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What's New for July 2002

Tuesday, July 23:

A new date scheduled for The Who with Ed and C Average in Chicago: see News!

Saturday, July 20:
happy birthday stone gossard!

Mini updates to Side Projects with respect to Tribute to Heroes, the Ament/Pinnick collaboration and a new Matt Cameron effort. [Thanks to Chet Czapla and Stephan Rott.]

Also noteworthy: a cool Ten Club update with photos from Ed's recent outing plus a few new items in the Consume section.

Tuesday, July 16:

Site is back online after a brief outage.

Yesterday's Rumor Pit update tells us that November 19 is the proposed release date for the new album!!!!!!

Friday, July 12:

Another pop up for a John Entwistle tribute: see the Concert Chronology. Plus a new Photo! [Thanks to naiah's dad!]

Wednesday, July 10:

Ed pops up at Neil Finn's Seattle show last night: see the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Michael Schechter and other special friends!]

Track listing and cover art for the new Brad album in Stone's section of Side Projects.

Update about the I Am Sam DVD in Ed's section of Side Projects. [Thanks to Chris Marino!]

Monday, July 1:

Album release date and other news about the new Rumor Pit - see News. Everything you are reading online or hearing on radio stations is coming from that, even if they don't name their source...

Ten Club Newsletter #19 is hitting mailboxes now! No spoilers here, sorry!

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