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What's New for August 2001

Thursday, August 30:
More Side Project News from Mr. McCready. [Thanx to Naiah's dad]

Another act announced to the Bridge lineup! [Thanks Gavin!]

Wednesday, August 29:
Some updates to our Bridge and Seattle guides (particularly the former).
Tuesday, August 28:
On sale date for the Bridge shows announced (but no lineup yet). See our Bridge guide. [Thanks to the observant Sam, and to for getting the scoop this time!]
Friday, August 24:
A reminder that the tickets for the Groundworks 2001 show in Seattle go on sale tomorrow at 10am Seattle time. They are available through Ticketmaster Online, or by calling the Seattle Ticketmaster Charge-by-Phone number, which is 206-628-0888.

Please note: that link works now. It may not work later tonight, it may go up and down, and it might be changed by tomorrow morning - sometimes Ticketmaster changes things. We won't be able to update the site again until tomorrow night. It's your responsibility to log on well before 10am to make sure that you have a working link. If you live in neighboring areas, you might be able to call your local number for tickets, but unfortunately we're unable to track all of that information here. If you want tickets, you need to make your own calls & verify things before 10am tomorrow.

Finally, thought we'd throw in that there's a webcast of the always fabulous Wellwater Conspiracy show in San Diego tonight, see for the link.

Thursday, August 23:
The internet presale for the Groundwork 2001 tickets that we reported on this morning has ended. It wasn't public, but a very smart woman named Jen figured out the password. Only a portion of tickets went on sale - more tickets will be sold on Saturday via Ticketmaster. (See News for more info.) Good luck to everyone!.

Thursday, August 16:

And now McCready's getting busy! See Side Project News. [Thanks to Dave Linn]
Wednesday, August 15:
Artwork and news about Stone's solo album! See Side Project News. [Thanks to JJJRRR and Britney for the reminders]

We're continuing to update our Bridge and Seattle guides with relevant information as we find it. We just added the price and on-sale time for the Seattle tickets, as well as some other information about buying tickets. If you are planning on buying tickets and you don't live in the Seattle area, be sure you check this out well ahead of time.

Monday, August 13:
Just added, our 5h Guide to the 15th Annual Bridge School Benefit. This has been revised, updated and enhanced.

Despite difficult security at the Showbox, a few photos have surfaced from Jack McDowell's benefit show last month. Photos are now included in the review. [Thanks to Chris Asplund!]

And now we have a review with photos from the Nader Rally in Portland [thanks to Kasey Anderson & Laurie Hester].

Thursday, August 9:
In anticipation of the Groundworks 2001 show, we've added a special section to our Ultimate Seattle Guide. (We are working on the Bridge guide and should have an update over the weekend.)
Tuesday, August 7:
One more PJ appearance this year! In News. [Thanks to the newest member of the PJ Rebel Alliance for the heads-up]
Monday, August 6:
Bridge dates announced! See Tour or News.
Sunday, August 5:
We've got mp3s from last night's Nader rally available for those of you who missed it, or had a bad connection. These are from the webcast, so they are not the greatest quality. (You've been warned, so please don't bitch about it. :)) [We have a good audience source on the way, but this should tide you over until then.] In the Concert Chronology [Thanks to Error_Ament]
Saturday, August 4:
Setlist for Ed's appearance at tonight's Nader Rally in Portland is in the Concert Chronology now.

Friday, August 3:
Cool, old setlist added to the miscellaneous section in Memorabilia. We can't positively ID the show, other than it is from 1993. [props to dangerboy for digging this up!]

And a reminder for the weekend: Ed is slated to appear at the Nader Rally in Portland tomorrow evening. As noted in Side Project News, the site now has added links to a schedule and webcast!

Wednesday, August 1:
A very special addition to the lyrics area of our Memorabilia section section: Ed's handwritten lyrics for "Poor Girl" from the 7/9/01 benefit show in Seattle. [many thanks to Mike Dixon for sharing!]

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