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What's New for July 1999

Thursday, July 29:
10:35pm: Now we have extended notes from this evening's performance. [Thanks, as always, to "whopjfan" JZ]

Yet another Pete/EV press showcase, this time in Chicago at the House of Blues. Notes in the 1999 Concert Chronology! [Thanks to Mike, Trevor and Florence!] Happily, any fans who showed up were allowed in to this performance!

Wednesday, July 28:
8:15pm: FULL NOTES ARE NOW UP!!!!!! wooooo!!!!! [Thanks, as always, to Paris, source of all happiness today!]

The much-vaunted "secret show" was actually a press/promo showcase at the Supper Club in NYC. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SETLIST! In the 1999 Concert Chronology (and guess what, it fits the "rules"! No exceptions here, except this is, without question, HISTORICAL!!!!!)

In the process of writing notes now, so keep checking back.

Sunday, July 25:
Rumor control: It's a non-issue by now, but we thought we'd point out that the Rumor Pit told us all a *long* time ago that PJ were *not* playing Woodstock, nor did they have any plans to do a millenium gig (i.e., one on 12/31/99). Rumors about PJ appearing at Rock In Rio are coming from an article in a Brazilian newspaper where the promoter for this festival lists Pearl Jam in a long, long list of bands he "hopes" to bring to the festival - i.e., it's *not* a confirmation.

Finally, and the biggest rumor of all: we thought we'd point out that 1) Pete Townshend and/or the Who are NOT known for doing surprise shows and to our knowledge have never done one; 2) C-Average are out on a West Coast tour (which started Friday) and have a gig in San Francisco on Wednesday, July 28. Therefore, the rumors of Ed being at their shows or them being in New York to do a secret club gig with Ed would challenge the time-space continuum (no matter what your stupid local radio station might be saying).

And, on that note, we have added two questions to the 5h FAQ.

Friday, July 23:
Although we'd put a freeze on updating the web site (see below), since we are getting BUCKETS of mail about next week's Letterman show, we've added this news item.

Monday, July 19:
We're not going to be updating 5h for a few days in the ongoing server space ordeal ... however, we'd be remiss without noting that tomorrow is Stone's birthday!!!

Sunday, July 18:
Finally ... a little News about Mike and the Rockfords record!

Friday, July 16:
The moment you've all been waiting for: finally, the review from Wednesday night is up (with PHOTOS, even)!

Also, for those who are asking, the 5h Concert Chronology "rules" in the 5h FAQ.

Thursday, July 15:
Ed made a surprise appearance last night with C Average again ... in News.
Thursday, July 8:
Three new '98 posters have been added to memorabilia: Phoenix, Minneapolis and the Virgin Megastore promo for Yield.
Wednesday, July 7:
Sound files update: We have found a solution, but it won't go into effect for at least another week, possibly more (and then we have to recode a huge portion of the site to accomodate the change). We realize it is frustrating, but we really don't have any other choices right now. Please be patient - sending us email asking when it'll be up again doesn't help us in this crisis. Thank you for your support.
Sunday, July 4:
Have a safe holiday!
Song X: Our sound files server is DOWN. We hope to bring it up next week, but for now, you will not be able to download any of the Song X files. Some of our photos are also affected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We've added more notes to the recent LA and Encinitas shows.
Thursday, July 1:
Six new additions to memorabilia, spanning from '90 thru '98! (Look for the little new icons as you scroll down.)

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