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What's New for April 2000

Sunday, April 30:

Some odds & ends:

Saturday, April 28:

Media Watch: another clip of MTV interview, Ed and Jeff on CNN. In the Binaural Media Watch. [Thanks to Kenny Ramone and Ryan Scilla].

Thursday, April 27:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, finally, the VENUES are announced. Going Mobile 2000 - North America is now LIVE with the basic details (dates and on-sale dates). We will get the rest of it filled out ASAP, and as usual, we need your help - see GM for details.

We need things like parking tips, directions only a local would know - we don't need the address, phone number, or web page links. We have those but we both worked 12 hours yesterday and just didn't have time to put those into the guide last night. Thanks for wanting to help.

Two shows have been dropped (Austin and Portland - see the Rumor Pit for full details on that.) And thanks PJ - WAY TO GO on making all the shows go on sale the same day. =( Obviously they've never had to buy tickets via the Ticketmaster web site when there are 28 shows going on sale... *sigh* It won't crash, but it will be a repeat of the BASS web site and Bridge (read: IMPOSSIBLE).

Please do not bombard us with "how do I get tickets" and "what time do tickets go on sale" questions - we just put this up tonight and we are working on gathering this information, most of which is just plain old not available yet. We are also working on a FAQ to answer most of your questions.

Another warmup show announcement!!! See News!

Oh, and there's been a venue change for the Lisbon show May 23 from Atlantico Pavilion to the larger Restelo Stadium. We'll update in Going Mobile 2000 soon.

Tuesday, April 25:


Yes, it should be a national holiday! If you don't have the main page bookmarked as your entrance to 5h, you're missing yet another celebratory animation. =)

Sunday, April 23:

We've now set up one central location to link all the relevant news stories, interviews and other articles about the record: see the Binaural Media Watch.

See the snazzy banner above? While we always encourage folks to patronize local businesses, IF you were going to order the album online anyway, if you use the link above, a percentage of the proceeds help keep 5h running. Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, April 19:

Binaural media alert!: in News.

Thursday, April 13:

Update: It seems that the folks at Great Woods (Tweeter Center) jumped the gun, because all traces of Pearl Jam have now mysteriously vanished from their web site (which we personally verified and received more than one report of, so we know it wasn't fiction). There is no reason to panic just yet, one on-sale date for one show does not a tour make. Yes, we will be listing all the dates and other info in the U.S. version of Going Mobile. If you didn't see what we did for 1998, take a look and be calm. :) This year's will be even better!

If you enter 5h through this page, you missed our cool animation on the main page - check it out!

Yes, we thought that was amazing! Consensus (and closed captioning!) seems to indicate the song played was "Grievance," and we loved it! Apparently four songs were rehearsed and this was the one played. About time PJ got to play exactly what they wanted to on TV =)     Concert Chronology is updated. [Thanks to the Venerable Doug Keegan for the vid captures in the opening animation.]

Oh, there's been one venue announcement: the Boston venue will be two shows at Great Woods; it's on their web page. Tickets go on sale May 6. We'll start putting together a U.S. Going Mobile this weekend.

Wednesday, April 12:

Ooooh, Pearl Jam on The Late Show tonight! Here is a history of PJ's appearances on The Late Show.

(Keep in mind that 5h runs on Pacific Time and we and we want to enjoy the surprise of the show. We won't be posting info, reviews or anything else about tonight's appearance until we've seen it so please don't expect to see anything on the site about it or to receive responses to email about it.)

Tuesday, April 11:

IMPORTANT! Please STOP sending us the "Nothing As It Seems" mp3 (or other format) sound file! It is against 5h policy to feature commercially available tracks on the site, and we definitely don't feature sound files out of context. It is WIDELY available and easy to find if you search for five minutes.

That goes for ANY other tracks from the forthcoming album. We appreciate you wanting to share with other fans, but it's not what we do, it goes against our mission, and we personally want to wait to hear it on the radio or wait for the album to be released. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Saturday, April 8:

More single and album News.


Thursday, April 6:

Single release info, in News.

Also, you could help us out by taking this survey - it helps sell more ads, which keeps 5h up and running. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 5:
Happy Birthday, Mike McCready!

As we extend a BIG happy birthday to Mike, he's the focus (sort of?) of our new Photo of the Moment.

Monday, April 3:

Did you remember to set your clocks forward?

Saturday, April 1:

Pre-album-and-tour boredom: answering the eternal question, "What if the sock puppet was a Pearl Jam sock," our main index page has a little fun in honor of April Fool's Day. [Thanks to JR who asked the original question, and Adam Frucci and Tim Day for their Photoshop wizardry]

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