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What's New for August 1999

Tuesday, August 31:
Some News about the Pete Townshend album Ed is appearing on (and a $10 cdnow coupon!)...

Are you trying to get into PJ tape (audio, video) or CD-R trading? Are you frustrated? Lost? Don't know how to get started? Think your only option is to pay $$$$$ to the vultures on online auction sites? Think again, and check out The 5h Newbie Guide to Tape Trading, a new article in Shoes For My Friends.

Rumor Control: As Labor Day approaches, so does Bumbershoot, the annual Seattle music festival. It wouldn't be Bumbershoot without at least a dozen Pearl Jam rumors; this happens every year; nod, smile, and ignore the troll....

Monday, August 23:
Yes, it is a new Song X ... one that may come as a bit of a surprise ;) [This was originally scheduled to online in July ... sorry for the delay]
Thursday, August 19:
We've archived the great Daily News interview, and added a neat little article about the "Last Kiss" phenomeon to the Articles Archive. In addition, there's now a section about PJ-related books!

RUMOR CONTROL: Many of you are writing to us about two things:

We have a cool scan of a poster announcing the 6/22/92 Elysée-Montmartre show ... in memorabilia
Tuesday, August 10:
An interview with Ed has surfaced in today's New York Daily News; check the Articles Archive.
Monday, August 9:
A couple of memorabilia changes:
And MOM3 featuring Pearl Jam's "The Whale Song" will be released next week. You can advance order it here. (Hey! It's a good cause.)

Monday, August 2:
We have a new Photo of the Moment to share.

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