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What's New for June 2001

Wednesday, June 27:

Some quotes from Ed about the West Memphis Three in today's New York Times. [Note: registration is required, but it is free. We will archive this later as time permits, so don't worry if you miss it.)

Due to the interest in this year's Finn and Friends shows, plus several requests we've received and just because is was a great show, we've put the entire Karma Club (11/6/98) show back online. A wonderful historical perspective and the sound files from this show, featuring Neil Finn with support from Ed, was Song X for December 1998. If you missed listening to this show in its entirety when it was originally online, now you can check it out. (Note: we realize that this show is encoded at 128 and not 160; at the time, it was all that was available to us. We hope to re-encode in future.)

Monday, June 25:
Small News item about the brand-new major Spin article.
Tuesday, June 19:
We're back! Thanks for your patience during our move. Hopefully, you didn't even feel it. (If you do notice any broken links or missing pages, please email us and let us know.)

A new feature in Shoes For My Friends: "it's not the world that's heavy, it's just the things that you save" -- the first part of a multi-part article about collecting Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam memorabilia.

Wednesday, June 6:
Some tiny updates to side project info for Jeff and Ed.

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