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What's New for October 2000

Monday, October 30:

10:58pm: It was cold. Sacramento setlist and notes now up... Looks like we're getting Halloween costumes tomorrow!
[Ya know, a little "Present Tense," which Jean has never ever heard, would be a really nice thing tomorrow. Thank you, o great pumpkin!]

Correction to the "Daughter" tag from San Bernardino. [Thanks to Mrs. F. Durst-Borland]

We're beginning to detect a theme here: Check out the scan of the San Bernardino/Fresno poster. =) [Thanks to Brad Raistrick]

Sunday, October 29:
PJ have the night off

Oh look. An actual review. Vegas, baby. Probably one more up tonight.

What we know about the Seattle opening act situation:
Okay, since it doesn't appear that there is going to be any kind of official announcement and we're a week away, this is what we know. One, the RHCP left the stage when they played Seattle a few weeks ago saying, "See you in November with Pearl Jam." They are also telling everyone they talk to that they are opening. A reputable Chili Pepper fan site also confirms this. Will it actually happen? We'll know next weekend.

We also figure Supergrass are on the bill for Sunday's show, since TM was having a "Deal of the Week" where you got a free Supergrass cd if you bought a ticket to this show. Finally, Jack Endino confirms that Wellwater Conspiracy is opening on the 6th, and a reputable Mudhoney expert confirms that Matt Cameron, not Dan Peters, is going to drum.

Could this still all go to hell in a handbasket? Yeah. But like anyone who's travelling for this show isn't going to be in their seats the minute the door opens anyway, right? :-)

Majorly UPDATED San Bernardino notes. [Thanks to: Ron Reilly, Thomas Bellanca, Trevor Patterson, and Amy!]

Setlist scan for the Fresno show. [Thanks to David Granados]

Saturday, October 28:
San Bernardino

11:25pm: San Bernardino setlist and notes now up. [Thanks to Ms. Bilotti] Some small things:

Friday, October 27:

11:15pm: Fresno setlist up now. [Thanks to La Jen Deux]

A few small tidbits:

To the person who sent us the scan of that UGLY MGM poster (not the official show poster), your email somehow got deleted, can you please resend? Thanks!

Finally, the setlist may be late tonight; conflicting engagements. We'll do our best.

Thursday, October 26:
PJ have the night off

Setlist scan added for Houston I [thanks to Jared Kelly].

Wednesday, October 25:
San Diego

Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide #12 (covering Boise, Portland and Seattle) is finally online.

Added and linked the encore setlist scan from the LA show listing [thanks to John P. Schafer].

Setlist scan added for last night's LA show [thanks to Bryan Bledstein] plus additional notes [thanks to S.A. Cripps, Brad Raistrick & firecloudx].

Tuesday, October 24:
Los Angeles

11:30pm: Greek Theater setlist and notes.

A note about Vegas/weekend reports: we know many of you have lots of questions about the Vegas show, but as you can probably understand there was MUCH celebration that went on afterwards and then some of us had to come back and go to work. We will write & put up reviews as soon as we can. And if any tapers have "the" mp3 that we all want, write us, we'll put it up for everyone.

Encore setlist scan added for Katowice II. [Thanks to Endriu!]

Monday, October 23:
PJ have the night off

Setlist scans added for Lubbock [thanks to Amy & Mike Headley and Josh Humphreys] and the Las Vegas (encore only) [thanks to Jared Kelly].

More notes added for last night's Las Vegas show [thanks to Robert Hirsch].

Sunday, October 22:

11:40pm: The Las Vegas setlist is online!.

Speaking of plaid, it must be time for a new Featured Photo of the Moment!

A lovely new review of Toronto is online, including photos.

Not quite Albuquerque, but some lovely moments: Phoenix setlist and notes..

Personal to Carl Sylvester: get in touch!!!

And yet more shameless gushing: PEARL JAM IS 10 YEARS OLD TODAY! Congratulations. This is no small feat.

