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What's New for November 1996

Sat Nov 30, 1996
Many minor modifications to concert chronology:
  • 1991
    Added setlist to 11/16/91 Roseland, NYC show (courtesy of Mitch Kalmar)
  • 1992
    Corrected setlist discrepancy for 6/15/92 Nuremberg show (thanks to Mitch)
  • 1992 (part 2)
    Corrected setlist discrepancies for 8/4/92 Saratoga Springs Lolla show and 9/26/92 Honolulu show (Mitch, again)
  • 1993
    Corrected setlist discrepancy for 7/2/93 Verona show (Mitch)
    Added notes to 10/25/93 Seattle "surprise" show
    Added Beatles' covers to 'Daughter' outtro for 11/30/93 Las Vegas show (courtesy of Gavin Conaty)
    Added Bowie & Beatles' covers to 'Daughter' outtro for 12/7/93 Seattle show (thanks to Gavin)
    Added Bowie cover to 'Daughter' outtro for 12/9/93 Seattle show (Gavin, again)
  • 1994
    Added Pixies cover to 'Porch' outtro for 3/26/94 Murfreesboro show (Gavin)
  • Wed Nov 27, 1996

    Chris sets new procrastination record. :) Over eight months after aquiring the rare 12" vinyl basketball picture disc release of Ten and promising to scan it for the discography ("soon") I finally did so last night.
    Tue Nov 26, 1996
    the tour has ended :(

    Added setlists and brief notes for Lisbon shows to 1996 Concert Chronology.
    Mon Nov 25, 1996
    Lisbon, Portugal: Cascais Pavilion
    Added more notes for Augusta and Buffalo shows to 1996 Concert Chronology.
    Sun Nov 24, 1996
    Lisbon, Portugal: Cascais Pavilion

    Revised setlist for San Sebastian (thanks, Amil). Added setlists and notes for Barcelona and San Sebastian shows to European tour leg of Concert Chronology. (Thanks, Josema Alonso!)
    Sat Nov 23, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Fri Nov 22, 1996
    San Sebastian, Spain: Anoeta Velodrome

    Added many missing setlists and soundchecks to 1996 Concert Chronology, thanks again to Leo Cailleteau, and to Andrew for phoning it to him!
    Thur Nov 21, 1996
    Barcelona, Spain: Sports Palace

    Added a great link to Jiff's very cool story about his "Don't Delay" sign at the Buffalo show to the 1996 Concert Chronology. (Thanks, Jiff!)
    Wed Nov 20, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Added more notes to Charleston show in 1996 Concert Chronology.
    Tue Nov 19, 1996
    Instanbul, Turkey: World Trade Center

    New news items today: No 1996 Christmas single, the Five Horizons statement about the Rolling Stone furor, and info about the forthcoming Brad album.
    Mon Nov 18, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Added Budapest setlist and comments to 1996 Concert Chronology.

    Placed Lolla '92 poster scan at top of 1992 Concert Chronology (part 2).

    Sun Nov 17, 1996
    Budapest, Hungary: Sports Hall

    Five Horizons just acquired a scanner for our own personal use. ;-) Look forward to tons of new scanned stuff in the coming weeks!

    Vedder for President!: the true story of the t-shirt thrown on stage at Randall's Island in New York City, with photos. [thanks to Chris H. and Quayle Hodek]

    More Randall's Island photos! [thanks again to Chris H. and Quayle Hodek; thanks to Seth Perlman at the Unofficial Soundgarden Home Page for the layout ;-) ]

    Memorabilia from Bridge School: badge and program

    Fixed two posters that mysteriously disappeared from the Memorabilia section - one beautiful Frank Kozik original and another Soundgarden/Pearl Jam one [thanks to Frank Kozik and Seth Perlman]

    Finally got Mike's guitar pick scanned

    Sat Nov 16, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Added Prague setlist and comments to 1996 Concert Chronology.
    Fri Nov 15, 1996
    Prague, Czech Republic: Sports Hall
    Added a .wav of the new version of "Corduroy" from the first night of Bridge School, as well as a great photo of the front of Shoreline Ampitheatre. [MANY thanks go to Shane and X-107.5 in Las Vegas for both of these.]
    Thur Nov 14, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Added some video captures (as well as a sound sample) from "Singles" to the Archive. [special thanks to the delightful Shroom!]

