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What's New for October 2001

Tuesday, October 30:

Side Project news! A short Brad tour of the West coast at the end of November. See Side Project Info. [Thanks to the Brad Info Coalition]

Monday, October 29:

Review extravaganza! A complete recap of the past week's shows are now online ... reviews with photos and more: (special thanks to Steven Dorian Miner and Mirella!)

Saturday, October 27:

We have fixed the two Bridge sound files that were problematic. You can tell you have the latest versions because there is a "2" at the end of the file name. Download here.

Friday, October 26:

Some administrative stuff:
1) There's nothing wrong with the mp3s on the site. They're complete. We test them before we put them up and after we put them up. If you aren't downloading complete mp3s, it's your connection, not us. All of them are fine, including NAIS, which we've checked six times now.
2) We are aware there are problems with our download speeds. It's not a volume issue, we're working to improve this and it should be better now. However, if you notice a problem with 5h, SEND US MAIL. Complaining about it on a message board we don't even read (people forwarded posts to us) isn't going to get things fixed.
3) Yes, there's a Windows system sound during "Indifference" and "Black". I'm sorry, I fucked up and didn't catch that when I tested the files. It's just a simple mistake. We will try to re-encode when we can, no I don't know when that will be.
4) The source for the Bridge show is NOT minidisc or soundboard. We prefer to not give out the source information at the request of the taper. That includes giving it out in email. It sounds good, that's all that should matter.
5) The only people authorized to speak on behalf of 5h and answer questions for 5h are the two people who run the site. If you have questions, ask us. Anyone posting anywhere else does not represent the site.
6) Accusations of us being selfish and not wanting to share the first night of Bridge are kind of upsetting to us. We don't even have night one yet. We thought everyone would be thrilled and happy to get a show within a few days and that's why we went above and beyond to get that up as fast as we could. Please give us a break and stop complaining we don't have night one up. Thank you.

Thursday, October 25:

The rest of the mp3s from the 10/21/01 Bridge set are now online. [Thanks to Rafiki Nzuri]

We don't have bandwidth issues or other traffic problems, so there's no need to host these files on your own site unless you've asked us first. We had some DNS problems today which is why the site was down - not because of traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sorry we're doing this backwards, but -- Groundwork 2001 review now up - without photos, because I'm just way too tired. The photos will go up soon, and we will have GREAT photos from the Croc show and a small writeup about that as well, and yes, eventually, Bridge, with some killer professional photos we just got in.

Another polite request: Please don't barrage us with requests of mp3s for the first night of Bridge (nope), Groundwork 2001 (maybe later), R.E.M.'s set from ANY day (we're not an R.E.M. page nor do we have any idea where to go) or ask us when the rest of night 2 Bridge will be up. We tried to make the point that we're tired and overwhelmed and we're doing this as fast as we can. We appreciate your enthusiasm but there are only so many hours in the day. Please have a little patience. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 24:

Available for weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs: your waiter, Humbert Humbert, Jr. See a new entry in the Concert Chronology. "I guess it never stops..." [Thank you Ninelle, Jessica and Heather for calling me!!!]

It was kind of busy tonight so we only were able to put up four songs from the 10/21/01 Bridge set. We'll get the rest up as soon as we can, so please don't write and ask us for them. PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO THESE SOUND FILES FROM YOUR WEB PAGE OR FROM A BBS. If for some reason you can't say "go to 5h" then provide the link to the Concert Chronology page, but if these files are linked to directly we will have to take them down. Thanks for your help.

We will also get reviews and photos up from the past four live events up as soon as possible, but there hasn't been a lot of sleep at Five Horizons Seattle since last Friday and we have to go back to work tomorrow...! So we appreciate your patience with us.

Tuesday, October 23:

Added the surprise ending to last night's Groundwork 2001 show to the Concert Chronology. What a night. What a weekend.

Monday, October 22:

The Groundwork webcast is incredibly good ... adding the setlist to the Concert Chronology as we get it :)

Pearl Jam's soundcheck is in the Concert Chronology [thanks to Mike Dolin, Mike Baker and Rich Hammond].

Don't forget (as if you could) ... if you're not attending, tonight's Groundwork 2001 benefit show in Seattle will be webcast. The price was reduced. See On the Road for details.

And we've heard three different titles for one of the new songs: "Lost Soldier," "Lost Soul" and "Last Soldier". We're going with the Ten Club, where they are reporting "Last Soldier" and also have a title for the second new song from Bridge: "I Am Mine."

Sunday, October 21:

Setlist and notes for the second Bridge show are here.

According to a fan who saw the soundboard setlist last night, the title of the new song is "Lost Soldier." Notation added to the Concert Chronology [thanks to Brian Tracey]. Also added note about the Cat Stevens "Daughter" tag (thanks to Rich N.).

Saturday, October 20:

Pearl Jam just finished their Bridge School Benefit set ... see the Concert Chronology.
Friday, October 19:
PJ's Bridge soundcheck is in ... see the Concert Chronology (and don't look if you want to be surprised)! [Thanks to Ian, Tim, Frank and KB!]
Tuesday, October 16:
We now have the tentative Bridge lineup order for Saturday and some preliminary info about Sunday. See our Guide to Bridge 2001. [Thanks to SADC, who still rocks Portland]

Also, the weather in Mountain View is looking to be exceptional - sunny, clear and highs in the low 70s, lows in the 50s! [It STILL gets cold at Shoreline at night... so don't leave all your warm clothes at home.]

Sunday, October 14:
Bridge Info: No webcast this year - it's definite. Also some last-minute updates and our Bridge Mini-Guide. See our Guide to Bridge 2001.

Groundwork 2001: We have two additional guides - a Seattle Mini-Guide, and a brand-new 24 Hour Guide to Seattle (for those of you in town for only one day). See the Seattle Guide. (Not that the two events are in any way related, but since people are asking - the fact that there is no Bridge web cast has nothing to do with the Groundworks webcast, which is still scheduled.)

Wednesday, October 10:
Clarification, pt. II:
  1. There is no official Pearl Jam release called "Talk In Code"
  2. There is a bootleg interview CD that came out in 1996 with that name.
  3. There is no official CD coming out with that name, no matter what record store sign, radio station or online music store may say. There is going to be a reissue of the bootleg interview CD, from what we can tell.
  4. If a new PJ CD was coming out on October 22, you would know about it already.
  5. Yes, people like PJ manager Kelly Curtis discussed a b-sides/rarities release months ago. There was never an official notice that it was definitely coming out, with a tracklisting and release date. No, we don't know if it's still coming out. If we had more information about this, it would be on 5h. Writing us and asking us if we have more information isn't going to help. We're not sitting on information and not giving it to you. Really.
We hope that this clarification is helpful.
Monday, October 8:
Part 4 (posters) of "it's not the world that's heavy, it's just the things that you save" -- the next installment of our multi-part article about collecting Pearl Jam memorabilia is online!

Wednesday, October 3:

A new update to the Bridge lineup.

Addendum to the RAH review - "Getting In Tune" is not on the DVD. Left out for some reason. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

A new addition to the Articles Archive, here's a review of the newly released The Who, Live at the Royal Albert Hall (featuring Ed Vedder and other guests), which is now available on DVD and VHS.

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