Saturday, October 21:

Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide #11 (covering San Bernardino, Sacramento & San Francisco) is online.

Friday, October 20:

OH MY GOD. Albuquerque setlist and notes.. Woo hoo!!

Added notes and corrected setlist for Lubbock. [Thanks to Brent Hester, Todd Messerle, Brian Simpson]

Setlist scans added for Glasgow, Berlin, Hamburg and Oslo, linked from those listings in the Concert Chronology [thanks to Danny Weste].

Added poster scan for London 2000 to Memorabilia.

Thursday, October 19:
PJ have the night off

The next Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guide (covering L.A., San Diego and Fresno) is online.

Wednesday, October 18:

!!!!! PJ covers Buddy Holly in Lubbock. The MFC Buddy Holly cover betting pool called it, and we owe someone a beer in Vegas! [Thanks again to Jared and Marc!]

Setlist correction and additional notes added for last night's Dallas show [thanks to Jon Rayner, Ric Sweeney, Carlos Moran, Cliff Fisher, Alan Richardson, Mark Neiser, Dave Byrnes, Kimberly Gill & Dave Lennox].

Tuesday, October 17:

10:40pm: Dallas setlist and notes now up. [Thanks to Jared and Marc]

Setlist scan for Houston II is online [thanks to Kevin Gerold].

Cool Texas poster scan added to Memorabilia.

Monday, October 16:
PJ have the night off

Setlist correction made and notes added to last night's Houston show [thanks to Austin Fatheree & Jared] and more notes added to Houston I [thanks to Ripcord313, Matt Pfeffer, Jared, Ernesto, Adam Hutchison, Mobley Tard & Matthew ].

Houston I review (including cool photos) is online now.

Linked main setlist scan from the Kansas City show listing. [Thanks to Josh Humphreys.]

Sunday, October 15:

9:05pm: Houston 2 setlist is online. [Thanks, KB!]

Two new reviews: Kansas City and a nice account of the MSG rally, including photos!

Reminder: tickets for PJ's L.A. show at the Greek Theater on October 24th go on sale today at 10am PDT (available online at Ticketmaster). More show specifics in Going Mobile.

Added more info about the Albuquerque and Boise shows to Going Mobile [thanks to Donna C. Amos and Eric Ravenscroft].

Saturday, October 14:

9:07pm: Houston 1 setlist now up. [Thanks, Karen.]

Review up for St. Louis, including photos and setlist scans.

Notes about Ed's appearance at last night's Nader rally in the Concert Chronology. Also for a very limited time, a mp3 is available. [Thanks to ecg.]

Check out two very interesting versions of encore setlist scans for Kansas City. [Thanks to Jeremy Hanke and Josh.]

Very cool setlist (with Jeff's handwriting) for the Cincy show. [Thanks to Ben Sather.]

Friday, October 13:
PJ have the night off; Ed is at the NYC Nader rally

Regarding Kansas City: First, we will say that the choice of the phrase "stupid fuck" was probably not the best thing to have said about the person who started the "Alive" sign campaign last night, and for the use of that term, we apologize. It was late, we'd had two shows in two days and driven many hours, and we as fans were upset by the action. The issue is not signs or a sign campaign, the issue is the particular song and its meaning to the band.

We have changed the notes to read that the person was insensitive (rather than stupid), but people really need to leave this issue alone. If the band wants to play the song, they will in their own time. Yes, this is our opinion, but this is our site. If you don't agree with what we do on this site, or don't like it, there are plenty of other web sites that you can visit and we strongly encourage you to do so. You have a right to your opinion no matter what it is, and we equally have a right to ours, even if you don't agree with it. This is all we have to say about this subject.

12:20am: Kansas City notes now up! [Once again, our gratitude to the fabulous Rehab Doll for her continued support.]

