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What's New for June 2000

Friday, June 30:
Roskilde Festival

There has been an update to the news story below. Words cannot possibly express what we're feeling right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with all fans, families, and the band.

We have created a folder in MFC in response to fans who wanted a central discussion place at this difficult time.

PJ cancel the rest of their Roskilde set halfway through the show due to injured fans. In News. [Everyone, be safe, our thoughts are with you all]

Thursday, June 29
Oslo, Norway

2:30pm: Oslo setlist now in. [Thanks to Marko Kuosmanen and Tero Mustonen!]

Finally ... the whole Stockholm setlist! [Thanks to Reza Lubis, Gary Doe, Joachim Dahlberg and a cyberguest in a cybercafé in Sweden!]

Wednesday, June 28
Stockholm, Sweden

11:00am: Wow! Ed does a solo set! [Thanks again to Danny!]

7:30am: Here's the interesting Stockholm soundcheck. [Thanks to Danny!]

(Interesting piece of trivia about today's show ... Pearl Jam played Stockholm exactly 7 years ago to the day!)

Tuesday, June 27
PJ have the night off

Concert Chronology updates:

Monday, June 26
Hamburg, Germany

After taking a month to absorb the new album, Binaural in Review is now online in our Shoes For My Friends section.

If you missed out over the weekend, the "Light Years" single artwork, is in News.

3:25pm: Here's the Hamburg setlist.[Thanks to Danny and Bilotti!]

10:10am: Here's the Hamburg soundcheck. [Thanks to Danny!]

Sunday, June 25
Berlin, Germany

2:00pm: We have the Berlin setlist. [Thanks Leonie, Jolanda and Suzanne from Holland!]

8:15am: Here's a partial (first songs probably missing) Berlin soundcheck. [Thanks to Ramon and Marloes!]

On the edge of the German shows, our thoughts turn to the past. We've added a transcript of Ed's Radio Fritz broadcast that occurred after the Berlin '96 show to our Articles Archive. He spins some tunes and answers great fan questions ... we've included some selected sound files ... definitely worth checking out! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 24
PJ have the night off

Weekend treat: "Light Years" single artwork, in News.

Friday, June 23
Zurich, Switzerland

4:30pm: ...and now, notes from Zurich. [Thank you Simon!]

4:15pm: We have the Zurich setlist. [Thanks Bilotti and Olivier (Olivier, sorry I couldn't take your call when it came through, will call you this weekend)]

Concert Chronology updates:

Thursday, June 22
Milan, Italy

4:05pm: And now we have Notes from Milan! [Thank god for hotels that have internet access in the business center, and for fans insane enough to run there after the show. This means you!]

3:30pm: okay, now we got the whole thing :-) Milan setlist! [Grazie to Bilotti]

3:15pm: Partial Milan setlist is in.... [Happy birthday Danny!]

Wednesday, June 21
PJ have the night off

Concert Chronology updates:

Tuesday, June 20
Verona, Italy

4:40pm: okay, we just got a phone call from Italy, and have notes from Verona! [Thanks to Bilotti!]

2:20pm: COMPLETE Verona setlist now in! [Thanks to Friend of Stickman]

A new Photo of the Moment, just in time for the Italian shows!

Monday, June 19
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Updated next single release story, in News.

Two new sites added to other essential pearl jam resources.

3:30pm: Ljubljana setlist now in! [Thanks once again to Daniel!]

8:20am: Ljubljana soundcheck! [Thanks to Danny]

A review of the Prague show, now online.

Other Concert Chronology updates:

Sunday, June 18
Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg setlist [Thanks to anonymous]

Some other treats for you:

Saturday, June 17
PJ have the night off

Added corrected setlist and notes to both Katowice shows [Thanks to Adam Robinski and Danny!]

Friday, June 16
Katowice, Poland

No, it wasn't just you - 5h was down for about three hours tonight due to a hardware problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3:50pm: Katowice setlist! [Thanks to Mirella for the setlist!]

Thursday, June 15
Katowice, Poland

2:30pm: Katowice setlist! [Thanks AGAIN to Danny!]

We've rotated the sound files again. Now you can grab "Insignificance" and "Of The Girl" from the San Sebastian show. This weekend we'll remove these two and add two other San Sebastian sound files. Get these while you can. Please don't write and ask us to switch them, or to email them to you, or what else we have - just take 'em and run!

Wednesday, June 14
Prague, Czech Republic

3:00pm: Prague setlist! "Sleight of Hand" makes its debut! [Thanks AGAIN to Danny and Bjoern]

8:20am: Prague soundcheck! [Thanks AGAIN to Danny]

We've rotated the sound files. Now you can grab "Grievance" and "I Got Shit" (which has been updated) from the Barcelona show. Tomorrw we'll remove these two and add two San Sebastian sound files. Get these while you can.

Added notes and minor corrections to Glasgow, Cardiff and Pinkpop. [Thanks to Ramon, Hilde Kvilstad and Paul Fivey]

Tuesday, June 13
PJ have the night off

A review of the second Wembley show, now online. [Thanks again to Simon!]

The Mars Music Amphitheatre is listing the addition of a second West Palm Beach show for August 10. Ticketmaster lists tickets as going on sale this Sat., June 17 at 10am.

More notes added to Pink Pop listing. [Thanks to Jan-Peter van Eeden!]

