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What's New for March 1999

Wednesday, March 31:
"The END of the mother fucking drummer situation": In News. [Thanks to Jared, Doug, Matt, Pete, and everyone else from MFC chat for their support & tag-team question efforts]
Sunday, March 21:
Added a review of 8/28/98 Camden, NJ (encore only) to the Video Guide

And here are a few Concert Chronology changes:
  • 2/15/91 San Francisco, CA: added this new date [thanks to Carl]
  • 10/22/91 Milwaukee, WI: added notes
  • 11/1/91 Boston, MA: corrected venue, opening bands and added a note [thanks to Steve Owen]
  • 11/21/91 Ann Arbor, MI: added soundbyte of Outshined snippet in I've Got a Feeling
  • 11/16/91 New York City: corrected setlist and added notes [thanks to Carl]
  • 2/11/92 Paris, France: added notes
  • 3/9/92 Berlin, Germany: added encore break [thanks to Carl]; added notes
  • 3/28/92 Chicago, IL: corrected notes [thanks to Marty]
  • 4/5/92 Montreal, Canada: corrected venue and location [thanks to Frederic Poisson]
  • 5/3/92 Omaha, NE: added notes [thanks to Swaps]
  • 6/19/92 Vienna, Austria: added running time and notes
  • 9/4/92 New Orleans, LA: corrected setlist [thanks to Alan Richardson]
  • 9/20/92 Seattle, WA: added notes
  • 7/13 & 14/93 London, England: corrected attendance [thanks to Dave Lapage]
  • 12/9/93 Seattle, WA: corrected opening bands [thanks to Peter Trahms]
  • 7/8/95 Milwaukee, WI: modified notes [thanks to Kevin Janowiak]
  • 11/1/95 Salt Lake City, UT: added soundbyte of improv
  • 11/4/95 San Jose, CA: corrected encore break [thanks to Eli Nunez]
  • 10/26/96 Dublin, Ireland: added attendance [thanks to Dave Lapage]
  • 6/24/98 Rapid City, SD: corrected final song from soundcheck [thanks to Caryn and Kyle]
  • 7/14/98 Inglewood, CA: corrected Daughter tags [thanks to Eli Nunez, Jeremy Hanke, Alberto Cardoso & Ralph Villarino]
  • 8/28/98 Camden, NJ: added notes
  • 9/1/98 Atlanta, GA: ID'd "Lowlight" in soundcheck setlist [thanks to Caryn]
  • 9/16/98 Mansfield, MA: added soundbyte of Ed's rant about the quarter throwing idiot

  • Monday, March 15:
    Beware the Ides of March: a brand-new Song X.

    Thursday, March 11:
    Many of you are writing to ask what is up with SOTM. We have not discontinued this feature, but it is a very time-intensive project, and time is not anything we have had a lot of lately. Please respect our work by having a little patience and not sendin g us nasty flame mail about it.

    Matt Cameron comments directly on the drummer situation. In News. [Thanks to Deb Baker of A Chris Cornell Fanpage]

    Wednesday, March 10:
    Happy Birthday, Jeff Ament!

    News update: Seattle radio is NOT reporting anything about Eddie being injured or in a car crash.
    And in honor of Jeff's birthday, a brand-new
    Featured Photo of the Moment!
    Jeff ... the new photo of the moment!

    Tuesday, March 9:
    Finally, the results of the our 1998 Tour Readers' Poll.
    Wednesday, March 3:
    PJ donates to yet another worthy cause. In News.

    A new addition to the article archive from Print, about Ames and their artwork. [Thanks to Kyle]

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