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What's New for November 1998

Saturday, November 28, 1998:
Happy Birthday to Matt Cameron!!

Added a poster scan to memorabilia from Paris 96 [thanks to Stéphane Gentreau for the scan]
Thursday, November 26, 1998:
Here's a little Thanksgiving treat: Remember this summer how Eddie got into the habit of grabbing tape recorders held by fans down front, and talking into it? Well, a resourceful taper at the Pittsburgh show tracked down the lucky fan that night, and we have a mp3 of it up in the Concert Chronology! Very, very cool! [Thanks to Mark Wilkins for the detective work; the lucky fan was Damian Horner!]

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for all the good things :)

Monday, November 23, 1998:
Tick-tick-tick: the clock is counting down the minutes until L2L!!!! To keep you occupied until your own midnight run (or until tomorrow, if you're not that lucky), check out our new Quizlet! [Thanks and a tip of the hat to the fellas at WRQI and "Viva La Vinyl"].
Sunday, November 22, 1998:
AOL users: Check out our AOL Users Guide if you are having problems, and pass the link along to any of your friends. We are also going to link this guide from the main page, so it's always accessible from the front door of the site. We hope this helps.
Friday, November 20, 1998:
Time for a new featured photo of the moment. Enjoy!
Thursday, November 19, 1998:
Yes, we noticed that Matt's name was removed from the press release referenced below.
Tuesday, November 17, 1998:
Many people have written to us as a result of information contained on a press release linked off the Loosegroove site below. People are interpreting a statement made in the press release (or rather, a non-statement) to mean an official declaration of who the drummer for Pearl Jam is, because Matt Cameron is mentioned, and Jack Irons is not.

We've had that press release for a little over a week now, and that too was our first reaction; however, we asked some friends who are journalists to check 'officially,' and they were told that the press release was not an official statement regarding Matt Cameron's status in the band; that the press release reflected the live album, which reflected the tour. Matt Cameron was the drummer on the tour, therefore he is on the album, therefore his name is on the press release.

Of course, the band could come out tomorrow with a press release stating exactly the opposite, but since our name is being attributed to this press release in various online forums, we thought it would be best to stop the madness now. =)

Monday, November 16, 1998:
If the suspense is killing you, head over to Loosegroove and check out their "Special Press Release" including the kick ass photos and packaging from L2L!!! [and thanx to buster for the tip]
Sunday, November 15, 1998:
Added a few poster scans to memorabilia:
Thursday, November 12, 1998:
Two new videos are reviewed in the 1998 Video Guide section: Phoenix and East Rutherford (screen shots will be added later).

And we finally added the setlist and notes [thanks to Mike Ellis and Yellowled] about Ed's opening appearance with Neil Finn in Boston to the Concert Chronology.
Friday, November 6, 1998:
He played 5 to 6 songs, in News.

The rumors appear to be true ... Ed is in Boston at the Neil Finn show (in News). [Major thanks to Ed and Sher, our friends who are Full of Code and to Brad C. for info on the Karma Club!]
Thursday, November 5, 1998:
L2L Radio Single Released: In News. [Kudos to the MFC'ers who helped us figure this out!!!]
Wednesday, November 4, 1998:
We care about AOL, really, we do...: So far, no one has stepped up with information about the Great Computer Crashing Dilemma, so we have to dismiss this as nonsense. However, we do have two bits of info: AOL'ers: Are you having problems with 5h lately? If you are, please WRITE US and we will try to figure out exactly what the problem is. Please include everything you can tell us about your computer, what browser you are using, and what version of AOL, and (this is important) what pages it happens on - is it all of 5h or just certain pages? We haven't done anything different to the site (that we know of), and we would like to help if many of you are having problems. Bitching about it on the newsgroup isn't going to help, ya know?

Sunday, November 1, 1998:
Don't keel over in a dead faint, but the new Song of the Month (or rather, *songs*!) is now up. Scroll to the bottom of the page before you write and tell us you can't find it... =)

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