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What's New for August 2000

Thursday, August 31:
PJ have the night off

Linked an mp3 of the moving "It's Okay" (Dead Moon song tagged on "Daughter") from the Virginia Beach listing

Linked in a scan of the Boston poster. [Thanks to Adam!]

Added more notes for Boston I [thanks to Eric, Brian Fodera, Shawn Ward, Reuben Kabel, Craig Mellish & Adam Goode].

Wednesday, August 30:
Boston II

8:30pm: Boston II setlist and notes up. [Thanks to Jessica, Steve, Paris, Travis Klein and Bob Lang, oh and Kyle too]

Numerous Concert Chronology updates:

Tuesday, August 29:

10:40pm: Boston I setlist up. [Thanks to Jessica, Simon, and Josh Bedell]

Before everyone starts writing to complain how the setlist is "late" tonight (after it was "missing" on Sunday), we thought we'd briefly explain: we are NOT at these shows. We are getting phone calls from people after shows, and unfortunately the calls sometimes arrive when we can't take them, or we can take the calls but can't get to a computer. Also, sometimes the calls don't arrive because cell phone signal at these venues is atrocious. We do the best we can to get the setlist up as soon as we can, but sometimes it will be late or even the next morning. We thank you for your enthusiasm, understanding and patience.

One more note: PLEASE DO NOT SEND US PHOTOS WITHOUT WRITING TO US ABOUT IT FIRST! People are sending us email with 25 photos attached and it brings the mailbox to a screeching halt. Please write and wait for us to respond; it may take a day or two but we will get back to you. We love that you are sending us photos, we just need your help in keeping things working. Thank you!

An mp3 of the lovely classical guitar song Ed's been playing as a lead-in to "Better Man" is linked from the Deer Creek 8/18/00 listing. [Thanks to David Holmes and to all of the guitarists who have emailed us about this famous piece titled "Romanza" or "Spanish Romance".]

We've noted in the Concert Chronology that Mike played a little of "Nobody's Fault But Mine" in "Yellow Ledbetter" at Saratoga Springs. [Thanks to all of the cool Zep afficionados who wrote about this--an unbelievable number of people. We can't wait to hear this!]

Monday, August 28:
PJ have the night off

Added a review for the Deer Creek show, linked from the Concert Chronology.

Setlist [thanks to kyle matteson (via Travis) and Jake Boula] and notes [thanks to lucky] for last night's show are online.

Sunday, August 27:
Saratoga Springs

If you missed the original broadcast and are located in the K-ROCK broadcast area, WXRK Radio (92.3FM) plans to re-run the Jones Beach show from Thursday night again tonight at 10pm local time.

Saturday, August 26:
PJ have the night off

Tickets for Portland and Sacramento on sale this morning at 10am PDT; details in Going Mobile.

Friday, August 25:
Jones Beach III

Full setlist and brief notes for tonight's show are online.

6:15pm: Setlist is arriving .... [Brad - you're amazing!]

An mp3 of the improv from the Charlotte 8/4/00 show is linked from the Concert Chronology. [Big shout out to Glen V!]

The next Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide (covering Philly, Washington and Pittsburgh) is online.

Thursday, August 24:
Jones Beach II

Full setlist and brief notes for tonight's show are online.

6:05pm: Setlist is arriving as it happens. [Thanks again to Brad!]

Reminder: two newly added shows go on sale Saturday morning, both at 10am PDT (according to Ticketmaster's online listings). We've added these dates and specifics to Going Mobile.

Ticketless in New York? If you can pick up K-ROCK (WXRK Radio - 92.3FM), you're in for a treat. They will be broadcasting PJ's show tonight live! Unfortunately, there appears to be no web feed.

Wednesday, August 23:
Jones Beach

8:10: Final setlist and notes. [Thanks to Jessica!]

6:45pm: setlist is arriving as it happens. [Thanks again to Brad!]

4:10pm: soundcheck setlist up!. [Thanks to Bradford Campeau-Laurion and Kevin Medina!]

