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What's New for March 2001

Saturday, March 31:

DVD release pushed back. =( In News.
Friday, March 30:
Don't miss Jonathan Cohen's great interview, Spreading The 'Jam' on Billboard today ... questions we've been pondering for weeks and months answered, direct from the lips of Jeff Ament. Includes news about dates for special theater screenings of Touring Band 2000!
Thursday, March 22:
We've added a new setlist scan for the 11/3/00 Nampa, ID (Boise) show [thanks to Evan Hathaway].
Tuesday, March 20:
first day of spring!!!
We've modified the Memorabilia section, splitting out seperate subsections for faster loading. A few items have been added or modified:
Friday, March 16:
DVD Spoiler Alert!
Since the DVD footage begins to air this weekend, we've got a list of the cities each song's footage was taken from in News. Don't look if you like to guess or want to be surprised! [Thanks to The PJ Rebel Alliance]
Monday, March 12:
MTV2: If you haven't seen the commercials by now, you've surely heard everyone talking about this. There will be footage from the upcoming DVD featured on MTV2 later this week. There is nothing on the MTV2 web site (that's MTV2, not regular MTV) about what time, but, again, it's not anything you won't be able to see yourself in a week or two. Allegedly this footage, or something similar, is going to be shown on PBS and VH1. In the UK, MTV2 is going to be showing the Rock Am Ring footage which has also been aired already. End alert :-) [Thanks to our favorite jackass and]
Sunday, March 11:
Some new Concert Chronology updates: We've linked the various radio broadcasts from the concert chronology to the appropriate listing on the Monkeywrench Radio site. Shows linked: Tapes haven't surfaced from some of these broadcasts. Maybe some of you heard them or have other info that will help this very cool effort.
Saturday, March 10:
Happy Birthday, Jeff Ament!

And a new Photo Of The Moment featuring our favorite Scribing C-Ment. [Props to the truent conspiracy collective!]
Thursday, March 8:
Well, lookie. It's the DVD cover artwork. In News.
Sunday, March 4:
A few more updates to the early PJ tour sections of the Concert Chronology ... and a couple mysteries solved! And more setlist scans, linked from these shows:
Wednesday, March 1:
Catching up on some News.

Thanks to everyone who has sent email inquiring as to our well-being after yesterday's earthquake in Seattle. Aside from a broken picture frame and a frightened cat, the Seattle 'office' is fine. Thank you for your concern! =)

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