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What's New for February 1999

Saturday, February 27:
Anthony Kiedis suggests that the RHCP and PJ will play together this year. In News. [Thanks to Keith]
Thursday, February 25:
Added a soundbyte of Ed's eloquent "save the flag" speech from the 7/10/98 San Diego show (linked from that listing in the concert chronology).
Wednesday, February 24:
Finally, the end of Grammy madness: They didn't win anything. In News (along with an apology for the false alarm yesterday. Our source misread "winner" for "nominee".)
Monday, February 22:
Some Quick Takes in News; two new sites added to other essential pj resources, as well as a note about the brand-new (and excellent!) issue of Tickle My Nausea. [Thanks to "the ved-ster" and Jonathan Lemire]

In addition to adding some notes about video collecting to the VG intro, two new shows are reviewed in the 1998 Video Guide section: Chicago and MSGII. We've also added screenshots to Great Woods an d VFC.

Tuesday, February 16:
We've implemented a search feature, available at the bottom of the 5h main page. For now, the search link is only on the main page, but if you have suggestions on where else it would be useful, feel free to let us know :)
Thursday, February 11:
Check out our newest Featured Photo of the Moment.
Wednesday, February 10:
Don't believe the hype: The interview? In our opinion, a total fucking publicity stunt. The guy who funded a pirate radio station is not gonna be going through a "manager" to do this. For those of you wherever who are actually believing that Ed is suddenly such a big star he won't pick up a phone, would you please think for two seconds? More in News

Vedder Online Radio Interview Today?!: Could be. And that Gossard fellow is up to no good, too. =) In News. [Thanks to PSG and CLV]

Friday, February 4:
Are PJ playing with Neil Young? NO! Is Matt Cameron hosting an online chat? YES! In News. [Thanks to Matt Hammons for the info on MC]
Wednesday, February 3:
News about a scholarship fund set up for John Baker Saunders, and some other short takes in a new format. Let us know what you think. [Thanks to Chris Hilton]
Monday, February 1:
Updated the Concert Chronology as follows:

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