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What's New for August 1998

Monday, August 31, 1998:
Raleigh, North Carolina
Raleigh soundcheck and setlist now up, but we're STILL unsure it's in order! [Thanks to: Ryan and Dee Dee Kamp, Jimmy Lloyd, and Sally Nicholls]

Concert Chronology updates:


  • 9/10/92 Singles party: corrected actual date and location; added notes [thanks to Gavin]

  • 7/10/93 Slane, Ireland: corrected location [thanks to Gavin]
  • 11/6-7/93 Mesa: added opening act [thanks to Gavin]

  • 11/1/95 Salt Lake City: added The Fastbacks as opening act to [thanks to Joe Milford]

  • 7/8/98 Phoenix: added notes [thanks to rocke]
  • Deer Creek 8/17/98: soundcheck info added [thanks to dan and jay]; add'l notes added [thanks to Peter Ten Eyck]
  • East Lansing 8/18/98: add'l notes added [thanks to jeremy korchak, Jwings70, Noah Bradley, Mike, Zac Welzein, Alex Miller, John Caplis, Lynn, Mike Dziama]
  • Barrie 8/22/98: add'l notes added [thanks to Matthew Merkley, Ben Schifman, Bob Willette, Eric Crouse, Jay Smith, chris blakeslee, Dave Steinmoeller, Daiv, EbayYIEID]
  • Detroit 8/23/98: add'l notes added [thanks to Greg Steele]
  • Cleveland 8/26/98: add'l notes added [thanks to Jonathan Cohen and Paul Richlovsky]
  • Philly 8/28/98: add'l notes added [thanks to Ray, Charles Ghent, eric, JudgeVeDD, Jean-Francois Bigin, Steve Verreault, Seamus Kelly, Shwa]
  • Sunday, August 30, 1998:
    Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide #11 (for Atlanta, Birmingham and Greenville) is ready!
    Saturday, August 29, 1998:
    Philadelphia, PA
    Philly II setlist now up! [Thanks once again to the 5h setlist brigade, Chris Nagano, with a pen assist by Isabelle]
    Friday, August 28, 1998:
    Philadelphia, PA
    Added one more note to the Philly show. [Thanks to Shwa]

    Philly I setlist now up! (There was no soundcheck today, in case you were wondering.) [It's not a job, it's an adventure: thanks to Chris Nagano, 5h Ambassador to Belgium]

    Added two new sites to our Essential PJ Web Resources listing.

    Added scan of Seattle 98 t-shirt to memorabilia

    Thursday, August 27, 1998:
    Updated the Photo of the Moment

    Added the Daughter tag to last night's setlist [thanks to Steve Twarogowski]
    Wednesday, August 26, 1998:
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Cleveland setlist now up. [Gracias once more to the HOV Whores Auxiliary]

    Cleveland soundcheck now up! [Thanks to 5h spokesmodel, Chris Nagano]

    Tuesday, August 25, 1998:
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Pittsburgh setlist now up! You HAVE to see this! OHMYGOD! "No Way"!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Thank you yet again to the very hoarse Chris Nagano]

    Toronto review now up; MFC regulars may also want to read Confucius' notes on this show. =)

    Pittsburgh soundcheck now up! [Thanks to Chris Nagano]

    Sunday, August 23, 1998:
    Detroit, Michigan
    Detroit setlist now up! [Thanks once again to the inimitable Mike Mabie for setlist duties for the last three shows - you rock; and to Chris Nagano for the notes!]

    Two 98 tour poster scans added in memorabilia:
    (LA shows [thanks to Jen Franklin] and Montreal/Toronto shows [thanks to Ken Gough])

    Saturday, August 22, 1998:
    Toronto, Canada
    Barrie setlist now online! [Thanks to Mike Mabie for the setlist and Daiv Hogan for the soundcheck!]
    Friday, August 21, 1998:
    Added a scan of the front of the east leg soccer jersey (same style as west leg, but different color scheme): in memorabilia.

    Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide #10 (covering Cleveland, Philly and Raleigh) is ready!

    A little news on the DTE video :)

    West Palm Beach fan club tix are arriving (see Ten Club Ticket Status) [thanks to all who wrote us about this]
    Thursday, August 20, 1998:
    Montreal, Quebec
    Montreal setlist now online! [Merci beaucoup to Mike Mabie]

    Montreal soundcheck now up! [Thanks to Carolyn for getting the setlist, and Mike Mabie for calling it in]

    Review and photos from Deer Creek are up.

