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What's New for May 2002

Tuesday, May 28:

This article by the great Dave Marsh, regarding Ticketmaster and fan club ticketing, mentions PJ explicitly and implicitly. Maybe this will help people understand why the band cared to try to fight TM all those years ago.

[A request: can we please all not go stampeding and writing to Ten Club panicking over this article. There's no tour yet; they're smart people; they'll take care of us, they always do. Let's let them do their jobs and worry about it when there's a tour to worry about. Writing to them because you read that article here will only cause them to get pissed at us, not you. Thanks.]

Tuesday, May 21:

At long last, Concert Chronology updates:

Thursday, May 16:

Oh my god, someone besides Ed getting out there and playing: A Jeff Ament special appearance: see side projects. [Thanks to Jill Woolcock for sharp vision]

Monday, May 13:

Yes, we are still here! We were suffering from server problems, so we were running on a backup server that allowed us to keep the site running, but could not make updates. Then yesterday everything crashed, including our mail. We're fine. Things are just quiet!

Because we were technically unable to update the site, we were unable to make a note of the announcement on the site about the album being finished, along with some photos, that all the radio stations and online music magazines are picking up on. Go to the original source :)

KROCK in New York who says there is a tour in July is dead wrong. Radio stations suck. Ignore them. If they have Pearl Jam news, they took it from some web site somewhere. This has always been the case.

Finally, this is a down year. There's not much to report. We work so incredibly hard when the band *are* active that we just can't keep the site running at the same pace when the band *aren't* active. If you've got content submissions and contributions, we'd love to have them. But you've seen all the photos we have in our collections! Help us out & then you'd have something new to look at....

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