Monday, June 12
Landgraaf, Netherlands [Pinkpop]

Due to popular demand, we've added two sound files to the Barcelona show. In 24 hours, we'll remove these two and add two more. Then we'll rotate through sound files from San Sebastian. Sorry to do this, but the bandwidth demands are killing us! [Thanks to Josema Alonso for these!]

We're hearing announcements about a second West Palm Beach show. More soon ...

Encore and notes added to Pink Pop setlist now up. [Thanks to Ferry and Mahlon!]

"Rival" makes its live debut! Pink Pop setlist now up. [Thanks to Max Inc.]

Added notes to Rock Am Ring now up. [Thanks to Sven-Ole Schulke.]

A splendid new Photo of the Moment from Vancouver 2000 [thanks to Gerry Lahey!]

Setlist and notes from last night's Rock Im Park [thanks to Andrew and Olivier!].

Corrected setlist for Wembley I show [thanks to all who noted this]

Sunday, June 11
Nurnberg, Germany [Rock Im Park]

Some preliminary notes from Rock Am Ring . [Thanks to Nagano].

Some photos added to the reviews of San Sebastian and Barcelona.

Also, we've linked some photo galleries with contributions from various fans from some of the UK shows to the 2000 Concert Chronology that you may want to take a look at as well.

Finally, don't forget that PJ are on CNN World Beat today - the last broadcast is at 3:30PM Eastern time. There's great live footage you won't want to miss!
(Click on where it says "click here for an on-air schedule in your part of the world" to obtain the broadcast schedule for your location.)

Friday, June 9:
Koln, Germany [Rock Am Ring]

Rock Am Ring setlist is up [thanks again to Danny!]

Wembley #1 review is online!

Corrected setlist and added notes for Paris show [thanks to Ramon, Jessica, Brian Mistretta, Dave Geers, Pascal Deniau] and added notes for Cardiff show [thanks to S.A. Cripps].

Update: Looks like PJ will NOT be a part of today's webcast. Although PJ was listed this morning, the MTV site now lists it like this:

ATTENTION! Unfortunately Pearl Jam cancelled their live webcast. Stay tuned for the webcasts from Rage Against The Machine, Matchbox 20, ...and more!

We'll are currently receiving a live webcast of today's Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany!

Check out MTV Germany. Pearl Jam is listed for "22.00 Uhr" (which translates to 4pm (EDT) or 1pm (PDT). (Click on the "zum Livestream" link or go to

PJ may or may not be included in the webcast ... we'll see :)

Thursday, June 8:

Paris soundcheck and setlist now up, still waiting for comprehensive notes. [xoxo to Olivier and Mike D.!]

Wednesday, June 7:
PJ have the night off

Cardiff review is now online!

A few Concert Chronology modifications ... correction to last night's setlist, adjusted "Daughter" tag for London I and Vancouver. Also added "Parting Ways" to soundcheck for Barcelona 96 and Atlanta 98.
Added notes to Vancouver [thanks to Quinn Omori].

Tuesday, June 6:

3pm: Cardiff setlist! [Thanks AGAIN to Danny]

Cardiff soundcheck! (What next - "Lowlight"????) [Once again, thanks to the delightful Daniel Weste]

Monday, June 5:
PJ have the night off

Paris ticket update: A great fan has made a lot of phone calls and has found out that you will now be able to exchange your tickets at the venue the night of the show; however, they recommend you get there well before the show starts (no, we don't know how long before, just go there as soon as you can). [Thanks to Nico!]

PJ webmasters: Has anyone else received a cease-and-desist from Sony (like this one)? Please email us if you have. (Please don't email us to ask us questions about this, we don't know anything, that's why we're asking.)

Sunday, June 4:

Some additions to the Binaural Media Watch.

Manchester setlist and notes now in. [Once again, thanks to the incomparable M. Baker and Daniel Weste Technologies, and to Simon because Danny said so! Also to Alex for notes.]

Start your Sunday morning with the Manchester soundcheck! [Thanks again to the Mike Baker Experience!]

Saturday, June 3:
New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Las Vegas on sale

Okay, yes, we did have notes for Glasgow - sorry! In the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Simon Cripps and Paul Fivey]

Glasgow soundcheck and setlist is up - for everyone bitching about the "bad" or "boring" (HAH!) setlists (yeah, bad and boring after two weeks of touring, gimme a break), check THIS out. Concert Chronology.[Thanks and much love to Danny Weste and Mike Baker et. al.]

Friday, June 2:
PJ have the night off

Two new reviews now up: San Sebastian and Dublin.

Soundcheck and notes have been added to the Dublin listing in the Concert Chronology! [Thanks to David JP Brown, Rob Heigh, James Healy, Nicolas Frog.]

Thursday, June 1:
Dublin [The Point]

Corrections already - it wasn't "Wash" tonight, but rather "Garden". [Thanks to Conor MacNamara]

3:40pm: Dublin setlist! [Thanks to GAKief.]

Paris tickets: Since the Paris venue switched, there has been a great deal of confusion on what needs to happen with the tickets originally purchased. Apparently, email has recently been sent out informing people that they do need to exchange their tickets (after telling people the original tickets would be honored at the venue). This is obviously a matter of great concern to many fans, some of whom will only be arriving in Paris the day of the show. If anyone is in Paris and can make some phone calls to sort this out, or speaks French and can do the same thing, please let us know what you find out. Thanks.

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