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What's New for February 2001

Tuesday, February 27:

If you saw Pearl Jam perform in the early days, please check out our Can't Seem To Place It section and see if you can help us figure this stuff out.

We've added MANY updates to the early PJ tour sections of the Concert Chronology, including a new Temple of the Dog show (!), info on the Mookie shows and more.

Monday, February 26:
We'd like to bring attention to a cool, new review on DigiJAM with Brett Eliason. It includes all the technology and background work that went into the production of the bootlegs and the DVD. Click on the link above to check out "Behind the Board."

Friday, February 23:
Added a setlist scan from the 3/25/94 Memphis show [thanks to Brandes Holcomb].
Monday, February 19:
We bring back the Photo Of The Moment feature with a gallery of images from a week of special shows in 1997. [Many thanks to Steven Dorian Miner and Don Whitaker!]
Tuesday, February 13:

Also, as many astute folks pointed out (and we forgot to mention), there is a major typo on the Seattle II artwork - "Thin Air" listed instead of "Light Years". Oops :)

Monday, February 12:
Some interesting News about the next leg of boots.

A very very very! special addition to our Memorabilia section: Ed's handwritten lyrics to "Act of Love" from the 9/19/98 VFC show at Constitution Hall. [Many thanks to Brian Leslie!]

Friday, February 2:
The Release Fanzine web site is no longer online, although the PJ Discography has moved here and will continue to be maintained.

However, our friends at Release donated a few items to 5h. New stuff includes:

Two handwritten lyrics sheets, located in a new Lyrics section in Memorabilia

More handwritten setlists from the past are linked from the Concert Chronology:

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