    Added Milan setlist to 1996 Concert Chronology.

    Wed Nov 13, 1996
    Milan, Italy: Forum

    Tue Nov 12, 1996
    Rome, Italy: Palaeur

    Added 'Last Exit' to the setlist for the 3/8/95 Adelaide show in the 1995 Concert Chronology. (Thanks to Eric Long.)
    Mon Nov 11, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Corrections/additions to the 1992 Concert Chronology:
  • ID'd Beatles' song snippet at end of 'I've Got a Feeling' jam at 2/28/92 London show.
  • Corrected setlist discrepancy and added comments to 3/12/92 Frankfurt show.
  • Sun Nov 10, 1996
    Zurich, Switerland: Hallenstadion

    Tablature: 5H has found a great resource for original, quality tablature. Check them out in our Songs section.

    Added a few things to the 1996 Video Guide.

    Sat Nov 9, 1996
    PJ have the night off (Canceled Innsbruck, Austria show)

    Fri Nov 8, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    Added a soundbyte from PJ's 'I've Got a Feeling' jam which meanders into Soundgarden's 'Outshined' (11/21/91 Ann Arbor show) to the 1990/91 Concert Chronology. Also made correction on 10/22/90 Seattle show. (Changed venue from "OK Hotel" to "The Off Ramp.")
    Thur Nov 7, 1996
    Paris, France: Le Zenith

    Wed Nov 6, 1996
    Amsterdam, Holland: Park Hall

    Apparently Eddie made an appearance at the tiny Vera Club in Groningen last nite. The setlist and comments are in the Concert Chronology
    Tue Nov 5, 1996
    PJ have the night off... (well, perhaps Ed didn't!)

    Added link from the Concert Chronology to Toronto listing in the 1996 section of the Video Guide.

    Added Hamburg setlist to 1996 Concert Chronology (Thanks, Mirella!)

    Mon Nov 4, 1996
    Hamburg, Germany: Sporthalle

    The 1996 section has finally been added to the Video Guide. (Yes, I'm slow. So shoot me. :-P) It is mostly just a "what's out there" report at this point, although it does include a vid review of 9/21/96 Toronto. I also corrected the venue for the 10/22/90 show (it *did* take place at The Off Ramp after all) and revised the notes for the 11/13/90 Temple of the Dog show. Found out a couple of interesting things recently concerning Temple of the Dog and the early days of PJ... :)

    Added Berlin setlist to 1996 Concert Chronology (Thanks Pearl Jam for broadcasting it! It was super!)

    Sun Nov 3, 1996
    Berlin, Germany: Deutschlandhalle

    We've had to remove our "Olympic Platinum" page temporarily. We'll be receiving a stereo copy of the song soon and will put the page back up with additional details from fans in Atlanta as soon as we can.

    Well, the Five Horizons Live Berlin Simulcast is now over. ;-) Hope it was useful/enjoyable/amusing to you. ;-) The setlist and comments are still on the Berlin page. We'll archive this eventually and Jean'll make her additions to the Concert Chronology.

    Sat Nov 2, 1996
    PJ have the night off

    The LAST installation of Berlin stations has been added. Please, no more! ;-) [ thanks to Karen Coluzzi, Kirsten and Ville Kononen) If you don't have a station in your area, bookmark our "Berlin" page tomorrow and keep hitting 'reload'! We'll post the setlist w/comments as the show is broadcast!

    Minor updates and modifications to the Concert Chronology:

  • 1993
    Added soundcheck and modified notes to 11/5/93 (Indio) show (based on Matt's Hale's firsthand account).
    Corrected support act (to Urge Overkill) for 11/26/93 show. (Thanks to John Hart.)
  • 1996
    Added Poland setlist. (Thanks Leo Cailleteau, and to Andrew for phoning it to him!)
  • Fri Nov 1, 1996
    Warsaw, Poland: Torwar

    Yet again, more Berlin stations. You guys are too much! [thanks to: David Johnson, Patrik Edelmann, Matthew Heiskell, Kris Harrison, Victor Delatorre, Travis Martin]

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