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What's New for May 2000

Wednesday, May 31:
PJ have the night off

Two reviews now up: Lisbon and Barcelona. [P.S.: Remember, if you have reviews written for any shows, we are happy to use them - we are not at every show! Please email us.]

Tuesday, May 30:
London (Wembley)

Wembley II setlist now in! What a show! [Thanks once again to Jim Healy, as well as Simon Cripps and Mike Baker]

Monday, May 29:
London (Wembley)

...and now the soundcheck too! and the cover id'd (sort of): Concert Chronology! [Thanks to Andrew Brenner]

4:20pm: Woo hoo! London setlist! [Thanks much to Jim Healy, and also to Stefan Noll.]

The June 16th concert in Budapest has been *cancelled*; there has now been a second date added to Katowice, Poland, instead. We do not know how refunds will be handled; check out the Hungarian promoter's web site to verify the cancellation. We have received several pieces of email from Polish fans stating that the second date has been announced on the news, but cannot find online confirmation of this anywhere yet, so take it with the usual grain of salt. [Thanks to Piotr Kowalczyk & Bartek]

Saturday, May 27:
PJ have the night off

Setlist and notes for San Sebastian now in the Concert Chronology. Please keep in mind: these are NOTES, not an exhaustive review. Those are coming, once someone recovers from 22 hours of plane travel.

Friday, May 26
San Sebastian

Setlist and notes for Barcelona now in the Concert Chronology.

Thursday, May 25:

Some more additions to the Binaural Media Watch. [Thanks to Christopher A. Capolongo, Ben Jackson, Trevor, Moontubes]

Wednesday, May 24:

Oops! We omitted "Go" from last night's setlist. See the Concert Chronology. [Thanks to Hugo Augusto for noting this.]

Tuesday, May 23:

Setlist (WOW!) and notes from tonight's European show opener: in the Concert Chronology.

Saturday, May 20:

Second Houston show on sale. Going Mobile 2000 - North America [Thanks to Shannon Moore and Joshua]

Thursday, May 18:

EUROPEAN TOUR REPORTING: We hope to do our best to provide you with our usual level of quality reportage during the European tour, but please keep in mind that we have many timezones between us, and phone calls are a little more expensive. We will *not* be at every show (only the first week) and are relying on you and other friends of 5h to help us out with this. We will do our best but we ask for your patience and indulgence if we don't have the setlists up as quickly as you would like them to be. We can't promise we'll have them for every show right after the show. Thanks for your continued support. (We've also posted a handy link above to a time zone converter so you can figure out the time differences.)

"Parting Ways": Many of you have been kind enough to share your observation that this song has been played at several soundchecks, specifically the 1996 Barcelona soundcheck. We plan to add this to the Concert Chronology in our next batch of updates. (In other words, please don't send us any more mail about this! =) )

Some more additions to the Binaural Media Watch. [Thanks to Jonathan Santiago, Jay Smith, Kevin Cammarata, the strangest tribe]

Tuesday, May 16:
Binaural Tuesday!!

A new link in the Binaural Media Watch: finally, the NME transcript [Thanks to Dave Donovan]

And, one more Bellingham/Vancouver review [Thanks to anonymous]

Monday, May 15:

And, we couldn't resist: one last News story before we roll into Binaural Tuesday! [Thanks to Tom Bout]

Fixed the scans of the Bellingham & Vancouver tshirt in Memorabilia, sorry.

Some new links in the Binaural Media Watch

Yes, you're right, the chat is 9pm EASTERN, 6pm Pacific (hence our confusion). Sorry!

Sunday, May 14:

A bunch of new stuff:

Friday, May 12:

MFC is back in service.

Yet another late breaking update: the Vegas show has now switched to going on sale 6/3, Memphis 6/3. Atlanta now 6/24. (Synergy says they can't get to their server but this was posted on the message board and relayed by email to us.)

