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What's New for June 1997

Sunday, June 22, 1997
More TOTD: Didn't get enough Temple of the Dog from Song of the Month? Wait, there's more! Some of us have so much copious free time that we decided to create a brand-new web site all about TOTD. Please visit Temple of the Dog and enjoy!
Friday, June 20, 1997
For those of you who can't run RealVideo we've added the (20 megabyte!) MPEG version of the video clip to the June Song of the Month. Also, the instructions have been revised to include links to MPEG players for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and the Mac. Download overnight and enjoy! =)

The Ten Club hotline was updated on Wednesday.

At a news conference yesterday at Seattle club Sit & Spin it was announced that Brad will play EndFest '97 on August 2 in addition to the Brad dates already announced. Go here for a complete list of current Brad dates.

Thursday, June 19, 1997
Added transcriptions from Guitar Player 1/94 and Added Rolling Stone 9/19/96 to the articles archive. [Thanks to Graham Haworth for transcribing the Guitar Player article for us.]
Monday, June 16, 1997
Eddie joined Pete Townshend on stage in Chicago Saturday evening at a benefit show to lend a hand on a few tunes. You can read about it in the News section. [Thanks to Josť ( for sharing the experience with us. =) ]
Sunday, June 15, 1997
It's here! It's here! You can stop writing us now! =) Song of the Month for June has finally arrived! Hopefully, you'll find it well worth the wait. :)
Saturday, June 14, 1997
Added another photo of Eddie to the Tibetan Freedom Concert News story (June 8) and updated the information on the online news reports.
Thursday, June 12, 1997
Album News: Addicted to Noise ran into Eddie at the Tibet concert and he was apparently very, very chatty! Check out our News page for more details.

Mac users rejoice!: We've been told about a freeware MP3 player for the Mac. Go to and check it out. Now, we aren't Mac people, so we can't vouch for it, so be sure to give us your feedback if you have any problems with it. We don't like recommending something without trying it first, but a very dedicated fan sent it to us, so we're gonna let you in on it. [Thanks to Leathan Graves]

Monday, June 9, 1997
More Tibet: We heard reports that Eddie looks a bit different, but didn't realize just why people didn't recognize him until Jason Webster very kindly sent us a screen capture of his appearance with Michael Stipe and Mike Mills. Check out our News page and see for yourselves.
Sunday, June 8, 1997
News Flash! -- Just a short while ago Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready popped up on stage at the Tibetan Freedom Concert. =) See the News section for more details...
Saturday, June 7, 1997
Introduced a new feature to Five Horizons: our Featured Photo of the Moment sheds a new light on favorite PJ pix, both old and new! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Added the In Defense of Animals and MOM entries to the discography. Thanks to everyone who sent us info on MOM. There are just too many of you to list. :)

Added a scan of the U.K. picture CD of Jeremy to the discography. Also added a scan of the back of the U.K. 12" picture vinyl (see info further down the page).

Friday, June 6, 1997
Some new revisions and thoughts added to our do it yourself! page, including a listing of the PJ sites we happen to dig.

Our service provider has scheduled downtime for Saturday starting at 12:30 pm and lasting about an hour, so if you can't get to the site tomorrow for a while, that's why. :) Just check back later...

Thursday, June 5, 1997
We no longer need information on the "MOM" cd. Thanks much for all of your responses. =)
Wednesday, June 4, 1997
Added soundtracks and compilations to the discography. We still need information about the "In Defense of Animals" and "MOM: Music for Our Mother Ocean" CDs (we have scans already)...
Monday, June 2, 1997
We're warning y'all now: Song of the Month for June is going to be "late" (not that we are ever gonna promise to put one up on any kind of schedule =)). Probably around the middle of the month, by the 15th or so. It'll be worth it. Don't worry. =)
Saturday, May 31, 1997
Added a picture and catalog number for the Japanese "Hail, Hail" CD single to the discography. [Thanks to Eli for contributing the scan and info.]

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