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What's New for April-June 2003

5h is not covering PJ "news" ... only the Concert Chronology is being updated. Here's why.

Sunday, June 29:

Added setlist and soundcheck for last night's Toronto show [thanks to JLukin24 and the Tim M]

Friday, June 27:

Added setlist for last night's Detroit show

Thursday, June 26:

Added setlists and notes for Columbus and Detroit 1 [thanks to JLukin24 and the usual suspects]

Monday, June 23:

Added setlist for last night's Noblesville show

Sunday, June 22:

Added setlist for last night's East Troy show [thanks to Corvin]

Thursday, June 19:

Added setlist, poster scan and brief notes for last night's Chicago show [thanks to Jon P]

Added notes for Little Rock [thanks to John Bradshaw]

Added notes, poster and setlist scans for St. Paul [thanks to Dan Schmidt, Adam Crowson and Ben]

Tuesday, June 17:

Added setlist for last night's St. Paul show

Monday, June 16:

Added setlist for last night's Fargo show

Sunday, June 15:

Added setlist for Council Bluffs

Setlist scan added for Dallas [thanks to Edward Fairchild]

Friday, June 13:

Added setlist, notes plus setlist and poster scans for last night's Bonner Springs show [thanks to Christopher & Pete!]

Wednesday, June 11:

Added setlist for last night's Little Rock show

Added notes for Missoula [thanks to Stu]

Tuesday, June 10:

Added setlist and notes for last night's Dallas show [thanks to Arun and Jerome]

Added 'Daughter' tag to Irvine 1 [thanks to AJ]

Sunday, June 8:

Added setlist for last night's Phoenix show.

Saturday, June 7:

Added setlist for last night's Las Vegas show.

Friday, June 6:

Added setlist for San Diego.

Tuesday, June 3:

Catching up on setlists for Missoula, Vancouver, Mountain View and both Irvine shows.

Friday, May 16:

Setlist scan added for St. Louis [thanks to Lori D]
Main and encore setlist scans added for West Palm Beach [thanks to Gary N]

Catching up on notes for San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, West Palm Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte (soundcheck added), Nashville, Atlanta, Lexington, St. Louis, Champaign, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Philly. [thanks to Mont H, Kelly D, Richard & Julie, T.J., Dave S, joHn, Dervis T, Jessica, Kyle K, Harry J., Julian B, Patrick O., westwood, Scott M, Mike T, J. Hagan, Tyler W, Frank C, Darrell D, Casey G, Jamie H, Bill K, Amloma2000 and Darius S]

Monday, May 5:

Setlist scan added for Champaign [thanks to Annalise Nelson].
Encore setlist scan added for Champaign [thanks to Christopher]

Sunday, May 4:

Setlist added for the incredible State College show, closing the first leg of the tour.

Saturday, May 3:

Setlist and notes added for Uniondale. Setlist added for last night's Buffalo show. [thanks to C and Mike W]
Thanks to ALL who have sent email ... if your contributions haven't been added yet, they will be soon. We've been away and are still playing catch-up. Notes will be added as time permits.

Wednesday, April 30:

Setlist added for Albany

Tuesday, April 29:

Setlists added for St. Louis, Champaign, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Philly.

Monday, April 22:

Setlist added for Lexington

Saturday, April 19:

Setlist and notes added for Nashville [thanks to danica]

Friday, April 18:

Soundcheck and pre-set added for Nashville [thanks to bigjilm and Kevin]

Thursday, April 17:

Setlist, notes and setlist scan added for Charlotte [thanks to Charles, Allen and Lynne]

Wednesday, April 16:

Setlist and notes added for Raleigh [thanks to joHn and Brandon]

Setlist scans added for House of Blues show [thanks to Jeff and Jason]

Monday, April 14:

Setlist added for Tampa [thanks to Corvin]

Corrected House of Blues setlist [thanks to Dave S.]

Sunday, April 13:

Setlist, soundcheck and brief notes for House of Blues added [thanks to William R.]

Saturday, April 11:

Setlist for West Palm Beach added. Setlist scans added for Birmingham and New Orleans [thanks to Ben T. and Jack W.]

Thursday, April 10:

Setlist and brief notes for Birmingham added [thanks to Michelle]

Wednesday, April 9:

Soundcheck for Birmingham added [thanks to E and F]

Setlists and notes for New Orleans added; encore setlist scan added for Oklahoma City [thanks to Corvin and Edward Fairchild]

Monday, April 7:

Setlists and notes for San Antonio and Houston added; poster scans added for Denver and Texas shows [thanks to BRY and Kevin]

Friday, April 4:

Setlist and notes for Oklahoma City added [thanks to Craig and Ron]

Note: an article was penned for 5h early last year that has a renewed timeliness given the current state of affairs and recent happenings. See Let the Song Protest: Pearl Jam and Politics and a Brief History in Rock.

Wednesday, April 2:

Setlist, notes and setlist scan for Denver added [thanks to Jeremy]