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What's New for December 1999

Friday, December 24:
The News update we had is that the Ten Club has confirmed that PJ are indeed playing the European festivals previously discussed. Again, more info in News.
Wednesday, December 22:
First European tour date(s)?? In News. [Thanks to Sebastian Boschert and Olivier, who mentioned this a few weeks ago...]

Yes, we are still ON VACATION, as of today.

Monday, December 20:
For your listening pleasure and holiday enjoyment, not one, not two, but THREE, count 'em, three songs featured for Song Of The Month!

and now, an important note from your sponsors -- PLEASE READ

"yeh....fucking hectic for a summer OFF."
[ev, from ten club newsletter 15]

thanks, ed, that's how *we* felt about this year! 1999 was not quite as restful as we'd hoped (really!) and now that things seem to have quieted down, 5h is going to take advantage of the holiday season and TAKE A BREAK.

Starting Wednesday, 12/22, we are 'gone fishin'" until January 31. That means no updates to 5h; that obviously means no SOTM for January (hey you just got three!), and we are not answering email -- nor will we be accepting new members for the message board.

However: should there be news of major importance (such as a confirmed album release date or any kind of tour announcement), we will break the silence and update 5h. We're not going to Fiji, we're just trying to take a breather.

If you want to make sure that you are notified when we update, you have two options:

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Thank you for your support over the last three years, and your understanding while we take this much-needed hiatus.


A few items of note before we go:

Have a wonderful and safe holiday. See you in 2000.

--Jean & Caryn

Sunday, December 19:
We've made several changes to the 90, 91 and 92 Concert Chronology sections. Another update will be made after the holidays.
  • 10/22/90 Seattle: added notes [Thanks to Jon Mahoney]
  • 2/20/91 Portland, OR: added this show and venue based on poster; if you were at this show or have more info, please contact us [Thanks to everyone who emailed us about the poster]
  • 9/30/91 San Francisco: added notes [thanks to Swaps]
  • 10/06/91 Hollywood: modified setlist [thanks to Swaps]
  • 10/26/91 Cleveland, OH: added note about location; please write us if you have info about this show [thanks to Gavin Conaty]
  • 11/02/91 Burlington, VT: modified setlist, added notes [thanks to Swaps]
  • 11/03/91 Springfield, MA: added notes [thanks to Swaps]
  • 11/29/91 Chicago: modified setlist [thanks to Swaps]
  • 12/31/91 Daly City, CA: added soundbyte ("Smells Like Teen Spirit")
  • 2/09/92 Copenhagen: modified notes [thanks to Carl]
  • 3/16/92 Unplugged: modified notes [thanks to Peter J. Wright]
  • 4/28/92 Austin: added opening acts (Monster Magnet and Swervedriver may have also opened 4/29 and 4/30 ... anyone have more info?) [thanks to Richard Duran]
  • 6/17/92 Milan: modified setlist [thanks to Carl]
  • 7/28/92 Cincinnati: added setlist [thanks to Carter Henderlight]
  • 8/09/92 Wantaugh, NY: corrected setlist [thanks to Lisa Bianco and Robert Spina]

    Minor Video Guide correction -

  • 11/14/91 Yonkers: corrected notes [thanks to Cassarro]

    In case you were wondering, updates are made in batches. We received hundreds of additions and save them until we are able to put changes in chronological order, compare and confirm, and update. Although we strive to update monthly during no-tour months, sometimes it just isn't possible.

  • Friday, December 10:
    Some News about the Christmas Single! DON'T CLICK IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED!! You have been warned. =)

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