As a FYI, Ed will be appearing on a benefit show headlined by the Who in the UK on November 27 at the Royal Albert Hall. This is not a PJ show or an Ed show, he is appearing in a support capacity (along with Paul Weller and that Noel Gallagher fellow, among others). Proceeds benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust and tickets go on sale today in the UK. We don't have details on ticket agents, sorry.

Thursday, October 12:
Kansas City

9:00pm: The Kansas City setlist is now in!

12:08am: Corrections to the St. Louis setlist (sorry, dark parking lot) and now notes. [Thanks to Rehab Doll for her update assistance!]

Wednesday, October 11:
St. Louis

It's here! The St. Louis setlist.

Tuesday, October 10:
PJ have the night off

Notes about Ed at the Nader rally tonight. [Thanks to Meghan Clark!]

Going Mobile has been updated with info about the October 24th show at the Greek in L.A.

More notes added to last night's outstanding Chicago show [thanks to Aaron D Redmond, Mike Mendoza, Larry Wolf, David Stagl, John Hamilton, Mark McCormick & Paul J. Baker].

Monday, October 9:

11pm: Better late than never, Chicago setlist & notes. [Thanks again to Our Gal Friday]

Yeah. We have the information about the October 24th date at the Greek Theater. We'll add it to Going Mobile really soon. Tickets on sale Sunday at 10am. Yes, this is legit. [Thanks to Mrs. Durst!]

Check out the new Photo of the Moment, featuring a photo from last night's "Ice Bowl."

The next two sets of Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guides (covering the Texas shows, Albuquerque, Phoenix and Las Vegas) is online.

Added more notes to last night's show [thanks to Tim Classen, Tim Kiefer, Dylan McKay, Aaron Redmond, Paul J. Baker & Steve Arthur].

A new review from Toronto is online.

Sunday, October 8:
Alpine Valley (think warm thoughts, it's cold!)

9:30pm: now we have notes from Alpine Valley. [Thanks again KB.]

9:03 pm: "Welcome to the ice bowl" - Setlist from Alpine Valley. [Thanks to KB.]

Added more notes to last night's show [thanks to Mike Dziama].

Saturday, October 7:
Detroit Rock City

8:25pm: Detroit setlist now in. [Thanks to Jess and Cecily]

3:10pm: Very interesting soundcheck from Detroit [thanks to Jessica].

Added the soundcheck [thanks to Carolyn & Karen Brimer] and more notes to Toronto show [thanks to Charlie Philbrook, Eric Sherkin, Dan Ball, Matt Byham, Brian Mack, Steve Johns, Jay Smith & Ryan Dunne].

Friday, October 6:
PJ have the night off

More notes added to last night's Toronto show [thanks to Matt Byham].

Thursday, October 5:

8:20pm: "We're all wasted...!" from the Toronto setlist and notes. [Thanks to Chris Hilton, Mike Mabie, and a moose, as well as Jordan 'Studmuffin' Ginsberg and Josh Jabcuga]

More notes added to last night's Montreal show [thanks to Steve Johns, Mike Bastien & lucky] and a setlist scan [courtesy of Wassim Halazun].

Wednesday, October 4:
second leg opens in: Montreal

9:50pm: More detailed Montreal notes are in. [Thanks to Paul Glass]

8:10pm: Montreal setlist and some notes are in. [The always fabulous Florence makes her setlist reporting debut! Thanks, Flo!]

More reviews, two from Boston 1 and an insight on Boston 2 (great photos!). Something to read while you wait for tonight's setlist! This is the end of our first NA leg reviews, thanks to everyone who contributed for the fantastic photos and reviews!

Tuesday, October 3:

Two more reviews, both from Saratoga Springs.

Monday, October 2:

More reviews, from Cincinnati, Merriweather and two from Columbus.

Sunday, October 1:

To warm us up for the next leg of the tour starting, we're winding down coverage of the first leg with some neat reviews and photos: today, two perspectives from Nashville.

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