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What's New for May 1999

Thursday, May 27:
"Last Kiss" single artwork!: In News. [Thanks to Red Leader 1 of the PJ Rebel Alliance =)]
Tuesday, May 25:
Site down time: If you tried to get to 5h yesterday, you probably couldn't. Our provider lost service (along with most of downtown Seattle) yesterday, with sporadic outages throughout the day today. If you can't get here all of a sudden, just keep trying. Our apologies.

Some new News you probably already know about. =)

Quizlet results: Despite loud whining from what we know know is a small minority, 63% out of 3,500 of you think that releasing "Last Kiss" is a great idea (as do we)! Thanks for your participation.

SOTM: Yes, there will be one for May. We still have 6 days. =) Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 23:
A couple of additions to Memorabilia ... a '91 Kozik poster scan and a '95 VFC ticket scan with special artwork. [Thanks to Joe Luskin for the ticket scan]
Thursday, May 20:
Some news on some new Matt Cameron interviews; the "Last Kiss" single is on sale (and free shipping!) if you still need or want to order it. [Thanks to Joshua Barnhardt]
Sunday, May 16:
Reaching into the past ... added a review of 2/27/92 Bradford, England to the Video Guide and notes to the Concert Chronology
Wednesday, May 12:
Next up, a few Concert Chronology changes:
  • 12/11/91 Dallas, TX: added this new show; apparently they opened at the Bronco Bowl for the Pumpkins and RHCP, then went to Trees where they headlined. [Thanks to Peter Marince for the info, his endless persistance and his ticket scan ... anyone have a setlist?]
  • 07/14/93 London, England: added Blues Jam soundbyte
  • 07/16/93 Rotterdam, Holland: removed Even Flow from setlist [thanks to Swaps]
  • 03/29/94 St. Petersburg, FL: added Daughter tag [thanks to Joe Milford and Jessica Patton]
  • 10/1/94 Mountain View, CA : corrected Daniel Johnston reference [thanks to John Lafoe]
  • 11/7/96 Paris, France: added Roadhouse Blues soundbyte
  • 09/03/98 Birmingham, AL: [corrected Daughter tag [thanks to Will Perry, Cory Chapin and Alan Richardson]
  • Monday, May 10:
    In honor of the forthcoming Three Fish release, a brand-new Photo of the Moment. Enjoy!
    Saturday, May 8:
    Eeep! We made a mistake on the "No Boundaries" pre-order link on yesterday's news page; there's ALREADY a record called "No Boundaries" and this is not the same record as the one coming out next month. We'll have a pre-order link up as soon as it's available; our apologies.
    Friday, May 7:
    note: yes, we know something's screwy with the news page ... we're trying to figure it out. bear with us ... we're working on it ...

    TONS of News: "Last Kiss" release date (and pre-order info!), benefit album details, Three Fish info, and, oh yeah, the European tour isn't going to happen until next year, so buy that plane ticket to the TFC you were thinking about... =)

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