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What's New for December 1998

Wednesday, December 30:
You knew it was coming: Live On Two Legs: The Live Pearl Jam Experience is an album review and a 1998 tour wrap-up.
Tuesday, December 29:
Losers with no life: Well, it was only a matter of time before someone started impersonating us on the Synergy BBS. Sorry to waste the space here, but since we have no control over that forum (and ANYONE can post as anyone there, including Eddie Vedder), but we are stating publicly that we are NOT posting on the Synergy board, and any posts from us on that board are fake.
Monday, December 28:
Mike on KISW last night: in News. [Thanks to Mike Mabie for encoding the ENTIRE broadcast!]
Sunday, December 27:
Spoiler alert!: place/date: a review.
Friday, December 25:
A little Christmas present for you: a brand-new Featured Photo of the Moment.
Thursday, December 24:
We have a new poster scan from a few years ago ... the AmesBros promo poster for the Asia/Oz 95 tour, in memorabilia.
Wednesday, December 23: Happy Birthday, Ed!

Monday, December 21:
A quick "thanks" to everyone who has contributed to the Concert Chronology since the tour ended. We will get to all of the updates and corrections in time. Over the weekend, we stepped into the past and added the 1991 updates:

  • 10/15/91 Washington, DC: added venue info [thanks to Rick P.]
  • 10/16/91 Madison, WI: corrected setlist [thanks to Jeff Dealaman]
  • 10/17/91 DeKalb, IL: corrected venue [thanks to Dan Reinholtz]
  • 10/16/91 Ames, IA: added notes and partial setlist [thanks to Steve Cable]
  • Friday, December 18:
    place/date: the book is HERE! People on the West Coast, from Seattle to LA, have found this propped in front of their mailboxes as of today. If you ordered it, look for it soon. If you're wondering if you can still join the Ten Club and get this book, you need to ask them, not us, because we honestly don't know.
    Thursday, December 17:
    Mike and Stone on Seattle radio: in News. [Thanks to Phillip Navarre]
    Wednesday, December 16:
    1998 Video Guide updates, including a review of the Minneapolis show and some added screenshots for previously reviewed shows.
    Friday, December 11:
    A little info on this June's Tibetan Freedom Concert rebroadcast in News.
    Wednesday, December 9:
    Exciting news about Pearl Jam returning to the studio soon, in News.
    Wednesday, December 3:
    Amended Xmas single info, in News. Don't peek if you don't want to know. =)
    Tuesday, December 2:
    If you don't want to know what this year's fan club Christmas single is going to be, then don't go read News for a while.... =)

    Quizlet results: Out of 13,534 votes, 41% voted for Matt Cameron, 35% for Jack Irons, 20% for Dave Abbruzzeze, and 2% each for Dave Krusen and Matt Chamberlain as their favorite PJ drummer. Thank you for your participation.

    Here's December's Song X!

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