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What's New for July 2000

Monday, July 31:

A few quick Concert Chronology updates before the North American tour begins later this week. And a Memorabilia addition - added a scan of the Wembley poster [thanks to Lisa Bianco]

Sunday, July 30:

Just a quick News update about the live bootlegs.

Friday, July 28:

We have a winner of our "Evacuation" to Deer Creek contest.

Wednesday, July 26:

The band issues an official statement regarding the recent Roskilde investigation reports. In News.

Some people may have missed the item in the latest Rumor Pit regarding a Roskilde Relief Fund being set up by Pearl Jam's sound company, Rat Sound. Click on the banner above to learn more. If you'd like to take use this banner for your own site, please feel free, and please encourage others to do likewise.

Tuesday, July 25:

Deeply disappointed in the press' recent coverage of the developments in the Roskilde investigation, we offer a guest editorial on the subject.

Monday, July 24:

In preparation for the rapidly approaching North American tour, by popular request, we've resurrected and updated the Portable Going Mobile Mini-Guides. Want a mini-guide of Going Mobile that you can take with you? The first three installments (covering Virginia Beach through Columbus) are now ready to go.

We've also updated the full version of Going Mobile [Thanks to Edward Buxton, mark wilkins, Laurie Williams, Shawn Medero, Christina, Casey J. Gioielli, Brad Brown, Carter H., pholden9, Jamie Owens, Katie Mathesius and Polina for the tips and enhancements!]

Friday, July 21:

Much press floating around about PJ's "responsibility" regarding the Roskilde tragedy and Kelly Curtis responds, in News.

Thursday, July 20:

Happy Birthday, Stone Gossard! A new Featured Photo(s) Of The Moment. [Many thanks to the Stone Gossard Appreciation Society]

Wednesday, July 12:

If you live in or near the Midwest (or hey if you want to travel), a little contest in which two tickets to the Deer Creek show are being given away!

Sunday, July 9:

A real update: a wonderful interview with Ed (conducted some time ago and only published now): in the Binaural Media Watch. [Thanks to Cameron O'Connor]

Saturday, July 8:

We're getting lots of mail pleading with us for "an update" or "some news". Guys, we don't *have* any news to give you. We have no way of knowing how the band are doing or what is going on, and for something this important, we are not going to speculate. When and if the band have something to tell us, they will tell us through an official outlet. That is the only source we are going to accept. Also, don't assume that there's going to be a "the tour is on" announcement. (They never cancelled it so there's really nothing to announce if you think about it.)

As for updates, we did not think it appropriate to add anything to the site, nor did we have the heart to. Please give us a little time. Thanks.

Monday, July 3:

Many people have written to us asking what they can do, what action they can take. And there have been discussions in many forums about gestures that people wish to organize at the dates this summer.

If you would like to participate in a community action, there is a letter being organized by a group of fans that as of this morning had over 2,000 signatures. Please visit this site to see the letter, and you can send email to sheri to have your name added.

However, we want to remind everyone that individual actions are just as important as any large group actions. If you want to take individual action, we urge you to just sit down and write a letter to the band. Send it to the Ten Club snail mail address (which is inside every single album if you don't have it). If you can't deal with snail mail, send email. Don't wait for someone to tell you what you should do, and don't wait until a show this summer (which may not happen) to take action. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Go to church/temple/etc. Volunteer. Make a donation to any worthy cause. Walk by the ocean. There are a million individual actions you can take and a million individual actions adds up to a lot of positive energy in the world. Do something now.

Saturday, July 1:

The last two dates have been cancelled; we amended the news stories from yesterday. In News.

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