Numerous Concert Chronology updates:

Tuesday, August 22:
PJ have the night off

A new Featured Photo of the Moment from Nashville!

Monday, August 21:
Columbus, OH

Kee-rist. We were just gonna say "oh and we hear rumors of a Portland date on 11/2" and decided against it, only to have our favorite obsessive point out that it is too already on Ticketmaster. Tickets on sale for this one at 9am Pacific Time.

9:23pm: Columbus setlist and notes up. [Dan Grenough for President!]

Also, if you haven't looked at Ticketmaster lately, a 10/30 show in Sacramento has been added to the list. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am Pacific time. [Thanks to our favorite TM obsessive, KB]

Sunday, August 20:
Cincinnati, OH

8:05pm: Cincinnati setlist and notes up. [Continuing thanks to Dan!]

Friday, August 18:
Indianapolis, IN

9:30pm: Indy setlist and notes now up!

Thursday, August 17:
Nashville, TN

10:25pm: Notes for Nashville now up. [Thanks again to Darlene, Gina and Kathy Davis!!]

9:10pm: Setlist for Nashville, notes to come later. [Thanks to Darlene and Kathy Davis!!]

It never rains but it pours. Seattle radio station KNDD 107.7 "The End" sent this out today:

Early warning: The End presents Pearl Jam, November 4th and 5th at Key Arena. Tickets on sale soon. Stay tuned to 1077 The End, and look in next week's EndMail, for more info.
HOWEVER!!! alert fans have pointed out that the Sonics (who play in Key Arena) have a game scheduled for November 4, which it is is highly unlikely could be moved or cancelled. So it's reason #1456 that KNDD sucks. The venue seems correct and the 5th is open. Don't book those plane tickets yet. See Going Mobile for more details. [Thanks to Zod]

Bootleg artwork! In News. [Thanks to Micayla's dad]

Wednesday, August 16:
PJ have the night off

Added the soundcheck setlist [thanks to John Trout] and a few more notes to last night's Memphis show [thanks to Brian Thompson, pages and spavin, Brandon Vaughn and David], plus the setlist scan [thanks to Lisa] and an mp3 of "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" - awesome! [thanks to Mikey].

Tuesday, August 15:
Memphis, TN

10:00pm: Notes for Memphis now up.

9:05pm: Yep, it's Elvis Week in Memphis. Check out the setlist! [Thank you Darlene and Gina!]

Monday, August 14:
New Orleans, LA

9:40pm: Setlist up!

New stuffs: Tampa review ... including photos and mpeg video clips from the front row! [Thanks to Brenna and Brian Turkel.] Added the Tampa setlist scan, also linked from the Concert Chronology.

Sunday, August 13:
PJ have the night off

Added more notes to last night's Tampa show [thanks to Mark Benigno, Eric Mathew Hochstadt, Francine & Glen].

Saturday, August 12:
Tampa, FL

9:20pm: Notes for Tampa are now up. You know where to find them. (Sorry, we're updating this in PICO over a really slow modem connection. So complaints about typos are also not appreciated.)

8:20pm: Setlist up! and what a scorcher this one sounded like. [Thanks to KB!]

A new Featured Photo of the Moment from Virginia Beach!

And another quick News update about the live bootlegs.

Thursday, August 10:
West Palm Beach, FL

9:40pm: WPB II notes now up.

7:59pm: WPB II setlist now up.

Also, confirmation from the source that the unknown song last night WAS an improv made up at that moment, and not "Timeless Melody" or another cover. [Thanks to our favorite lawyer for both items]

Atlanta review ... including photos from the front row! [Thanks to Sandra & Donny Anderson.] Added the Atlanta setlist scan, linked from the Concert Chronology [Thanks to Rita & Mike Wilson.]

More notes added to last night's show [thanks to Thanks to Gus & Josh Jabcuga].

Wednesday, August 9:
West Palm Beach, FL

9:30pm: WPB I notes now. [Thanks again, Karen]

9:00pm: WPB I setlist now up. Notes still to come. [Thanks to KB]

Tuesday, August 8:
PJ have the night off

More notes added to last night's show [thanks to Charles Ghent, Brandon Vaughn, Vic Mele, Matt Ellis, Michelle Johnson, Aaron Pirrotta, Kevin Kaniuga & Shawn White].

