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What's New for January-March 2003

5h is not covering PJ "news" ... only the Concert Chronology is being updated. Here's why.

Sunday, March 30:

Notes added for final three Japan shows; setlist scans added for Sydney II, Adelaide, Melbourne III and Nagoya. [thanks to Corvin, Glen, Andrew, Heath and Kazuaki.]

Thursday, March 6:

Setlist for Nagoya added

Tuesday, March 4:

Setlist for Osaka added

Monday, March 3:

Setlist for Tokyo added; Sendai and Yokohamo notes added to Concert Chronology.

Saturday, March 1:

Setlist for Sendai and Yokohamo, Japan shows added to Concert Chronology. [thanks to Tony S.]

Thursday, February 27:

Added notes for Perth [thanks to Matt S.]

Sunday, February 23:

Added setlist for Perth, notes for all three Melbourne shows, plus soundchecks and a review for Sydney III [thanks to Ed T., Joseph O., Keiv S. and Derek C.]

Thursday, February 20:

Added Melbourne III setlist

Wednesday, February 19:

Added Melbourne II setlist; added mp3s from Ed's Sydney II preset [thanks to Jason Lynch (]

Tuesday, February 18:

Added Melbourne I setlist and poster scan

Monday, February 17:

Added notes for Adelaide [thanks to Judd & Daniel]

Sunday, February 16:

Added setlist for Adelaide; catching up on notes for prior 2003 shows [thanks to Mark F., Chris W., Michael M., Chris L., Heathen, Jason, baz]

Friday, February 14:

Setlist added for Sydney III

Thursday, February 13:

Setlist added for Sydney II

Tuesday, February 11:

Setlist added for Sydney I; poster scans added for Brisbane and Sydney shows [thanks to BRY]

Sunday, February 9:

Setlist and notes added for Brisbane I; setlist added for Brisbane II [thanks to David H & BRY]