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What's New for September 1996

Sat Sept 28, 1996

Updated 1996 concert chronology.
Thurs Sept 26, 1996

A word about this year's Bridge Benefit... :)
Wed Sept 25, 1996

Updated 1996 concert chronology.
Tues Sept 24, 1996

Added a page for show reviews from the tour page.
Added our seattle reviews.
Mon Sept 23, 1996

Updated 1996 concert chronology.
Sat Sept 21, 1996

Added picture of the U.K. yellow digipack release of Ten to the discography. Mucho thanks to Chris Mackenzie for the scan. I haven't even *seen* one of these in the last four years! :)

Made some corrections to the listing of current tour datesfor Europe. All tour date information comes from pollstar, which we feel is probably the most accurate touring info available until we can dig up a better source. Keep in mind that pollstar gets their info directly from promoters. Sometimes dates or locations change at the last minute and pollstar may not get the updates.

According to FT&T, tickets are again available for the D.C., Augusta, and New York (2nd night) shows. Go to Snafzone to get on the waiting list...

Added T-shirt and poster scans from 9/16/96 Seattle show to tour memorabilia page.

Fri Sept 20, 1996

Seattle show setlists and notes added to 1996 concert chronology.
Thur Sept 19, 1996

Updates were made to the tour page (info about tickets), news page (info about Seattle and the secret Showbox gig), and the band page (Loosegroove Records site added -- thanks to Claudia). If you have an extra ticket to next Saturday's NYC show, please email us -- Caryn's going to be on the East Coast for business...
Wed Sept 18, 1996
If you're looking for a show review from Monday, give us a few days to recover, please ;-)
Corrected name in history page. (Thank you, Graham.)
Thur Sept 12, 1996
Corrected location for the 11/13/91 show (courtesy of Mike Hanson).
Wed Sept 11, 1996
Added some notes about the soundcheck to the 11/4/95 show. (Thanks to Tony Guagliardo.)
Tue Sept 10, 1996
Welcome to Five Horizons! The site launched officially today. ;-)
...and there was much rejoicing... [huraaahhhhh]

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