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What's New for October 1996

Thur Oct 31, 1996 : Happy Halloween!
PJ have the night off

You guessed it... more Berlin stations, and some advice on reception [thanks to Xana, Brandes Holcomb and Leo Cailleteau]

Moved the news about the "Daughter" tag to the News page.

Finally updated thetour dates listing. ;-}

Wed Oct 30, 1996
PJ have the night off

Even MORE Berlin stations [thanks to: Randy Haskin, Matthew Heiskell, Scotty, Nate Abbott, Fred Evans, Patrick Hale, Eric Grover, 'labuser']
Tue Oct 29, 1996
London, Wembley Arena

We've id'd the mysterious "Daughter" tag from the most recent shows! It's called "Noise of Carpet" by a band called Stereolab and you can hear a .wav of it here. [Thanks to Matt Hale and elektra records]

Added yet MORE Berlin stations [thanks to: Nick Z, Scott Moye, Sergio Mejia, Thomas Heller, "Slick Tom", Nayan Sheth, Yves Lauzon, Austin Fatheree, Ryan Chavez, Joao Agostinho, Pedro Ramos, Tareq R. - we forgot to write and thank you all, so here: THANK YOU! ;-)]

Added 10/26 (Dublin) and 10/28 (London) dates to 1996 concert chronology.
We're looking for an accurate setlist for Dublin, as well as reviews or photos from any of the European shows. Please write us if you have anything you'd like to submit.

Mon Oct 28, 1996

Yet more Berlin stations added, thanks to: Ed, Michael Dolin, David Darrah, Kris Harrison, Mike Hanson, Scott Gerace and Diana Wheeler. Thanks to everyone!
Sun Oct 27, 1996

More Berlin stations added, thanks to Twilight and S. Mohanty. Keep 'em coming!

Updates and modifications to the Concert Chronology --

  • 1991:
    Added 12/15/91 venue info (thanks to Carl Sylvester) and setlist and notes (thanks to Matt Hale)
  • 1996:
    Added 9/21/96 soundcheck note from Josh Ling
    Added 9/24/96 notes from Mary Cossar and Kirsten Swartz
    Added 9/26/96 soundcheck notes from Josh Ling and Maggie Stinson
  • Fri Oct 25, 1996

    Added lots of new stations to Berlin Broadcast list [Thanks to Aaron Hillman, Donnie Roberts, Diego Rumazza and Yanette Ramirez]
    Thur Oct 24, 1996

    Added a Quicktime clip from the "Hunger Strike" video to the Archive. [Thanks to Seth Perlman]

    Added two posters from 1993 to the Memorabilia section [Thanks to Seth Perlman and Frank Kozik]

    Amended the time for the Berlin Broadcast and added additional stations [Thanks to Robert Annal, Martin Laniel and ATN]

    Tue Oct 22, 1996

    Wrote extended notes for 9/14 Showbox performance in 1996 concert chronology. (Thanks "King M")

    Added Phoenix and Melbourne to the list of stations planning to carry the Berlin Broadcast. Thanks to Marcus in AZ and Jennifer Moritz for the info!

    Mon Oct 21, 1996

    Caryn's Bridge reviews are now up! We're still looking for photos (hint, hint!).

    Added second night's Bridge Benefit setlist and notes to 1996 concert chronology. Caryn was there last nite. If anyone has photos from the shows they'd like to share, please write us.

    Added Ryan Mance's review & corrected setlist for Columbia, MD to 1996 concert chronology.

    Sun Oct 20, 1996

    With a heavy heart, added Sites That Steal Our Stuff. Have a look. You may learn that you work has been stolen also.

    Added Bridge Benefit setlist and notes to 1996 concert chronology. Caryn and Chris were there last nite. More tonite ...

    Sat Oct 19, 1996

    Included Sydney, Toronto and San Diego on the list of stations planning to carry the Berlin Broadcast, thanks to tips from Brett Habel, Justin Cavallo, Shanil Virani and Daniela.

    Added news about Stone's guitar theft in Ft. Lauderdale with reward and who to contact info. This is very disturbing.

    Fri Oct 18, 1996

    Created a page for the Berlin Broadcast, listing radio stations that will be carrying the broadcast.

    Thur Oct 17, 1996

    Pearl Jam are poised to take over the airwaves again. :) Check out the news section for details.

    Wed Oct 16, 1996

    Added some questions about quantities of various collectibles and values of various collectibles to the FAQ and the Discography.

    Sun Oct 13, 1996

    Minor updates and modifications to the Concert Chronology --
  • 1991:
    Omitted Nirvana from 12/07/91
    Added 12/27/91 date
    Corrected 12/28/91 date and added Nirvana and RHCP as supported acts
    Omitted 12/30/91 show
    Thanks to Leo Cailleteau for all the info above.
  • 1992:
    Added RHCP and Nirvana as supported acts to 01/02/92 show (thanks again, Leo)
    Added info about 04/15/92 show that was cancelled (courtesy of William C. Forbes)
  • 1993:
    Added short soundbytes to 07/13 and 07/14 Brixton shows
    Added attendance and support act info to 09/05/93 show

  • We're really grateful for corrections, additions and details about any PJ shows. If you've been to a show or can clear up any of the setlist with discrepancies, please write us and help keep this document accurate and interesting.
    Sat Oct 12, 1996

    Added photos from Charleston, SC show (taken by Matt Sanders and Brian Barnhard for 5h; thanks guys!)
    Wed Oct 9, 1996

    Added No Code logo scan from '96 tour (thermal shirt) to tour memorabilia page.
    Tues Oct 8, 1996

    Added Ft. Lauderdale setlist and brief notes to 1996 concert chronology

    Chris' review of Hype! is now up in Features

    Sun Oct 6, 1996

    Put up the highly esteemed Seth Perlman's Hartford show story. Seth wasn't really a PJ fan ... but we think we might have a convert... many thanks, Seth!)

    Added a question about the blue-and-red target to the 5H FAQ;
    Added a cool image of Keith Moon playing the drums to the Influences piece.

    Sat Oct 5, 1996

    Added Charleston soundcheck, setlist and notes to 1996 concert chronology. Thanks for phoning us, Matt :)

    Added John Mastrangelo's Buffalo show review. (thanks, John!)

    Thur Oct 3, 1996

    Added LA Times article from start of tour to the Archive.

    Added Hartford setlist to 1996 concert chronology.

    More news concerning the Bridge School Benefit has been added.

    Added the product code number to the U.K. 7" vinyl of Merkinball. (Thanks to Brad, a.k.a. Richard Comer.) This reminds me ... the discography is in serious need of such info for overseas releases. If you have *any* official (from Epic) non-U.S. releases that are not listed in the discography or have information missing please write us and help us out! We would like this resource to be as complete and accurate as possible for all you serious collectors out there. :)

    Wed Oct 2, 1996

    Added Caryn's nyc show reviews
    Updated 1996 concert chronology (added Buffalo info and links to Caryn's NYC reviews).

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