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What's New for February 2002

Wednesday, February 27:

More notes and corrected covers and additions to last night's set. [Thanks and much love to SADC]

Tuesday, February 26:

9:45: Slight update - Mike and Ed join Mike Ness. [Thanks to Keiv for the correction]

LINK IS FIXED NOW - SORRY!! SETLIST IS UP. Sorry it took so long, but we do have the titles of the new songs!!! 2002 CC. [Thanks to Skoopjr for the setlist, and to Dar for the lineup info]

Monday, February 25:

What happened to Song X??: Some of you may have heard the news that a group of collectors [one collector in particular!!] recently helped liberate some of PJ's early demos. These are not anything you already have on bootleg. These newly acquired demos are currently being circulated throughout the community in various ways - shn, mp3, and cd-r. Most of the sites that have the sound files from this demo were EXTREMELY overloaded - these are fans offering their machine space to help get these songs out there and are doing the best that they can (if not more) to help. We were given mp3s of the songs and were going to host them on 5h in order to help distribute.

However, shortly after posting everything last night, we discovered that the mp3s we were given were incomplete, so we removed them. We were going to encode ourselves from a digital source, but now there is some concern that the transfer from cassette to cd may not be at the correct speed - there needs to be some pitch correction done. Since we don't want to distribute something that's not the best possible copy, until these issues get worked out, we are not going to be distributing mp3s of the demos.

If you are interested in reading about them, there is a history and photos on, but understand that you cannot get the mp3s or a copy of the recording from that site (so please don't bug them about it!). [Thanks to, and the "silent arm" of the Rebel Alliance.]

Ed is appearing in LA tomorrow night, we will have a setlist and report tomorrow evening as soon as feasible!

Reminder: The DVD and CD of Seven Worlds Collide, the live recordings of the Neil Finn shows that Ed appeared at last year, are released in the U.S. on Tuesday!

Thursday, February 14:

An older, autographed setlist scan from PJ's 8/14/93 Manitoba show is linked from the Concert Chronology. [Special thanks to Nola Petelski!]

Wednesday, February 6:

Setlist scans for Ed's 1/26/02 appearance with C Average linked from the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Kevin!]

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