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What's New for December 1996

holiday greenery

Sun Dec 29, 1996
More updates to the European leg of the 1996 concert chronology:
  • added notes to 10/28 London show
  • corrected 10/29 London setlist and added more notes
  • corrected 11/4 Hamburg setlist and added notes
  • Thur Dec 26, 1996: Happy Kwanzaa!
    Yes, here's the soundbyte that sparked the recent mini flame fest on the newsgroup. You asked for it... you got it. ;)
    For your listening pleasure... added MP3 file of the complete "Black, Red, Yellow" single. This is linked from our songs page. (A big thanks to Raul Alonso for this one!)
    Wed Dec 25, 1996: Merry Christmas!

    Added the full text of the LA Times article, including the photos from the article

    Added a great article from the Melody Maker in 1992 to the Archive [thanks to Ignasi Renom]

    Minor date corrections to the 1991 concert chronology

  • corrected 9/3/91 RCKNDY show date to 8/3/91 [thanks to Sandy Chapman]
  • corrected 8/2/91 KISW appearance date to 8/21/91 [thanks to Eric Long]
  • Mon Dec 23, 1996: Happy Birthday, Eddie Vedder!

    Finally added the great photos from the Showbox show! [Many thanks to Michael Rinaldi]

    Made a few, long overdue modifications to the European leg of the 1996 concert chronology

  • corrected 11/5/96 Groningen comments, thanks to Andrew McDougall
  • corrected 11/17/96 Budapest setlist, thanks to Carl Sylvester
  • added ticket scans for final four PJ shows (11/22 is autographed) courtesy of Ignasi Renom
  • corrected 12/3 and 12/4/96 Rome notes, thanks to Fabio Botti
  • Sun Dec 22, 1996

    Added a link to today's LA Times interview with the band by the always excellent Robert Hilburn from the news page.
    Sat Dec 21, 1996: Happy Solstice!

    Yes, we know, it's been a week and nothing new on the page. This is not an indication of things to come, just the fact that work and vacation and holidays has gotten in the way a bit. We have a LOT of new stuff sitting here, including pictures from the secret Showbox show, ticket stubs from the European tour, new vid captures & vid reviews, you name it -- we just haven't had time to get around to it! Please be patient -- we'll get to all of this stuff next week. ;-)
    Sun Dec 15, 1996
    For your listening pleasure ... added two soundbytes from the 9/16/96 Key Arena show. Go to that entry in the 1996 concert chronology. Have fun :)

    Corrected setlist for 10/25/93 Seattle show (again) in 1993 concert chronology. (Thanks to Vikas Bhatia for the info.)
    Thur Dec 12, 1996
    Grab a soundbyte of PJ's "Let Me Sleep" from our temporary holiday greeting page.
    Tue Dec 10, 1996
    Added Eddie's two December (surprise) appearances in Rome to 1996 concert chronology.
    Sat Dec 7, 1996

    After reporting to expect a delay this year, the Ten Club now says that there will be a Christmas single! Check our news page for more details.
    Fri Dec 6, 1996

    A Seattle Grunge Christmas!: Substituted temporary holiday greeting page to the main page. (If you bookmark the 'what's new' page, you don't know what you're missing!) ;-)
    Thur Dec 5, 1996: Happy Chanukah!
    Added Dan Grenough's scans of his Cork ticket and photo of the Irish tour poster to the memorabilia page.
    Dan also wrote down the setlist for the Dublin 10/26/96 show he attended, which we've now added to the European leg of the 1996 concert chronology. Thanks, Dan!
    Mon Dec 2, 1996
    Added Ignasi Renom's wonderful review about his experiences surrounding the Spanish and Portuguese shows.

    Corrected setlist and notes for these shows in 1996 concert chronology. (Thanks to Filipe Valenca for IDing "Young Man Blues" as the fourth Who song performed by "The What" in Lisbon.)

    Sun Dec 1, 1996
    The 1996 video guide has been updated, and Five Horizons is proud to present (drum roll please...) video captures! =) That's right folks. Chris has a new toy, and now you can not only read about videos from the '96 tour but you can see what they look like as well!

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