    Wednesday, August 19, 1998:
    Check out the Indy poster ... in memorabilia
    Tuesday, August 18, 1998:
    East Lansing, Michigan
    East Lansing show now online! [Thanks to the Dan Grenough Foundation for funding the cell phone call]

    More! Updated East Lansing soundcheck now online. God DAMN it! =)

    East Lansing soundcheck now up. AUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH! [Thanks to Gwen Kirkpatrick for the relay, and John McLaughlin and Chris Nagano and the rest of the fuckers who are there for phoning it in]

    Deer Creek setlist now in the Concert Chronology. It was posted to the board last night - sorry for the delay. East Lansing will be up in real time tonight. [Thanks to Chris Hilton for setlist posting duties!]

    Friday, August 14, 1998:
    A few minor updates; fixed opening bands, told you what you already know about the DTE video. =) (Hey, PJ are on vacation, and so are we!)

    We will be doing our best to get updates from Monday's opening show of the second leg of the tour on the site as quickly as possible; we'd recommend you check the message board for updates, as it may take us a while after the show to find someplace to plug the laptop in....

    Thursday, August 13, 1998:
    Concert Chronology update: added 11/6/91 Ithaca, NY show at The Haunt [thanks to Steve and The Haunt staff!]
    Wednesday, August 12, 1998:
    Road tripping? The next installment of our Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guides is ready! Download and print the next six shows and have venue info at your fingertips. Check back if your shows aren't online yet.

    Concert Chronology updates: added brief notes to three radio shows ... 6/?/91, 12/23/91 and 2/4/92
    Tuesday, August 11, 1998:
    A new Song of the Month for your listening enjoyment!

    Second leg reporter update: Our situation has drastically changed since the beginning of the tour, due to the fact that we have friends who will now be at many of these dates. We appreciate everyone who wanted to help out, and we will still be contacting lots of you for the shows for which we still need reporters (mostly the southern dates). Please don't take it personally - but when you have to get a phone call at 11 o'clock at night, it's just much nicer to talk to a friend than it is to give your phone number to a complete stranger.

    And, the review situation has changed, in that we are not going to "assign" anyone to review a particular show. If you want to write a review, please send it along, and we will use it if we can. Even if we don't post a full review, your reviews help us write accurate notes for the Concert Chronology.

    Thanks again to everyone for their help! We couldn't do it without you.

    Added a note and attendance correction to the 10/1/96 Buffalo show [thanks to Daiv Hogan]

    Monday, August 10, 1998:
    The most extensive concert chronology update yet, with specific notations (and much appreciated!) help as follows:

  • Corrected location for Harpo's venue in 1991 from Vancouver to Victoria [thanks to Jillian Tate and Jon Taylor]
  • Added notes to the 10/6/91 LA R.I.P. show, including ToTD info [thanks to Mike, who was there]
  • Added a new show: 10/11/91 at Houston [thanks to Richard Wilson who even saved a flyer, clipping and his ticket stub]
  • Added Smashing Pumpkins/RHCP to 10/20/91 Omaha bill [thanks to Matt Suder]
  • Changed the venue from The Haunt to The Landmark Theatre and added notes for 11/7/91 Syracuse, NY [thanks to Dan DeBeer, Patrick Boegel, Bob Annal and Joe Fruscello, who even phoned the Landmark Theatre to verify it!] Note: I'm convinced that a number of 91 dates are incorrect and others are missing. If you attended PJ shows in 91, please check ticket stubs, fliers or other memorabilia and email us so we can correct the dates and venues.

  • Added Eleven to 3/25/92 Minneapolis bill [thanks to Tom Steman]
  • Added Eleven to 3/30/92 Cincinnati and 4/2/92 Cleveland bills [thanks to Jason Satterfield]
  • Added a new show: 3/31/92 Columbus, OH [thanks to Jason Satterfield and Bonnie (who has a nice photo archive of this show)]
  • Corrected attendance on 4/19/92 Dallas show [thanks to Peter]
  • Added added Tribe After Tribe to 5/12/92 Ventura, CA bill [thanks to DertiFrank]
  • Corrected 6/15/92 Nuremberg, Germany setlist [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Id'd improv after I've Got a Feeling as Three Little Birds at 6/25/92 Stockholm [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Added setlist to 9/4/92 New Orleans show [thanks to ninell]

  • Added 10/31/93 Berkeley soundcheck setlist [thanks to Carl Sylvester]
  • Added attendance figures for 11/3-4/93 San Diego [thanks to Jordan Snodgrass]

  • Corrected 3/10/94 Chicago notes [thanks to Gene Beckman]
  • Corrected Daughter tag for 3/17/94 West Lafayette [thanks to Glenn Seguin] and added notes [thanks to Pete]
  • Corrected 3/22/94 Cleveland setlist [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Corrected time and Daughter tag for 3/26/94 Murfreesboro [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Added Monkey Gone to Heaven as Porch tag for 3/28/94 Miami [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Added Not for You and Rats tags to 4/3/94 Atlanta [thanks to John Reynolds]