Corrected attendance for Greensboro [thanks to Doug Sutton].

Monday, August 7:
Atlanta, GA

9:26pm: OK, now we have notes from Atlanta. We'll add some more later. [Thanks again to Dan and Patrick O'Donnell]

8:55pm: Atlanta setlist is up. We'll try to get notes up in a bit [Thanks again to the fabulous Dan!]

The next Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide (covering Jones Beach, Saratoga Springs and Mansfield) is online.

More notes added to last night's show [thanks to Bill Graham, Elliott D., Randy Haskin, TK & Dangerboy]. Setlist scan linked [thanks to Amanda Morrison].

Small additions/corrections made to Charlotte [thanks to Steph] and Virginia Beach [thanks to P. Holden].

Sunday, August 6:
Greensboro, NC

9:55pm: Setlist is up, sorry for the delay. In the Concert Chronology. You want a campaign? Campaign to stop the clapping during "Soon Forget"! [Thanks to Dan Grenough]

The soundcheck from Greensboro is in the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Jimmy and 'the guy with the green hair'].

Saturday, August 5:
PJ have the night off

We've added the soundcheck to last night's Charlotte show [thanks to Ian Hadfield] and updated the notes [thanks to Scott Hardin, Brett, Ronnie L. Church, Bill Graham and Carson Poe].

A setlist scan from the Virginia Beach is linked now [thanks to Jason Jordan and Katelyn Martin].

Reminder: We add setlists to the Concert Chronology as quickly as possible. Often, this will be at night after the show ends ... sometimes it won't be until the next day. We also include notes. We include reviews, too. The notes that are in the Concert Chronology are not reviews. (The notes for the Virginia Beach show are longer than most simply because so many people were very concerned and wanted a lot of detail. We will likely edit them down if we receive a well-written review. You can find reviews of previous shows linked from a show's listing in the Concert Chronology.)

How To Help: If you would like to submit Concert Chronology notes or written reviews, please email them to us. While we cannot possibly include every note and review, we do include what we can or what we think will be of particular interest to others. If we attend a show, we write our own reviews. Please do not feel hurt if we don't include your submission. We get a LOT of mail :)
We like to use photos within a review or as a Photo of the Moment, but do not have a "photo gallery." We will not use a poorly scanned photo or a photo that is too dark. Please do not submit a photo without contacting us first.

More updates: We've updated some info relative to Philips Arena, Deer Creek, SPAC, and Blockbuster (San Bernadino) in Going Mobile [Thanks to Tim Hall, Stephen Edds, Ryan Boeckner, Cheryl Contento, Joe Berkemeier and Chris Franklin.]

Friday, August 4:
Charlotte, NC

8:15pm: setlist up!. This one sounded like it was amazing. [Thanks to Lisa and Sharon!]

More notes added about last night's show [Thanks to Dangerboy and Randy Haskin.]

Thursday, August 3:
Virginia Beach, VA

8:05pm: setlist up!! [Thanks to our own DANGERBOY!!!]

Here we go! The tour starts TONIGHT! We're not there (although we wish we were), but we have lots of people promising to call, write, and give us all the details about tonight's show. Stay tuned.

To get you in the mood, some new content:

Everyone on the road, travel safe, and we'll see you soon.

Wednesday, August 2:

We had reports this afternoon that the band was soundchecking, but our sources were asked to leave the parking lot. However, some intrepid folk did hear the soundcheck/rehearsal, and we now have the first report from the 2000 North American Tour, in the 2000 Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Larry, Donnie and Ellie]

To answer the constant "how do I get into a soundcheck question" : you don't. we don't. no one does. People report soundchecks to us by pressing their ears up against doors, strategically open windows, or at outdoor venues, by being nearby.

Tuesday, August 1:

If you're planning on taping PJ shows this year, you might want to check out Dave Hogan's newly updated Advice for Aspiring Tapers.

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