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What's New for October 1999

Sunday, October 31:
Happy Halloween! Bridge is OVER, waaaaaaaaa. In the 1999 Concert Chronology.

Ed and Roger sang during "Surfin' USA" and we forgot to put that in there again. Oh yeah and the encore. Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow night when we get home; some are on MFC here.

Saturday, October 30:
Bridge XIII, Night one: Yeah, you heard it on the webcast, but we have the name of the new song!! In the 1999 Concert Chronology.

Oh yeah, Ed came out and sang "Surfin' USA" with Brian Wilson, but we're too tired to go back and add it to the CC. *yawn*

We have broken FTP access, but there will be some photos on MFC in the "photos" section. Probably.

Friday, October 29:
Soundcheck setlist!: In the 1999 Concert Chronology - don't look if you want to be surprised!

Cybercast news: We believe that the best URL to use for the Bridge School Cybercast this weekend will be -- but if you go there now, it's just a directory listing. But you *can* just go in through the Bridge School site and bypass the Intel nightmare page. Any of this can change at any time, and we'll probably already be at Shoreline when it does - but going in through is a safe bet.

Thursday, October 28:
IMPORTANT BRIDGE CYBERCAST INFO: Many of you are going INSANE over the fact that Intel's web page makes reference to the fact that the webcast will be for Pentium III computers only. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT GOING TO BE THE CASE!

This is precisely WHY we say on the news page, "don't freak out over what you find on the web pages, they aren't DONE yet".

We know that Intel wanted the broadcast to be PIII only, and that Bridge said "no", but that Intel had already made the web page. This WILL change before Saturday, and there's NOTHING you can do, or see, on those pages before then, so please stop going there, getting upset, and sending all sorts of insane email to us (who have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BROADCAST)! Yes, it's stupid that a major corporate concern can't seem to get their act together.

We have assurances from someone working on the webcast that this is NOT going to be the case this weekend. And let's remember that THESE SHOWS WILL BE TAPED so even if you don't hear the webcast for some reason, you will hear it eventually.

Wednesday, October 27:

Here's the new Song X.

Monday, October 25:
Late updates to the Guide to Bridge '99.

Song X: look for it on Wednesday! (Really. We promise!)

Monday, October 18:
Going to the Bridge Benefit? You'll be interested in this: the Portable 5h Guide to the '99 Bridge School Benefit.
Tuesday, October 12:
A new Featured Photo of the Moment.
Monday, October 11:
Some minor updates to News and the Guide to Bridge '99.

Where is Song X? We're working on it.

Friday, October 8:
Great interview with Ed and Pete Townshend in USA Today; in the Articles Archive. [Thanks to Gina and Darlene]
Monday, October 4:
Some important updates to our Guide to Bridge '99: door times, updated public transit info, new FAQ's.

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