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What's New for January 1997

Monday, January 27, 1997
Misc. updates to various parts of the concert chronology: Please keep those corrections coming!
Sunday, January 26, 1997
Updated the 1996 video guide. Five new reviews have been added, with video captures.
Saturday, January 25, 1997
Added Australian release of "Off He Goes" to the Discography. The sleeve art is the same as the U.S. release; I just added the product code to the list. [Thanks to "Mark" and Robin Wong in Australia for sending us the info.]

Updates to 1992 concert chronology:

  • Corrected the location of the 4/7 and 4/8/92 shows to Boston, rather than Amherst. [Thanks to Sean Sullivan (who lives there) for the correction.]
    (Still looking for a setlist for 4/7/92 and to correct the discrepancy for 4/8/92. Can anyone help?)

    Updates to the European leg of the 1996 concert chronology:

  • corrected setlist and added notes for 11/7 Paris show
  • added link from 11/17 Budapest listing to show flier
  • added notes for both fantastic Lisbon shows
  • Sunday, January 19, 1997
    Added a News story with details about tomorrow's Radio Free LA broadcast. (Also broke up the News page so it doesn't take so long to load -- sorry. ;-})

    Added a scan of a flier from the 1996 Spanish shows to the Memorabilia section

    Saturday, January 18, 1997
    The new Spin Magazine interview has been added to the article archive. Note: We didn't scan the photos in -- if you live overseas and can't get Spin, and you would like to see these photos, please let us know and we'll consider it....

    Corrected info in the discography's "Hail, Hail" entry and added a scan of the Australian CD single.

    Added complete setlist and time for 3/17/94 Purdue University show, which was previously incomplete, to the 1994 concert chronology. [Thanks to Eric Long!]

    Monday, January 13, 1997
    Added poster for 10/4/96 Charlotte show to the 1996 concert chronology. Apparently this poster was not sold at the show, but was produced afterward as a commemorative.

    Added attendance figure and ticket scan for 2/15/92 Madrid show to the 1992 concert chronology. [Thanks to Josema Alonso!]

    Thursday, January 9, 1997
    Added setlists to the elusive 11/17/96 Budapest and 11/19/96 Istanbul shows in the 1996 concert chronology. [Thanks to Elliot for the info!]

    Added entries to the discography for the 1996 Xmas single, "Hail, Hail," and "Off He Goes," including scans of the sleeves (both front and back for Xmas single and "Hail, Hail").

    Monday, January 6, 1997
    Updated the info in the 1996 video guide. No new reviews or vid captures (check back in a week or two for those); I just wanted to list a few new finds and dispel a couple of rumors.

    Updates to the European leg of the 1996 concert chronology:

  • added setlist and notes to 11/06 Amsterdam
  • added notes to 11/13/96 Milan
  • Sunday, January 5, 1997

    The MP3 sound files are now available unzipped. This should help Macintosh users.
    "Once" (from the "Mammasan" Trilogy) is linked from songs and "Black, Red, Yellow" is [removed].
    Saturday, January 4, 1997

    THE XMAS SINGLE IS HERE!!! See our news page for more information. As soon as one of us gets it we promise to have a scan up ASAP.
    Friday, January 3, 1997

    For more listening pleasure ... added MP3 file of the complete version of "Once" from the "Mammasan" Trilogy. This is a good quality recording of the original tape that Stone sent to Eddie, Eddie added lyrics and returned to Stone. It is linked from our songs page. (Thanks to Matt Sanders and Matt Boeschert for providing the copy.)

    Thursday, January 2, 1997: Happy New Year!

    Removed the temporary holiday greeting page.

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