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More Changes at Five Horizons

August 3. 2005 – More C-C-C-Changes

If you visit Five Horizons often, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a lack of updates in the past few months. Due to growing family obligations and work commitments, it has become extremely difficult to attend to everything. With a small PJ tour in the near future, it is important to find a way to keep the Concert Chronology current.

Fortunately, good friends at TwoFeetThick (TFT) agreed to take on the CC and merge it into their existing site framework. John, Jessica and Kathy are graciously accepting responsibility for updating shows with setlists, notes, media (handbills and posters) and more. They are huge, long-time fans, have built a powerful resource in TFT and will undoubtedly do as terrific a job with the CC as they have done with the rest of their efforts.

Thus, the CC on 5h will be locked down, just as the remainder of the site has been for nearly three years. 5h will stay online as an archived resource and you are welcome to continue to visit.

All new contributions and corrections should be sent to TFT. You’ll find a form for submitting information at the bottom of each CC page on TFT. Updates sent to 5h will be forwarded to TFT. Please continue to support the CC by sending relevant information to them. A strong, communicative fan base is so important in making the CC excellent.

The CC on TwoFeetThick can be found at

And their announcement about this change and the background of the CC is here

Thanks very much everyone … and special thanks to Caryn, the usual suspects and everyone who has contributed. It has been a great ride!

September 13, 2002

When 5h launched six years ago out of the foolish dreams and hopes of a bunch of crazy Pearl Jam fans, things were much different. There were very few PJ sites, and the ones that existed were not maintained. There were no official sites.

5h's mission has always been to provide unique content to PJ fans. It has become more and more difficult to remain true to that goal. There are plenty of PJ sites out there now, many of whom provide discographies, articles, mp3s, news and photos.

Out of respect for Pearl Jam, 5h has always maintained a policy of not reporting on rumors, gossip or idle chit chat. The fact that we always tried to maintain integrity in our reportage allowed us to build a great network of informants (the infamous "PJ Rebel Alliance," thank you all!), who respected our work and understood what we were trying to do (and, more importantly, what we weren't trying to do).

However, lately it's gotten a little too hard to figure out what is and isn't permitted, and there's no point in just repeating the same content or information that's mirrored on other web sites, whether official or unofficial. Additionally, while two people ran 5h from 1997 until a few months ago, right now there is only one person still maintaining the site.

So what do we do as new album and tour time approaches? Well, we know that the Concert Chronology is the thing that everyone really cares about on 5h. And, so far, it's the one thing we have to offer that's still truly unique.

Effective today, all updates to 5h will cease except updates to the Concert Chronology. All other sections will be frozen as they are now but will remain online as a resource. The Concert Chronology remains a living document and will continue to be maintained.

It's been a wild six years. It didn't turn out like we planned it, but nothing ever does. Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

So what does this mean, really?

Arrangements are in place to keep 5h online for pretty much forever. The content that you see here will continue to be available to you. However, most of the site will be frozen.

General questions, except those with respect to the Concert Chronology and relevant submissions, will not be answered.

There WILL be updates to the Concert Chronology, both past and future shows. Updates will not be instantaneous. Setlists will not go online immediately when a show ends. They will, however, always be verified, true, and correct, as they have always been. 5h will accept photographs, notes, comments and possibly reviews (undecided yet) as relevant to a particular show.

How can you do this? Have you turned against Pearl Jam?

Are you kidding??? Absolutely not! There is so much excitement about the new album and anticipated tour plans. Actually, it will be fun to be able to enjoy the news as it unfolds, rather than needing always to "update the web site."

I will help you run 5h!

It was difficult to keep it running with people who were close friends.

How about you give me the 5h content for my site?

No. It's going to stay here, maintained and available for anyone to use. If at some point in the future we are unwilling or unable to keep the server running, then we'll make some decisions. However, at this point, that isn't anticipated.

This is just a change and not a horrible thing. Change is hard but change is good.

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