  • Added notes to 3/3/95 Singapore [thanks to Tanya Kang]
  • Corrected Daughter tags for 7/11/95 Chicago [thanks to AR]
  • Added I'm One improv to Porch and corrected Daughter tag at 11/6/95 San Diego [thanks to Glenn Seguin and Jeff Dealaman]

  • Added soundcheck to 9/24/96 Columbia, MD [thanks to scott d.]
  • Added notes to 9/29/96 New York [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Added notes to 10/1/96 Buffalo [thanks to Steve Tarmey]

  • Added 11/15/97 Oakland soundcheck [thanks to jeremy hanke]

  • Added notes for 3/3/98 Melbourne [thanks to Leigh] Added notes for 3/7/98 Adelaide [thanks to Leigh]
  • Id'd Interstellar Overdrive as the "jam" at 3/9/98 Sydney and [thanks to Chris Collins and Hornet]
  • Id'd Sin City as the 3/12/98 Sydney jam [thanks to Chris Collins]
  • Id'd Magic Bus as the In My Tree tag at 3/20/98 Perth [thanks to Jon]
  • Added notes to 6/14/98 TFC performance [thanks to Lukin 123]
  • Added notes to 6/23/98 Englewood [thanks to Jeff Dealaman, John Nordlander, Scott Kilian, Phast Dogg and Jack Pinkerton]
  • Added Three Little Birds tag to Daughter at 6/24/98 Rapid City [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • Corrected and added notes to 6/26/98 Alpine Valley [thanks to Rich Wilson, nothingman, Chris Myers, dan, UncleHabat and b a t m a n]
  • Added notes to 6/30/98 Minneapolis [thanks to Jose Zamudio, John W. Busher, Ben Butler, Shari Lamke and Lloyd]
  • Added notes to 7/5/98 Dallas [thanks to Andrew Gibson]
  • Added notes to 7/7/98 Albuquerque [thanks to Brian Sauer]
  • Added notes to 7/8/98 Phoenix [thanks to Matt Cole, Brent Miller and Jeff]
  • Added notes to 7/10/98 San Diego [thanks to Thomas M. Bellanca]
  • Added 7/13/98 LA soundcheck setlist [thanks to Eric Long] and notes [thanks to John Haghighi, JudgeVeDD, Kyle and Matt Hale]
  • Added notes to 7/14/98 LA [thanks to Ryan Karimoto and Kevin Felt] and time [thanks to Wayne Gucker]
  • Corrected soundcheck for 7/18/98 Portland [thanks to Bob Lang] and added Daughter tag [thanks to Peter Trahms and DertiFrank]
  • Added Yellow Ledbetter tags to 7/21/98 and 7/22/98 Seattle [thanks to Peter Trahms]

    And a very cool discovery: the song This Boy is not an improv but a song written in 1994 about Eddie Vedder by the recently disbanded L.A. group, That Dog. Two of the women in the band perform on the Mike Watt album, Ballhog or Tugboat and apparently they met Ed, and were terribly embarrassed as the song ridicules him ("How could they make such a fuss over this boy?"). He asked for a copy of the record when he met them!! This Boy was first performed by PJ as a Daughter tag at the 6/20/95 Red Rocks show and was covered at a few other 95 shows. [BIG thanks to mike, aka "Mr. MonkeyTits" for pointing this out! I love learning about these cover songs.]

  • Sunday, August 9, 1998:
    Added scan of Portland poster to memorabilia.

    Saturday, August 8, 1998:
    Added scan of Las Vegas poster to memorabilia.

    Second show added to West Palm Beach, FL shows; tix on sale now [thanks to gus and Joe Cunningham]

    Tickets to Voters for Choice benefit sold out in 12 minutes!
    Friday, August 7, 1998:
    West Leg Wrap-up Additions: Ben Harper will be opening the Mansfield, MA [thanks to Joe Couto, Enones7 and Tom Kielty] and Rancid opening at West Palm Beach, FL shows [thanks to Michael]

    Better scan of East Troy/Chicago poster added to memorabilia [courtesy of Joe Cunningham].

    We hope that is enough "meaningful content" for those of you complaining about the lack of it lately.
    Tuesday, August 4, 1998:
    Single Video Theory released!!!
    Second D.C. show date added!!! This one is a benefit for Voters for Choice.
    Monday, August 3, 1998:
    SVT: We're basically fed up beyond belief trying to keep track of wtf is going to happen tomorrow with the free CD. Our latest reports indicate that the cd's are being shipped back to Sony as we speak. We are not going to update every three seconds for a promotion for a major retail chain.

    More on SVT and the free cd: in News.

    Sunday, August 2, 1998:
    Single Video Theory to be released this week: in News.

    A couple of small Video Guide additions: Please note that we are aware of the 98 videos that are circulating (and rumored to exist). We'll add reviews of the 98 shows we have as time permits. As for the videos we don't have, until we hold them in our hands, they are rumored.

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