Oh, and look: Ed's interview on KROQ in LA from this morning. [Thanks to Darlene Patten!]

Corrected Memphis time zone -- it IS Central time -- tactical guide , thanks everyone! We also tweaked some of the terminology - using time zones wasn't entirely accurate (Montreal isn't in the Mountain time zone, but the tickets are going on sale at noon Eastern time) so we think this new change makes things clearer.

We've also made last minute additions to Going Mobile 2000 - North America and will keep doing so throughout the day. If you're buying tickets tomorrow (who isn't!) please keep checking. If we don't have the information you're looking for there, please don't write and ask as we're as up to date as we can be right now.

1:00am: Corrected setlist for tonight's Vancouver show in Concert Chronology 2000. If you were there and can help with details, please take a look and email us! (Reviews also welcomed.) [Thanks to Bilotti, Florence and Leigh]

In preparation for tomorrow's impending ticketing battle, we have a little tactical guide that should be most helpful to those of you confused by timezones and multiple shows. [Props to hb_bruin for the original concept & work]

Some updates to the Binaural Media Watch.

Thursday, May 11:

Don't say we don't love you. Bellingham review. [Warning, this is not my best writing ever but we know that many of you were very excited to read this, and it's either now or the weekend; we chose now. Please be kind.]

Wednesday, May 10:

Setlist and notes from tonight's Bellingham show are in the Concert Chronology 2000. Good night ...

For those of you waiting up for tonight's setlist, we've added the transcript from Ed's interview today at KROCK with Will Pendarvis as well as an mp3 of the whole interview. Check the Binaural Media Watch.
NOTE: The mp3 will only be online for a short time ... it will be offline tomorrow. [A BIG shout out to Ezra, Kyle, Jonathan and Melissa for getting this stuff out to share so quickly!]

6:00pm: Anyone up for tonight's soundcheck at Bellingham? See the Concert Chronology 2000.

Monday, May 8:

Chat time update: in News. Plus, Lycos finally put up a page. Woo!

Sunday, May 7:

No second Shoreline show; it's still not sold out by Sunday evening and the tickets moved very slowly throughout the day. We don't know anything more about why this appeared, then disappeared, from the Ticketmaster site, or when or even if this show will happen.

Some new articles & news about two radio interviews with Ed this week, in the Binaural Media Watch.

Saturday, May 6:

8:40am: The second Boston date tickets on sale now. See Going Mobile 2000 - North America.

Friday, May 5:

The third Jones Beach date has been added for August 25. Tickets on sale now. See Going Mobile 2000 - North America.

And the second Shoreline show that was listed on the Ticketmaster site yesterday has now vanished.

Thursday, May 4:

5pm: A second show at Shoreline (San Francisco) for 11/1 has shown up on Ticketmaster's site. If that's not official enough for y'all, please, don't buy tickets for it =) [Thanks to Jared @]

There's also a new interview with Stone in the Binaural Media Watch which you all have to read, because it's the final answer to the "drummer situation". (YAY) [Thanks to Dave Friedenberg]


There is updated information about each of these on-sales in Going Mobile 2000 - North America.

Tuesday, May 2:

11pm update: We have now input ALL information you've sent us for Going Mobile 2000 - North America. So if you were waiting to see what we needed, go and look at it now. =) Once again, many many thanks to everyone for their help; it would take several hours to get all the names of folks here & even if we didn't use your contribution, we appreciate you taking the time to help us help other fans.

We literally worked all day yesterday getting the info that you all have sent in on Going Mobile 2000 - North America ... and it still isn't all there, but it is a start. If you've submitted info but it isn't on the site yet, we do have it and we're working on it. There's no need to resubmit. :)

There are also minor updates to Going Mobile 2000 - Europe.

Thanks very much to everyone who has contributed. We're not listing names here because it would take another two hours to compile ths list, but we are very grateful to each of you for the very helpful information you've shared.

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