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What's New for July 2001

Monday, July 30:
A correction to the SF WWC date and the announcement of some Brad shows! See Side Project News.
Thursday, July 26:
Added the August Wellwater Conspiracy tour dates to the Side Project News section.
Wednesday, July 25:
We've put the entire Crocodile Cafe (10/10/98) show back online. This was a great short set in the tiny Croc where PJ opened for Cheap Trick. A review and the sound files from this show was Song X for November 1998. If you missed listening to this show in its entirety when it was initially online, you can check it out now. Despite a fair amount of crowd noise, this is still a great listen. (Note: we realize that this show is encoded at 128 and not 160; at the time, it was all that was available to us. We hope to re-encode in future.)
Friday, July 20: Happy Birthday, Stone Gossard!

Check out the new Photo Of The Moment featuring Stone. [Thanks to the truent conspiracy collective!]
Saturday, July 14:
As noted in the July 25 news story, the full Spin article featuring PJ is now available online. Expanded to include info not found in the print magazine, this is a great read.
Friday, July 13:
A new Song X!!
Wednesday, July 11:
And now the review of Jack McDowell's benefit show in Seattle.
Tuesday, July 10:
Not that you couldn't have guessed the songs yourselves already, but some notes about last night's benefit show in Seattle added to the Concert Chronology.
Sunday, July 8:
It's looking like the Australian DVD release will be next Tuesday, July 17. According to one email we received: "The local HMV site ( lists the release date for TB2K as 16/7/01 (Monday). This closely corresponds to a local Region 4 DVD database ( which lists the release date as 13/6/01 (Friday). Both sites are generally reliable with their information." Many stores also have it for pre-order. This could still change but is the best information we have available to us. We hope your wait is ending soon.[Thanks to Geoff, Edward Tang, Bronwyn Hargraves, Mitch Nicholls, and our favorite koala-hugger, Cameron O'Connor]
Saturday, July 7:
Updated See Side Project news with the addition of Ed to the 7/9 benefit show in Seattle.
Thursday, July 5:
Part 2 (vinyl) and Part 3 (CDs and cassettes) of "it's not the world that's heavy, it's just the things that you save" -- the next installments of our multi-part article about collecting Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam memorabilia.
Tuesday, July 3:
Ed is now confirmed for the All Tomorrows Parties festival at UCLA in October. See Side Project news for more details. [Tip o' the hat to Evan for pointing this out!]
Monday, July 2:
Some fairly cool side project update news for Jeff, Matt and Ed!! [Thanks to Patrick Russell, Mr. X and Mark Peterson]

We have been trying to get to the bottom of the DVD release date mess overseas. In the UK, the *tentative* date is July 23. This is a change from the original date of June 12. (This is according to a Sony UK spokesperson.) In Australia, we have no straight answers - a Sony Australia web site lists it as coming out on July 4, but no record shops seem to know about this. We feel really bad for everyone who hasn't been able to see or buy the DVD yet and we haven't been ignoring the situation, we just didn't have any information to give you. If we get any more news, we'll let you know. [Thanks to Cameron and Simon, as well as Shane Manning]

Sunday, July 1:
By request, and just in time for summer travels, we have updated the 5h Ultimate Seattle Guide.

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