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What's New for January 1999

Sunday, January 31:
Added a review (with photos) from Birmingham 09/3/98.

Don't forget to vote in the 1998 Tour Five Horizons Readers Poll. Today is the last day!
Friday, January 29:
What? You haven't voted yet?!? Then head on over to The 1998 Tour Five Horizons Readers Poll and cast your vote! Voting will end at the close of day on Sunday, January 31.
Thursday, January 28:
New and updated info in Other Essential PJ Resources, and news about Mike's tribute to John Baker Saunders.

A note: Yes, we know it's quiet. We know you're used to daily, even hourly updates here at 5h. The fact is -- PJ are taking a long, well-deserved break, and so are we! The truth is, there just isn't anything of import to report on at all. We are not holding information back; anything important we know about will get added to 5h immediately.

A note about Song X: we will already warn you that February's will not go up on the first of the month. As always, we hope to make it worth the wait.

Tuesday, January 19:
Stepping back about six months ... two new reviews: Alpine Valley I and II.
Tuesday, January 12:
It's the moment you've all been waiting for: The 1998 Tour Five Horizons Readers Poll!

Additions to memorabilia: the flier from VFC and the DTE promo poster scan.

Friday, January 8:
A few new reviews added to the Video Guide, including 12/4/96 Goa Club, 9/1/98 Atlanta, 9/16/98 Boston and 9/19/98 VFC.

And some minor Concert Chronology changes:
  • 8/18/98 E. Lansing: corrected soundcheck [thanks to Mike Dziama]
  • 9/4/98 Greenville: corrected attendance [thanks to Dave Henley]
  • 9/13/98 Hartford: added attendance [thanks to VedderKurt]
  • 9/19/98 Washington DC (VFC): added attendance[thanks to Sean Hanley]
  • Wednesday, January 6:
    We've changed the name of our Essential Web Resources page to Other Essential PJ Resources in order to include information about the wonderful print fanzines that are out there. Check it out!
    Tuesday, January 5:
    Lots of News! PJ's Grammy nominations, a side project for Stone, and an update about Mike's KISW interview. [Thanks to Mike Mabie for the McCready update, MFC'ers for the Grammy pointer, and special thanks to the Loosegroove Minister of Online Propaganda for confirming the Stone rumor.]

    Fan club single: For those asking, the singles were sent out on December 23rd from the Southeast US. However, bad weather has made the delivery of these sllloooowwwwww! The Ten Club had said that they expected everyone would get them by January 4, but due to the weather, we'd give it to the end of the week to write them if you haven't gotten yours.

    Friday, January 1:
    Happy New Year!!!
    A new year, a new month and time for a new Song X!

    And if you haven't visited 5h for a while, check out place/date: a review and Live On Two Legs: The Live Pearl Jam Experience, an album review and a 1998 tour wrap-up.

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