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What's New for March 2002

Saturday, March 30:

Six new scans are added to the poster memorabilia section (and linked by date from the Concert Chronology). These include UK '92 posters and handbills, and several other unusual items. Start at the 1994 poster section and look for the new graphic tags. Very cool stuff!!

Wednesday, March 27

No Fun: review, mp3, photos, linked from the Concert Chronology. [Thanks again to Sam for all his help and great photos!]

Just a note that there's a new Rumor Pit over at Synergy, if you haven't seen it already...

We seem to be having a problem with mail - some of it gets through, but the rest of it is bouncing. If your mail gets returned, try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, March 25:

Photos and review from Ed's ATP appearance are online!

Thursday, March 21:

Here's a written transcript of the full induction speech. [Thanks to Matt, Charles and VH1.]

People came through in SPADES: Here's video of Ed's entire speech. [Thanks to Shawn, Chris, Alina and the folks at VH1 who helped out despite us saying that they sucked =)]

Wednesday, March 20:

Yeah, VH1 sucks. While we figured they'd edit Ed's 17 minute speech down, we didn't think they'd edit it down to all of two minutes. If you read the news stories and see the photo of Ed, that's more than you got from the entire VH1 broadcast.

We're working our sources to try to get ahold of some version of the whole speech; if that happens, we'll absolutely put it up. If you can help, let us know.

Two more stories with Ed-content:

[Thanks to Andy on one of the news links]

Monday, March 18:

Gabba gabba hey. Tonight was the actual R&RHOF induction ceremony and there are a few photos and stories that everyone might love (we know we did)!: Remember that VH1 will be broadcasting the ceremony on Wednesday night! [Thanks to Mr. Walton]

A song title for one of the new songs has been unearthed. In the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to C.E.]

Sunday, March 17:

We've got the three new songs debuted on Friday night up now. As time and resources permit, we hope to have more. We appreciate your patience. In the Concert Chronology. [Much respect to the Brotherhood]

Saturday, March 16:

Setlist (two new songs!) and notes from Ed's set at All Tomorrow's Parties in LA in the Concert Chronology.

Friday, March 15:
all tomorrow's parties LA2002

Grab a cup of coffee; we're gonna be here a while ... a new original article, Let the Song Protest, is online this morning.

Thursday, March 14:

We now have mp3s of Ed's songs with Neil Finn last night available - see News. [Thanks to the Brotherhood of Silence]

Wednesday, March 13:

Ed put in an appearance at last night's Neil Finn show, in News. [Thanks to the newest member of the rebel alliance and "an assman".]

Sunday, March 10:
happy birthday jeff ament!

...and speaking of Neil Finn, we have a short reviewlet of Ed's participation on the 7 Worlds Collide DVD...

Rumor Patrol: A blurb from the official Neil Finn site has been circulated and starting much panic; Neil Finn is doing a handful of showcases in the U.S. This weekend, there was a comment on the official Neil Finn fan club site about a semi-secret show in LA, and also mentioned how Ed is in LA right now. Many people leapt to conclusions (given that the LA show was also billed as 'secret') that this was a confirmation that Ed was appearing at this show & lots of panic and email ensued, and some other sites are pretty much saying that this is going to happen.

We have confirmed with Peter Green, who runs Frenz of the Enz (the official Finn etc fan club) that this was NOT meant as any kind of hint or confirmation, but was just a wishful thinking comment on his part (since he's a fan). The comment regarding Ed has now been removed from the Frenz site as a result of this misunderstanding: "Just tell them what I said Ed is in town, and he wants to catch up with Sharon and Neil because he missed their wedding anniversary- we have no confirmed info that he is playing."

Friday, March 8:

News! about Ed, the Ramones, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Thursday, March 7:

THE LAST OF THE WILTERN MP3S: The second cd arrived today. So we have: Ed and Mike with Mike Ness, Ed with Beck, and good god almighty, Ed finally singing a Stones song with a straight face, and it's so good you'll want to scream. In the review. [Oh, and we threw in Beck with Thom Yorke just for good measure for a limited time. So get it now... we'll find a permanent home for it.] [Once again, our thanks to the Brotherhood of Silence]

Early demos mp3 update:

As some of you may recall, we were featuring mp3s of these as a Song X, only to discover that the mp3s were incomplete. At the same time we discovered this, folks reached a consensus that there was a pitch problem - the recording was just *fast*. So we took them down.

Since that time, lots of very smart and knowledgeable folks have been discussing and working on this problem - some people have made 'adjustments' to the recordings and those mp3s are being distributed in many places... except on 5h. Why?

Because we're still not sure that this is the most accurate adjustment or correction that can be made. The demos *are* fast; that's not how Ed sang back then - this has been verified by professional musicians, recording studio professionals, and people who just know what they're talking about. We're not distributing *anything* until we are at least 99% certain that what we're distributing is the best possible version. We don't want you to waste your time and energy to download something that's not worth your while - especially fans overseas who have to pay for connection time.

Please don't bombard us with emails about how we're wrong and you don't care, you just want to hear it - we've never put anything on 5h we personally couldn't stand behind 100% and we're not going to start now. We hope you understand our position.

Finally, please stop referring to these demos as "The Gossman Project". These are NOT the Gossman Project. If you need to brush up on your early PJ history, please check out Gavin's Pearl Jam: Early Recordings History site.

Wednesday, March 6:

An attempt at some News. [Thanks as always to the Rebel Alliance]

Sunday, March 3:

Ed, Mike Ness and Beck, and Ed with Beck: new mp3s up in the review. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 2:

Some of you have already noticed, but if you didn't, we've put the other two new songs up in the review. We hope everyone's enjoying hearing the new songs within a few days of the show - we know we are!! Look for other mp3s later this weekend.... :-)

Just a reminder that we do have extensive resources regarding trading PJ shows, including our newbie guide to tape trading, which was written to help people start trading who think they can't get live shows without paying for them because they don't have anything to trade.

Friday, March 1:
happy birthday roger daltrey

For those of you having problems downloading, you should be able to right click now. Sorry.

Okay. We finally got people home and audio evidence, and other discussion... so the setlist has been verified and tweaked and fixed in the CC. [Thanks to: the usual suspects, as well as David Reid and Glenn McArthur for taking the time to weigh in]

And now, what you've REALLY been waiting for: the review, including photos and SOUND FILES. Woo. Enjoy. There will be others over the weekend. [Thanks to Diane Tanaka, Sam, and the Brotherhood of Silence]

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