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What's New for September 2001

Saturday, September 29:

Lots of updates: [Is everyone doing okay? We hope you are. We're just trying to stay as normal as possible and try to get on with life here.]

Monday, September 24:

Sorry to go on about this, but we've updated the 5h Guide To Bridge 2001 with a link to a ticket exchange being run by a fan, no scalpers, face value only.

Saturday, September 22:

We've just found out that the mpeg we had on the site and advertised as VCD compliant is not. We're sorry. There's nothing wrong with it if you just want to watch it, but it's not VCD compliant.

The 5h Guide To Bridge 2001 is updated with as much info and ticket links as we have right now. We'll keep watching tomorrow to see if TM makes the Sunday show link live.

Friday, September 21:

There's now a VCD-compliant mpeg of Ed, Neil and Mike. That's it; we're done; time to sleep. Enjoy! [Thanks to Endless Night]

Tonight's telethon: See the Concert Chronology for notes, a mp3 and a screen capture. (We're hopefully working on video.) [THANK YOU BRAD for the mp3. It was finished before program was over. You ROCK.]

Synergy says Ed will be on the telethon tonight, which is also supposed to be webcast and radiocast.

Wednesday, September 19:

Looks like the Bridge '01 lineup has finalized. See our 5h Guide To Bridge 2001. Some links and onsale info there, too. [Thanks to SADC]

Tuesday, September 18:

We're experiencing email difficulties. If you've sent us email today and received an error message that it bounced, please try resending later today. We're working on it ... thanks.

Friday, September 14:

We have been refraining from updates to the site out of respect and our own grief. However, we did want to note that the Bridge School ticket onsale date has moved from its original date of this Sunday, September 16, to Monday, September 24. See our Bridge School 01 Guide.

We'd also like to give some space for the following links:

Our thoughts continue to go out to anyone affected by Tuesday's tragedy.
Tuesday, September 11:
There's not much we can say right now. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. Tell your friends and family that you love them.
Monday, September 10:
Five Horizons turns Five!
Welcome to the new Five Horizons. Today we are FIVE years old! Don't worry, it looks different, but not that much has really changed: We've done a lot of testing for broken links and missing pages, but we may have missed something - so if you find something that's not there and should be, or any other problems or comments, please email us. We hope the new design is enjoyable and useful to you. We got really sick of the original 5h logo & that Times Roman font drove us batty. =)

And, in honor of the release of the first solo album from a Pearl Jam member, we have a new Photo of the Moment.

Tuesday, September 4:
Several Concert Chronology updates, mostly for older shows: Note: If you've send in notes or corrections for the 2000 shows, we have them and will do a batch update for those as soon as we can.

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