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What's New for May 2001

Monday, May 28:

Every show listed in Concert Chronology for the first leg of the North American tour has been updated. Major thanks to Jessica at Tickle My Nausea for her detailed show reporting in Issue #20 (if you haven't checked out this print zine, you are definitely missing out!) and props to everyone else who went to shows and sent us notes and updates. [Thanks to Josh, Paco, Nik Pietraszewski, Jared Schaeffer, Dave Thomas, Gary Nichols, Chris Kristofco, Mark Hasselbach, Eric Hochstadt, Diego Fernandez, Darlene Patten, Jeremy Schoolfield, Dave Friedenberg, Steve, Mike, Jon Kovalcik, Alexander Cash, Nebnektia, Bruce, Kevin, Brian Kravitz, Brian Plefka, Sean, Pat Holden, Mark Wilkins].

Also, if you have a PDA (Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, etc.) and would like to have the content from the Concert Chronology on it, we've found a way to do it. A PDA version is now available!

Sunday, May 27:
A new article added to our Articles Archive: "The scandalous pre-Pearl Jam past of Mike McCready: He crimped his mullet!" [Thanks to Dawn Anderson]
Saturday, May 26:
New Concert Chronology updates for some older shows:
Wednesday, May 16:
We've updated the On The Road page with the wonderful news about the Bridge School Benefit appearance. There is also a link there to the guide we put together for Bridge 99, which may be helpful for those of you who like to plan ahead.

And, believe it or not: Song X. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Monday, May 14:
Some small tidbits to start your week: Speaking of Song X, check back later this week... (really!)
Thursday, May 3:
After taking a little time to absorb the new video release, the Touring Band 2000 write-up is now online in our Shoes For My Friends section. (Of course, many spoilers are included so if you are waiting for your copy and want to be surprised, the usual disclaimers apply.)

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