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What's New for November 2000

Tuesday, November 28:
Happy Birthday, Matt Cameron!

Drummer extraordinare Matt is the focus of our new Photo of the Moment.

And continuing to wrap up the tour, another review from Caryn (with photos) from the 11/2 Portland show.

Monday, November 27:

Preliminary reports from London in the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Simon Cripps]

Saturday, November 25:

More tour catch up ... two reviews: a sweet review from the San Diego show and Caryn's Albuquerque review (including photos of cute Jesse)

And a new poster scan for Philly linked from Memorabilia.

Also, added a new, humorous sound file to the Greek Theatre listing.

Wednesday, November 22:

A couple of quick additions: the encore scan to the main setlist scan for the Saratoga Springs show [thanks to jsocks77] and main and encore setlist scans for the Alpine Valley show [thanks to Sarah Miller].

We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Please take time to remember the spirit of Thanksgiving and to be mindful of our fortune for the good people and things in our lives.

Sunday, November 19:

Catching up with the tour: two reviews (with photos!) from the 10/31 Shoreline show. One note: many of you are writing and begging for photos of the other guys in costume... and the problem is, WE DON'T HAVE ANY! What you see is what we have. =( If anyone can help, please write. We will pay for copies, scans, etc.

Friday, November 17:

Added the names of the Wellwater Conspiracy songs on which Ed was guest vocalist at the Seattle II show. [Thanks to Sandy Brown and Jack Endino]

Also, a note about the European bootlegs: several fans have gotten emails from Sony indicating that several (8!) of the bootlegs have already gone out of print, with no more to be pressed. We are still trying to find out what is going on, but if you were (like many of us) buying them gradually, or putting them on your holiday wishlists, you might not want to wait. [Thanks to Dave LaPage]

New to the Archive is the transcription of Matt and Jeff's interview on KNDD from November 7. [Many thanks to Kyle Matteson, Ginny Haughey and Kari Janecke for their transcribing efforts!]

Wednesday, November 15:

We've added another new sound file - the lovely new song that leads to Rearviewmirror played at the Portland show.

Tuesday, November 14:

A review of the Sacramento show is online (including great photos by Tracy Deaver).

A flash to the past in our new Photo of the Moment. [Thanks to Dave Schwartz.]

Monday, November 13:

Another wonderful sound file, this one is Ed's version of the Cat Stevens' song, Don't Be Shy from the San Diego show.

Added setlist scans for Seattle II [thanks to Sarah Miller].

We have many great reviews, photos and other items that are relevant to this great tour that will gradually be added to the site. If you've submitted something, please be patient ... we're working on it.

Friday, November 10:

Added setlist scans for Shoreline and Portland [thanks to Jeremy Hanke] .

Thursday, November 9:

A generous taper has shared a really NICE sound file of Crown of Thorns from the Las Vegas show.

Tuesday, November 7:

2:20am: The last, and fucking final, 2000 TOUR SETLIST is now up. THANK YOU PEARL JAM!

If you want to thank the band, we would urge you to do that by doing what they've been asking us to all along: VOTE! Just vote. Exercise your choice, your right, and your privilege. "If you don't vote, let them put that on your fuckin' gravestone," to quote EV. Get out there and make your voice heard. "And thank you for letting us talk to you about that."

And on a very very personal note, and it's our site so we can do this, THANK YOU to everyone I spent the last two days with in Seattle: in line, off line, online. If I listed you all, we'd be over quota. Travel safe, and take care. --Caryn

Monday, November 6:
Seattle - homecoming!

Added another setlist scan for last night's show ... both the main set and encore [thanks to Marc Dominguez].

Forgot Ed's pre-set, added it and some other details to the Seattle setlist .

1:50am: Long night. Seattle setlist and some notes now up.

Sunday, November 5:
Seattle - homecoming!

Corrected setlist and added notes for Boise. [Thanks to Rob Miller, Becky McPherson, Lara Erickson & Mariann.]

Friday, November 3:

We're in the home stretch. Boise setlist. [With our undying, totally sincere thanks to Karen Bilotti, who called in setlists without fail for more shows this tour (both here AND in Europe!) than we can count. You rock. We love you.]

More poster scans... for Las Vegas and Sacramento/Shoreline, linked from Memorabilia.

Added setlist scans for West Palm Beach I and West Palm Beach II, Vegas and Phoenix [thanks to Steven Duchin] plus the setlists for Sacramento [thanks to Tracy].

2:15am: Portland setlist and notes now up.

Thursday, November 2:

11:40pm: The Portland setlist will be a bit late tonight, we'll put it up as soon as we get back from Portland. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 1:
PJ have the night off

Expanded, updated, corrected Shoreline notes are now up. Sorry, the entire "staff" was at the show last night without a laptop. [Special thanks to the ailing Rehab Doll for her continued assistance in updating the site while we are at shows!]

We were too far away last night to get decent photos of the, *ahem* encore. If you have good photos, please mail us and let us know - please don't just start sending photos so we don't overload the mailbox. Thank you!!!

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