (the fourth Five Horizons birthday/anniversary was yesterday!) we have a couple of pretty cool new offerings: Enjoy ... we'll have some new reviews up in the next few days ...

Saturday, September 9:

Reminder: tickets for the Seattle show go on sale today at 9am PDT (according to Ticketmaster's online listings). More show specifics in Going Mobile.

Friday, September 8:

A new setlist scan linked from: Philly II [thanks to Reuben Kabel].

New scans linked from the Memorabilia section: Minneapolis 92 and Seattle 2000 show announcements.

Thursday, September 7:

Added TWO reviews for the Memphis show, linked from the Concert Chronology, including photos.

Wednesday, September 6:

Added more notes for last night's awesome show [thanks to Mike Gleba, Michael Richie & Frank DeSimone].

Tuesday, September 5:
Pittsburgh, PA - final show of this leg!

10:00pm: Sorry for the delay, finally, MAJOR setlist and notes: "one major motherfucker of a show" in Pittsburgh.

7:30pm: Yet another (VERY SPECIAL) EV pre-show solo set. Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Kyle and Brian Kutys]

We know there is much concern for Sonic Youth and we do know that they did not play last night (and tonight) due to a personal family emergency. From what we understand, no one in the band is injured, but we will leave it at that because it is personal. We hope everyone will be thinking positive thoughts for them.

Added notes for last night's show [thanks to Shane Cavanaugh & Jim McAleer], PLUS a link to a soundfile for Parting Ways! [Thanks to Kevin Gandel!]

Monday, September 4:
Columbia, MD

8:30pm: Merriweather setlist. [Once again thanks to Kyle and Travis]

Early reports from Merriweather. [Thanx Kyle and Travis!]

Added a review for the Greensboro show, linked from the Concert Chronology, including photos. [Special thanks to Andrew Bickel and Sharon Eason for their contributions!]

Two new setlist scans linked: Manchester [thanks to Sarah Miller] and Philly I [thanks to Dan Babish]

Sunday, September 3:
PJ have the night off

Several Concert Chronology updates:

Saturday, September 2:
Philly I

8:20pm: Tonight's setlist now in. [Thanks to the Travis Klein/Kyle Matteson!]

Friday, September 1:
Philly I

8:30pm: Philly setlist now in. [Thanks to the Travis Klein/Kyle Matteson relay machine!]

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